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November/December 2007
Alexandra Wallace 88 Heads Nightly News Cover Story

Alexandra Wallace ’88 Heads Nightly News

Executive Producer Alexandra Wallace ’88 strives to keep NBC’s marquee half-hour news show the best in its class.
By Maggie Gram ’05 [more]


Dr. Archie Roberts ’65 Helps Former Football Players

Oh, Who Owns Paree?

A former Columbia star quarterback who had a long career as a heart surgeon, Dr. Archie Roberts ’65 now screens NFL retirees for heart disease.
By Joshua Robinson ’08 [more]



Satire and Subversion on the Silver Screen

Hip-Hop Pioneer, Baseball Historian, Filmmaker

A film director who gravitates toward the dark and quirky, Michael Lehmann ’78 has combined commercial success with doing films he wants to do.
By Jennifer Preissel ’05[more]



Columbia Forum

Author Paul Auster ’69 explains why he writes, and poet Jeffrey Harrison ’80 offers a tribute to the late Kenneth Koch.





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