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Class of 1976

Clyde A. Moneyhun
English Department
University of Delaware
Newark, Del. 19711

Starting with this issue, I'll be replacing the estimable Dave Merzel as class correspondent. We all owe many thanks to Dave for his years of labor on our behalf. As before, you can send your updates directly to your humble editor, who will compile them for CCT; regular mail is good, e-mail even better. I've also created a modest website ( moneyhun/college76.htm) that will contain current and archived columns and other material. For example, if you'll mail me not only copy for the column but also photos, I'll scan them for posting to the website. I'd also like to make a list of links to our personal websites, so by all means send me your URL.

I'll kick this column off with an update of my own. After three years at Youngstown State University in Ohio, two of them as director of composition, I have moved to a new job as director of the University Writing Center at the University of Delaware. I'll be teaching writing and writing theory to undergraduates and graduate students. My wife, Nancy Buffington, just defended her dissertation in American literature and is also teaching at Delaware. Our 5-year-old, Jesse, has emerged from dinosaur-obsession phase and space-obsession phase to enter Internet-obsession phase.

Barney (Baruch) Schwartz and his wife, Sema, have been living in Efrat, Israel since 1983. They have three kids; the oldest entered the army teaching corps this fall and the other two are still in school. Barney has recently returned to the faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a senior lecturer in Bible. He chairs the local Columbia alumni representative committee and would be grateful to hear from other alumni in Israel interested in joining up. Write him at

Jeffrey Glassman is still in the Foreign Service but is currently assigned to the State Department in Washington after recent postings to Minsk and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In May 1999, he married Elana Polin of Scarsdale, a mezzo-soprano.

Class of 1977

David Gorman
111 Regal Dr.
DeKalb, Ill. 60115

I get up to Columbia once or maybe twice a year. Each time, it seems that more of the rather ratty neighborhood I first encountered in 1973 has vanished in the general transformation of the Upper West Side into one of Manhattan's more scaled-up districts. This past summer I found College Inn closed, and was overwhelmed by nostalgia for some really, really bad coffee. You know what I mean?

Friends of Joel Trachtman will find him living in Newton, Mass., with his wife, Lauren '82, Business, and three children (ages 5, 10, and 12). He is a professor of international law at Tufts University, and academic dean of its graduate school of international relations, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Like me he gets back to the University once in awhile, though in connection with academic conferences (I just loiter).

Spence Halperin, on the other hand, lives just a few subway stops south of alma mater, with his domestic partner of 18 years, Lou Pizzitola. The AIDS crisis motivated Spence to make a major career change. After graduating, Spence obtained an MFA at Carnegie Mellon and worked in the theater, film, and television business until 1990. "I decided to obtain my master's in social work from the Hunter College School of Social Work and to work full time in the field of HIV. Currently I am director of HIV services at one of the country's more innovative programs, providing a full range of services to the shockingly substantial homeless population in New York." Spence adds, "Let's hear from all those classmates doing wonderful, strange, and daring things!" To which I can only add, let's, indeed.

Meanwhile, up in Connecticut, Louis DeStefano has just changed jobs: formerly the mental health director of Community Health Center in Middletown, he is now director of child and family services in Essex. Lou is the divorced father of Nick, 15, and Zack, 10.

A more recent immigrant to Connecticut is Efrain Agosto, who became a professor of New Testament Studies at Hartford Seminary in 1995; currently he is director of the Hispanic ministries. Previously Efrain worked at the Center for Urban Ministerial Education in Boston for 12 years, during which time he obtained a Ph.D. in religious studies from Boston University. "One of the best things about the move south is the proximity to my native New York, where I have had a chance to go to more Yankee games just at the time of their resurgence these last few years. My son, Joel, 13, is already talking about going to Columbia, but mostly because he loves New York. Olga, my wife, is a school teacher in nearby New Britain, and we also have a daughter, Jasmin, 11. She wants to go to Brown. Can't win them all!"

And from remote Hawaii, I received this tip from a third party: "The most prominent member of our class in Honolulu (although he will deny it) is Nick Ng Pak, who is president of Milici, Valenti, Ng Pak, Honolulu's premier advertising agency." Hopefully Nick will put aside his modesty and let us hear from him in person.

Class of 1978

Matthew Nemerson
35 Huntington Street
New Haven, Conn. 06511

It's another warm winter here in New Haven, but how could it not be when Alma Mater is harder to get into than the local academy? Go Light Blue! Old John Jay buddy Joel Rosen was recently recognized by the New Jersey Bar for his work in lobbying for legislation that would stop real estate brokers from becoming exempt from consumer fraud laws under certain circumstances. Congratulations Joel, and see, we really are making the world a better place, just as we always said. Joel works for Pitney, Hardin Kipp and Szuch in Morristown where he handles big real estate projects.

Sports maven Tom Mariam continues in his career as one of the great PR men with his new post as director of marketing for the nation's oldest law firm (or so says their communications guy) Cadwalader, Wilkersham and Taft. Time for a more modern name, don't you think Tom?

Paul Phillips is a composer and author who was recently in a BBC documentary about the novelist and composer Anthony Burgess. Paul and wife, Kathryne Jennings, had a second child, Alanna Gabrielle, in May. (You know if you name your child anything close to my Elana - now a charming age 9 - you get right into the column.)

Edward Eberle, the keeper of the keys in our day at the late great Ferris Booth Hall, is now a globetrotting law professor. Ed, on the faculty of Roger Williams University, has been to Germany several times to lecture on American law and free speech issues.

The former Ann Candy, now Ann Stein, writes from Rutland Town, Vt., where just maybe it will be cold enough to snow this winter "I'm still practicing orthopedic surgery at the base of Killington, my husband Steve is an ER doctor in town and my son, David, 10, is snowboarding and playing the keyboards in Vermont's answer to Hansen, Bash."

On the home front, daughter number one (see above) is doing better all the time and Joy, going on 6, is just as her names implies. Marian B'77, lost her dad Bernard Chertow last fall. Those of you who might have met him back in the '70s know what a sad note that is for all of us and a constant reminder to cherish friends and family while we can. So, on that note, write a letter or send an e-mail today that we can cherish in a future column.

Class of 1979

Lyle Steele
511 East 73rd Street, Suite 7
New York, N.Y. 10021

Class of 1980

Craig Lesser
160 West End Ave., #18F
New York, N.Y. 10023

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