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Class of 1996

Ana S. Salper
641 Vermont Avenue
Erie, Pa. 16505

Welcome to the 21st century, classmates! As I expected, absolutely nothing apocalyptic happened. The world didn't end, planes didn't crash unexpectedly, computers survived, and so did we. I hope you all rang in the new century in style.

Hearty congratulations to my close friend Barbara Antonucci, who got engaged this past fall to Nicholas Mercer. They plan to be married this fall. In other wedding news, Emily Sumner and Philip Skelding were married and now have a son, Sumner Hans Skelding (future '21 graduate, perhaps?). Emily is working as a teacher in Oakland, Calif., teaching seventh grade humanities, and Philip is currently preparing to apply to medical school.

Glenn Hodes is in the middle of a master's program at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton. This past fall he headed out to Kazakhstan to work with USAID. He would love to hear from any College alums who are in central Asia. Glenn will also be doing several weeks of research in Sweden next year and wants to know if any alums are in Scandinavia. He can be contacted at Glenn reports that Jodi Heyman is in New York teaching Jewish Studies at a day school and applying to doctoral programs in psychology.

An old Reid Hall classmate, Timothee Verrecchia, is still living in Paris. After forming the record label Scratchie (co-owned by the Smashing Pumpkins), Timothee has set up a production company in France. He is currently working on a publishing catalogue to handle copyrights for Scratchie's artists. Timothee is thinking of going to business school next year, and in the meantime, he would like to know any other alumni in France. He can be contacted at

Jill Fromson works in Atlanta and is also interested in finding other alums there. She can be contacted at Jill provided me with a lot of news about fellow '96ers. Rick Shuart recently moved to Los Angeles to work for a private equity firm. Evan Malter left sports broadcasting for a hedge fund in Boston. Mark Levine works in New York at Chase Manhattan in the real estate group. Stef Rosenstein is at the University of Chicago getting an art history degree. Caleb Weinstein is back in New York working for MTV. Grady Brumbaugh also works in New York doing tech support. Sam Ryan works for the Wall Street Journal in Belgium.

Maurice Toueg is associate director at Foster McKay, an executive search firm that is currently doing a lot of work in e-commerce. Maurice asks that all alumni interested in finding a new job contact him through e-mail at He reports that Miriam Peled is finishing up her final year at Temple Medical School and is looking for a residency in New York.

Thanks to all of you who sent in news of yourselves and your classmates. Keep making Columbia proud. Remember, 20 years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did. Until next time...

Class of 1997

Michele Laudig
c/o Columbia College Today
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 917
New York, N.Y. 10115

I hope 2000 is off to a great start for everyone! We have the gracious Rachel Adame to thank for the updates in this installment of the Class of '97 notes. She e-mailed me shortly after the New Year, having recently relocated to San Francisco, where she is throwing in her lot with other Internet opportunists. Rachel is the associate director of business development at Quantum Leap Communications, a Web development agency specializing in e-commerce technology.

Laura Lee is working toward her Ph.D. in film theory at the University of Iowa, where she is a Ford Foundation Fellow. Catherine Park, a second-year medical student at UC Irvine, is nearing the end of a year-long research fellowship with the National Institute of Health. Aaron Graicius is a doctoral candidate in mathematics at Cal-Berkeley. Currently an interactive copywriter at Circle Interactive in Boston, Jeffrey Durland is looking forward to his return to Manhattan, "where he can finally enjoy a decent cocktail!"

That's all the news for now. I hope to hear from more of you for the next issue. Your letters and e-mails are what make this column possible - please stay in touch!

Class of 1998

Sandra P. Angulo
Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway, 30th floor
New York, N.Y. 10019

Happy New Year, Class of '98! Last fall, I went to a young alumni meeting, where several '98ers let me know what they were up to: Michelle Ahn works at Morgan Stanley midtown (in the public finance department) and lives on the Upper Upper East Side. Another Upper East Sider (and my junior-year suitemate), Elizabeth Arbuckle, works at SalomonSmithBarney. Cheryl Bucci (who also lives in the East 90s) is a researcher at an executive search firm, Egon Zehnder International. Colleen Mulleedy lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with two of her College roommates. She works downtown for the city's Department of Human Resources.

At a Columbia College Women's happy hour, Abby Lorge told me she's working at NBC in the Olympics division. Abby gets to travel around the globe interviewing Olympic athletes and then writes their bios, so sportscasters like Bob Costas will know who they are.

As for the men of '98: Aaron Dessner recently finished a year-long fellowship at the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University. Jeff Cohen has a new job working for Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (D. Calif.) in Washington D.C. Last November, a bunch of Jeff's Columbia pals including Liora Powers, Andy Topkins, Alejandra Montenegro, and Ben Gardner threw him a surprise party for his 24th birthday. Erwin Dweck is currently at the University of Pennsylvania's Law School, getting several lucrative offers for summer jobs.

Jahmal Miller and his best friend/college roommate William Watkins have both returned to their home state of California. By now, William should be in the middle of his second year of law school at UCLA studying entertainment law. As for Jahmal, he is a pricing consultant for Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif. Jahmal is hoping to attend grad school in the fall of 2000 to get his master's in public health, most likely at the University of Michigan or Emory University. The duo would like to say hello to the following graduates of 1998: Cassidy Cohen, Toma Acholonu, Sherrie Stewart, Jamal Shaw, Jay, Casey and the whole dining services staff. Jahmal can be contacted via e-mail at Jahmal.miller@ Jahmal also mentioned in his message that condolences are due to Arkee Allen, whose brother was murdered last fall in Rochester, N.Y.

Lastly, let me congratulate a Class of '97 grad who just got a fabulous job: Avani Patel is now a sportswriter for the venerable Chicago Tribune. Way to go, Avani!

Class of 1999

Charles S. Leykum
41 River Terrace
Apt. #3404
New York, N.Y. 10282

Happy New Year! Hopefully, everyone has recovered from his or her New Year's Eve plans and no one was inconvenienced by Y2K glitches. Let me first start class notes by thanking those people who have sent e-mails and letters over the past few months: It has been very interesting reading.

Christopher Leavell, the newest and youngest admissions officer for the College and SEAS, reports that this year, admission to Columbia has become more selective than when we were applying; in fact, acceptances for early admission candidates have increased significantly, and may account for 47 percent of next year's class. As an admissions officer, Chris divides his time between traveling around the country, talking to prospective high school students, and reading those applications.

Becky Phillips, currently a reporting assistant at Dow Jones Newswires, has updated me on the whereabouts of a number of our classmates. Althea Hennedige is a legal assistant at Skadden Arps, and Carmen Van Kerckhove is a legal analyst at Goldman Sachs. Among her neighbors on the Upper West Side, Pete Younkin is teaching elementary school in Harlem and living with classmates Brian Lenard and Robyn Kim. Saul Blecker works in the international projects department of the Guggenheim Museum and is living with Barak Zahavy '99E and Josh Golomb '99E. Working in the editorial and corporate information services department of Dow Jones & Co. in Princeton, N.J., Daniel Papp assists in the writing of the interactive versions of The Wall Street Journal's domestic, Asian, and European editions.

Jennifer Kaufman, who works in San Francisco, updated me on what's happening in the world of former Spec staffers. Editor-in-chief Eli Sanders writes for the Seattle Times. Soon, however, he will be leaving on a month-long trip around the world, with stops in London, India, and the Philippines. Dan Sorid, the former features editor who brought us the "Roving Reporter," interviewed Chuck D for a website called "Wall of Sound" and is also regularly reporting for Nina Willdorf is an assistant editorial researcher at Health Magazine in San Francisco, but will be moving to Washington, D.C. at the beginning of the year to write for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Jonathan Lechter works at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Virginia, and will be joining fellow Beltway Columbians including Angelo Grasso at Georgetown Law School next year.

Continuing on the D.C. front, Emily Parker-Turnock works in the White House Presidential personnel office, making recommendations to the Clinton administration on whom to hire for jobs such as the Secretary of State. Sharmaine Heng is consulting at Economists, Inc. and tutoring in her spare time. Jay Carson is in and out of D.C. as well as California, Iowa, Missouri, and New Hampshire, as an advance staff person on former Senator Bill Bradley's presidential campaign. Finally, John Ray Clemmons is also in D.C., working for Senator Bob Clemmons from Tennessee.

Some '99ers are living abroad: Ruth Kaplan is in Rome, Emily Ford is in Germany, and Dave Burkoff, Emmy Pointer, and Phil Winn are in London. Emmy has been working in the photography department of a British television station and Dave has been at the Centre for Advice on Individual Rights in Europe. They are now planning their move to St. Croix. After spending the summer traveling through Europe with, among others, fellow '99er Pete Kuhn, Dan Fisher is now at Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville. After law school he plans to practice international corporate law.

Greg Nihon works in the real estate, investment banking group at Banc of America Securities in New York. In Houston, Ben Freeman works for Enron, an energy company, as the new power analyst in the risk assessment and controls for markets group. Evan Hochberg is working for an anti-terrorism non-profit while applying to law school. Joining the '99 contingent at Columbia, Bonnie Oster is pursuing a Ph.D. in art history and Adrienne Wadewitz is a graduate student in the English department.

Teaching MCAT courses for the Princeton Review in New York, Heather Hinds is applying to medical school. Moving back to Chicago, Maya Gupta is teaching GRE prep courses for Kaplan. Braving the cold weather, Shazi Visram ran the N.Y.C. Marathon this past November. Shazi works as a media planner at Horizon Media where she will help to start the company's Internet division. Clare E. Priest was one of eight students at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis selected to become a Webster Society Scholar (named after former FBI and CIA director William H. Webster).

As always, if you have a moment, please send me an e-mail and let me know what you're up to. Best wishes on the beginning of a New Year!

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