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Class of 1941

Stanley H. Gotliffe
117 King George Road
Georgetown, S.C. 29440

The 58th reunion of the class was held at Arden House, December 3-5, 1999. Present were the following: Helen Abdoo, Mary Louise and Hugh Barber, Joe Coffee, Fanny and Ted de Bary, Suzanne and Bob Dettmer, Ann and Jim Dick, Cynthis and Arthur Friedman, Steve Fromer, Ruth and Stan Gotliffe, Lavita and Saul Haskel, Ruth and John Montgomery, Ross Sayers, Mabel and N.T. Wang, Betty and Arthur Weinstock, Allyn and Bob Zucker. Also present were the following guests: Frances Melamed, Janice and Hank Ozimek '38, Yvonne and Norman Roome '55. Intending to attend, but having to cancel owing to illness, were Jack Beaudouin and Harry Mellins (with wife, Judy).

In addition to the usual meals, cocktail parties and tennis matches, weekend activities included a discussion of health and vitality factors involved in "Life at 80" led by Steve Fromer, a description of plans for celebrating Columbia's 250th anniversary (in 2004) by Ted de Bary, and an exposition by N.T. Wang of the issues surrounding the application by mainland China to join the World Trade Organization as a "developing nation." Also, we viewed videos of "Columbia's New Campus - Biosphere 2" and heard a talk by Professor James Shenton '49, "Utah Beach to Buchenwald," recounting his personal experiences as a medic in World War II. During the annual business meeting Hugh Barber was elected president; Jim Dick, senior vice president; Bob Zucker, vice president and recording secretary; Stan Gotliffe, vice president and corresponding secretary; Harry Mellins, vice president and treasurer; past president Arthur Weinstock, reunion chairman; and Helen Abdoo, honorary vice president and reunion co-chair.

Sherwin Kaufman's musical career, which began as accompanist for the Columbia Glee Club (as well as piano soloist at some concerts), was interrupted by medical school (Cornell) and many years of medical practice. However, he has now returned to it as a songwriter - both composer and lyricist - and is enjoying this enormously. He writes in several genres: pop, gospel/inspirational, country, song for and about children. He has been published both in New York and Nashville. On November 17, 1999, Ted de Bary was awarded the Alexander Hamilton Medal, an annual award of the College Alumni Association for distinguished service and accomplishment in his field-Asian humanities.

Bill Shanahan informs us of the death of Valentine Diehl. However, our attempts to contact Bill for further details were not successful. Bill, please send your current address and telephone number.

Finally, please write with news of yourselves or classmates. Sherwin's was the only letter that was received lately.

Class of 1942

Herbert Mark
197 Hartsdale Avenue
White Plains, N.Y. 10606

Class luncheon meetings continue. Most recently, Vic Zaro, Aldo Daniele, Bill Carey and I met at Faculty House with Dave Harrison, who has agreed to edit our class newsletter. We toasted Bill Edge for his success as editor since the first issue and encouraged Dave. And now, if you have items for publication, send them on.

Once again, Homecoming was a good reason for a reunion, attracting over 50 classmates and family members. Throughout the day, our well-stocked buffet/bar was crowded with class members and friends from other classes as well as faculty. Our stalwarts included Jean and Art Albohn, Jack Arbolino, Bill Carey and six members of his family, Aldo Daniele, Gay and Nick DeVito with daughter Joan Cergol, his son-in-law and two grandchildren, Ellen and Clarence Eich, Florence and Tom Farkas, Elizabeth and Seymour Halpern, Leslie and Mel Hershkowitz, George Hyman, Sue and Bob Kaufman, Judy and Jerry Klingon, Manny Lichtenstein, Avra and Herb Mark, Bernie Moss, John Rogge and granddaughter, Lynn, Dorothy and Don Seligman, Ruth and George Smithy, Dorothy and Jim Sondheim, Lois and Tony Ventriglia, Ruth and Bob Wolf, Betty and Vic Zaro, and guests.

Len Garth, a senior judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, spoke at a memorial ceremony for Judge Almeric Christian, who died in September. Almeric was the first native of the U.S. Virgin Islands to be named a judge of the Territorial District Court, and was later honored when the Federal Building in St. Croix was named for him.

Aldo Daniele has supplied the wine for our reunions for a long time. I am happy to report that he is still active in his wine importing business and has assured me that he will remain so as long as he has a taste for a glass of wine.

Bob Cole left Tarrytown for Lake George when he gave up his orthodontic practice. Now, he has had to move to Scarborough to be closer to New York City, where specialized medical care is available for his wife.

Sadly, we have to report the sudden death of our old friend, Bob Cherneff. Bob, a former public relations executive, became an antiques dealer when he retired to a quieter way of life in the Berkshire hills.

Class of 1943

Dr. Donald Henne McLean
7025 Valley Greens Circle
Carmel-By-The-Sea, Calif. 93923

No news from our classmates, thus we have a tabula rasa, as John Locke described the newborn mind. Please help me by sending a sketch of your accomplishments and or opinions.

Here is a short biography of Harry Ellis Loree, M.D. who quietly faded away several years ago.

Grandfather Loree was a Scottish surgeon who emigrated to Mexico City where Harry was born. Being fluent in Spanish, after surgical residency Harry elected to go directly into practice as a general surgeon in Portales, N.M., where his destiny lay. He had met his Dutch wife, Nella, in Curacao. She was a resistance fighter who harbored Jews during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. One son, Ellis, is now a head and neck surgeon in Buffalo, N.Y. Another is in engineering research in Albuquerque. Harry traveled extensively in his beloved Mexico, especially Cuernavaca, until his demise from colon cancer. He was an advocate of euthanasia.

Farewell, old buddy!

Class of 1944

Walter Wager
200 West 79th Street
New York, N.Y. 10024

The South may rise again, they say, but the West has already risen to the challenge of reporting news to this column. First, multi-talented and handsome Mort Lindsey has snail-mailed word that he missed our 55th reunion because he was in London conducting at the Palladium - where else - a tribute to his late associate, Judy Garland.

Refusing to act his age, the merry maestro recently orchestrated and conducted CD adventures for his chum, Merv Griffiin, and one Michael Feinstein. The golden tones of his gifted spouse, Judy Johnson, blessed the nation when her classy and vintage recording (with the Les Brown band) of "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" got a ton of exposure and admiration upon the demise of the Yankee Clipper. Mrs. Lindsey is concentrating successfully upon her activities in horse shows as a hunter jumper. Her mate has sold 84 of his fine oil paintings to Left Coast glitterati.

Phoning in to advise your modest class correspondent that said correspondent had been seen on PBS (San Francisco) when a documentary on the early days of TV in New York aired, prose artist Leonard Koppett mentioned in passing that he'd enjoyed illuminating a four-hour ESPN interview cut up for that sports net's series on the top 100 athletes of the recent century. He's contemplating a visit to the Large Apple for the 60th anniversary of his high school class.

Dr. Francis Rigney has generously donated to the College and Columbiana Collection - don't dare miss it on Dean's Day - some vintage sports photos and other unique Columbia memorabilia including an oval paper "football" with the autographs of the entire 1942 team. He is advancing with his book. On that subject, our compulsive class president looks forward to his own new novel titled Tunnel in April.

Gordon Cotler has agreed to serve another term on the board of the Mystery Writers of America where his valuable insights are esteemed. Even as your correspondent turns to fax, Gordon joined a group of fellow TV and movie scribes to head to the Cuban Film Festival for a professional look.

Class of 1945

Clarence W. Sickles
57 Barn Owl Drive
Hackettstown, N.J. 07840

At the Faculty House on October 27, a 55th planning meeting was held for reunion weekend, Friday-Sunday, June 2-4, 2000.

Your classmates present were Joseph Lesser, Lester Rosenthal, Myles Ren, Harold Samelson and myself. The efficient and charming (a nice combination) staff members leading the luncheon meeting were Ellen Cohen (assistant director of the Columbia College Fund) and Tushia Fisher (assistant director of alumni affairs).

A possible class reunion program focused on a panel discussion about "America and the International Community." Dr. Ren suggested that the panel topic relate to the direction our country will be going in the coming millennium in regard to the values and policies of government representatives. An appropriate faculty member will be selected to make the presentation and lead discussion.

To commemorate our reunion anniversary, a class goal of $55,000 was proposed for unrestricted gifts to the College. I think we have about 120 class members who give to the College, so simple division will let you know how this goal will be attained. Perhaps some of our more affluent members can give their share of that $55,000.

Harold Samelson and I co-chair the reunion committee. We welcome any advice or suggestions you might have to make this a great reunion. One place where help is seriously needed is leading a program for class members to solicit five other classmates for gifts. Please write to me if you will take on this important job.

Our nominees this time are Dr. John J. O'Connor of Bethlehem, Pa., and Harry C. Ogden of Provo, Utah. It would be good to hear from or about John and Harry. And this goes for all of you.

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