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Class of 1936

Paul V. Nyden
1202 Kanawha Blvd. East
Apt. 1-C
Charleston, W. Va. 25301

After 30 years on the faculty of Michigan State University Donald M. Johnson '39, Ph.D. is now enjoying the pleasures of southern California. His wife died two years ago, but he feels fortunate in that his daughters, grandchildren, and two great grandsons live nearby and visit frequently. He is in reasonably good health and has just published a small non-technical book, The Psychology of Humor and Wit, available from Fithian Press, P.O. Box 1525, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93102; $9.95.

William V.P. Sitterley and wife, Catharine, moved in October to a retirement community, Bentley, a few miles north of Naples, Fla. Bill's family has a long affiliation with Columbia. Bill's father was a graduate of the Pharmacy School, Class of 1910; his son, Bill Jr. is Class of '74, daughter, Meg Pasmantier (recently deceased) was Social Work '66, and most recently, a granddaughter, Meredith Pasmantier, is a member of the Class of 2001. Truly a great line of splendor.

Class of 1937

Murray T. Bloom
40 Hemlock Drive
Kings Point, N.Y. 11024

Wally Schaap, who had a stroke, asked me to take over as class correspondent. I talked to Wally recently, and he described his condition as "coming along." He also asked me to thank several classmates, including Don O'Connell, Carl Desch and Hal Marley, for their letters.

Dr. Paul Kolisch received the New York State Conspicuous Service Medal in a ceremony at the American Legion Post in Friendship, N.Y., where Paul has lived for the past 55 years. In World War II, he served with the 82nd Airborne in Europe.

Dick Hess and his wife, Jay B'39, have been living in Willow Run Manor North in Lancaster, Pa. ("One of the largest life-care facilities in the country.") He keeps busy editing two publications for the General Society, Sons of the Revolution. One of them is Drumbeat, a newsletter for the 5,800 member organization. He and Randy Seifert had a reunion in Pound Ridge, N.Y., when the Seiferts were celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary.

On a personal note: I was on a one-hour History Channel program, "Vanished," in early October. It was very historic: An 83-year-old retired writer being interviewed at length on a 1959 article he had written for Harper's about the strange disappearance of a New York State Supreme Court justice, Judge Crater, in 1929.

According to the most recent alumni records, some 396 graduated with the Class of 1937. And 215 of us are still around. Actuarially, we're a reasonably healthy bunch.

A writer who is working on a book about the '30s asked me if anyone knew what happened to Bob Burke, our Golden Gloves contemporary who was expelled for picketing Nicholas Murray Butler's home. Remember?

Class of 1938

Dr. A. Leonard Luhby
3333 Henry Hudson Parkway
West Bronx, N.Y. 10463

Class of 1939

Ralph Staiger
701 Dallam Road
Newark, Del. 19711

Our 60th graduation anniversary was well received. The following class members attended: John Alexander, N.C.; Robert Banks, D.C.; John Beeman, N.J.; Richard Cohn, N.Y.; Grover Connell, N.J.; Thomas Dawkins, Conn.; Richard Fremon, N.J.; Victor Futter, N.Y.; Roy Glickenhaus, Conn.; Lawrence Goodman, Minn.; Seymour Jacobson, N.Y.; Albert Jordan. N.Y.; Pierre Kolisch, Ore.; Joseph Kuh, N.Y.; Jerome Kurshan, N.J.; Stanley Lee, N.Y.; Robert Lockwood, Calif.; David Mason, Maine; John McCormack, Tex.; Julian Muller, N.Y.; Howard Pack, N.Y.; Franklin Robinson, Conn.; James Robinson, N.Y.; Bernie Schutz, N.Y.; Thomas Styles, Md.; H. Lloyd Taylor, Calif.; Trygve Tonnesen, Conn.; Irwin Weiner, Fla.; Victor Wouk, N.Y.; and Sidney Zuckerman, Fla. I am sorry that serious illness kept me from meeting my classmates.

Rudolph T. Textor passed away at his home in Whiting, N.J. Following his graduation from the School of Optometry, he trained at the Dartmouth Eye Institute; the Army Air Corps sent him to M.I.T. to become a meteorologist. He served as a captain in Europe with the 406th Fighter- Bomber group and earned five battle stars.

Jack C. Wright of Williamsburg, Va., who was captain of the 1939 football team, has a granddaughter who was an All-American high school swimmer and is now a member of the Class of 2003. He and Barbara were out of the country during our reunion, but he asks any member of the class to say "Hi" to granddaughter Christina Wright.

Class of 1940

Seth Neugroschl
1349 Lexington Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10028

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