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Columbia College Mission

A Lifetime of Learning, a World of Opportunity 

At Columbia College, a uniquely designed Core Curriculum of philosophy, history, politics, literature, art, music, science and writing provides every student with a comprehensive and truly transformational understanding of modern civilization. The distinctively personal and highly interactive seminar format of the Core courses develops the essential ability for engagement in an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing world. Regardless of ensuing life choices, the Core Curriculum forms the foundation for a lifetime of continued learning.

Columbia students also have the exclusive opportunity to enhance their chosen studies through the unparalleled energy, vitality and multicultural variety of New York City.  No other college in America offers students the integration of the highest level of educational excellence in a community with an incomparable offering of professional, career and life experiences. 

There is no more effective and dynamic preparation for the future than studying at Columbia College in the heart of the world’s most cosmopolitan city.