Major Advising

Every academic department has a Director of Undergraduate Studies and all programs of study have a faculty adviser. It is to these members of the faculty whom you should direct your questions regarding your major or concentration.

There are several questions which the faculty adviser can help you answer as you explore and develop your intellectual interests:

  • Is this major right for me?
  • What classes would be a good way to explore my interest in the field?
  • What classes would be a good fit for me next semester?
  • How can I study abroad and continue my major studies?
  • How can I get involved in the research conducted in the department?
  • Is graduate school right for me?

There is no substitute for talking with a member of faculty in the field of your interest. While friends, family, and the Bulletin may be able to provide some insight and basic information, a member of faculty will be able to convey in-depth knowledge of, and passion for, the subject. A member of faculty is an expert not simply in the field but also in guiding students through the questions necessary for choosing a major and a program of study.

Directors of Undergraduate Studies Exploring Majors and Careers