Academic Advising and Support

Starting in the summer before their first semester, students are paired with an academic adviser through the James H. and Christine Turk Berick Center for Student Advising; advisers help with everything from selecting classes, planning schedules, discussing academic needs, exploring research and internship opportunities, discussing studying abroad, and developing short and long term educational goals.

Your advising dean is only one of the people you'll want to consult for advice on your academic options and opportunities. In high school, you might have been able to go to a single guidance counselor for all of your questions and needs; in a university as large and complex as Columbia, you will need to talk to many people in many departments in order to feel informed about the myriad classes and fields of study available on our cmapus. Your advising dean will help point you in the right directions, and then you'll need to be ready to do some legwork.

Once students declare their majors in their sophomore years, they will also work with the faculty member who is designated as the Director of Undergraduate Studies in their particular department or program.

Students also have access to specialized career advising, global programs advising, fellowship advising and preprofessional advising.

Course Selection

In selecting courses each semester, you should consult with both the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your declared or anticipated major and your advising dean. To assist you in preparing for these conversations, the following pages may be of assistance: