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Philanthropic support of Columbia College is vital to our success. Columbia College Fund gifts are current-use and allow the College to respond nimbly and strategically to immediate priorities throughout the year. Endowment gifts provide important resources in perpetuity. Both types of support help the College sustain excellence and count toward the Core to Commencement campaign.

The Columbia College Fund is how the majority of Columbians participate in Core to Commencement and it is deeply connected with the other campaign priorities. The collective support of College Fund donors—10,000+ Columbians each year—adds up to millions of dollars for financial aid, student life experiences, the Core Curriculum and internship support for students.

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Columbia College Fund

The Columbia College Fund provides essential resources for financial aid, student services and the Core Curriculum - all fundamental aspects of the first-rate undergraduate experience that defines Columbia College. Each dollar given to the College Fund translates into immediate support for the College's most pressing areas of need.

Core to Commencement
Core to Commencement Campaign

Nearly 100 years ago, Columbia College altered the landscape of American higher education with a pioneering experiment now known as the Core Curriculum. We are drawing up a blueprint for the future that reinforces our foundations and raises our sights even higher. Emboldened by great books, inspired by culture, united by diversity and stirred by big ideas, we are posted to build a better Columbia and with it, a better world.