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Seniors for the Columbia College Fund

Seniors for the Columbia College Fund is the graduating class’ gift to the Columbia College Fund, the alumni-driven fund that provides support directly to students. By participating in the Senior Fund, you join thousands of alumni and past seniors in supporting the next generation of students at Columbia College. Seniors have the opportunity to make a gift to the area of their choice, in order to begin their legacy of giving here at the College.


Tuition only covers 60% of the cost of a Columbia education. Therefore programs throughout the College rely on gifts from students, alumni, parents and friends to stay in place. All Senior Fund gifts go to supporting the critical areas of need for the College: Financial Aid, Student Life, Core Curriculum, Internships and Stipends, and Unrestricted Funds.

1) Financial Aid

Chances are someone you know receives financial aid and, without that financial support, they likely would not be able to attend Columbia. Giving to Financial Aid helps provide the student body with support to attend this great school.

2) Student Life

Student Life helps support mental health initiatives, career services, orientation programs and more.

3) The Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is a major component of every Columbia education. Gifts help maintain small class sizes and provide faculty members with research stipends to enhance education.

4) Internships and Stipends

Many students would love to benefit from the educational opportunity of an unpaid summer internship but can't for financial reasons. The Student Internship Fund provides stipends to students who need it so they can pursue those educational opportunities without the burden.

5) Unrestricted

This money can go anywhere Columbia College needs it! Funds are allocated to different areas including financial aid, student life, academic programs, leadership development and more.


You have benefitted from the College Fund.
Whether or not you receive financial aid, you've benefited from the College Fund. Because tuition only covers 60% of a Columbia education, without the College Fund we wouldn't have programs like Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO), New Student Programs and Orientation (NSPO) or the Columbia Experience Overseas.

You get to choose where your money goes.
You can direct your donation toward any one of five categories: Internships and Stipends, Financial Aid, the Core Curriculum, Student Life or Unrestricted.



Alumni from the classes of 2007-2020 and seniors in the Class of 2021 may join the John Jay Associates with special levels for cumulative annual giving. The John Jay Associates is Columbia College’s oldest leadership giving society, recognizing the generosity and loyal support of Columbia College’s broad community. They are eligible to receive exclusive benefits including special recognition, unique engagement opportunities, select communications and one-of-a-kind gifts. Learn more here.


Executive Committee
Shayan Khan, Co-Chair, Education
Danielle Mikaelian, Co-Chair, Engagement
Alex Yu, Co-Chair, Outreach
Anna Morrione, Education Team Leader
James Ryan, Outreach Team Leader
Vanessa Ambrocio, Engagement Team Leader
Committee Members
Katherine Malus
Shefali Kumar
Alex Siegal
Shauna McNamara
Trisha Mukherjee
Cat Sposato
Alec Howe
Michael Wang
Vera Wang

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For more information on student philanthropy, please contact:

Tom Luchsinger

Coordinator, Volunteer Management and Student Philanthropy


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