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Alumnae Legacy Circle

Inspired by the 30th anniversary of the graduation of Columbia College's first coeducational class in 2016, the Alumnae Legacy Circle was established to recognize and inspire women's philanthropy. This leadership giving society brings together Columbia College women as leaders, elevating their voices and inspiring them to strengthen the College, expand their influence and support the Columbia College Fund.

With a growing membership base of Columbia College alumnae from nearly every class since 1984, the Alumnae Legacy Circle has forged a global network of dedicated women from seven countries and 19 states. Members are leaders in their communities and in fields like finance, medicine, education, media and technology.

Membership Levels

Columbia College alumnae may join the Alumnae Legacy Circle with a gift of $30,000 in support of Columbia College Fund, payable over a period of up to three years.

Columbia College alumnae from the Classes of 2009–2023 may join the Alumnae Legacy Circle with a comparable philanthropic commitment, payable over a period of up to three years.

Alumnae may also choose to join the Alumnae Legacy Circle by including Columbia College in their estate plans. For more information, please contact Kaylee Quanbeck at or 212-851-7452.


Membership in the Alumnae Legacy Circle includes benefits and offerings curated especially for the College’s alumnae community.

  • COMMUNITY of women connected through exclusive newsletters which highlight members, upcoming events and Columbia College happenings.

  • INVITATIONS to events curated for ALC members and other leadership donors, like the Dean’s Circle Reception and the Dean’s Scholarship Reception.

  • RECOGNITION in the 2022–23 ALC Annual Report, on the ALC website and at other leadership events like milestone reunion celebrations.

  • ACCESS to the most influential and exclusive leaders at Columbia, including College deans, faculty and fellow alumni.

Past Events

  • Members Breakfast at The Battery in San Francisco

  • Tour of the Rembrandt Collection at National Gallery hosted by Britta Jacobson CC’96 in London

  • Intimate receptions with Dean Valentini to discuss College happenings

  • Members Holiday Tea at the Pierre Hotel in New York City

  • Virtual discussion with Diana Greenwald CC’11 about her book, Painting by Numbers: Data-Driven Histories of Nineteenth-Century Art

  • Virtual Conversation with Women Entrepreneurs featuring Kelley Buechel Badishkanian CC’98 and Germaine Choe CC’95 and moderated by ALC member Begumhan Kurdoglu CC’20

2023–24 Members

  • Sarah Aibel CC’92 P: CC’23, CC’25, vice chair

  • Diana Semel Allen CC'90
    Lori Alvino McGill CC’99, LAW’03

  • Alisa Amarosa Wood CC’01, BUS’08

  • Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg CC’93, P: CC’23

  • Noa Arias CC’01

  • Maiken E. Baird CC’89

  • Nairi C. Balian CC’88

  • Allyson B. Baker CC’95

  • Sheetal M. Banerjee CC’89, P: CC’24

  • Olivia R. Barry CC’17

  • Samara Bernot Meshel CC’92, P: CC’18, CC’23

  • Francesca Bodini CC’06, BUS’09

  • June Boonyasai Lehv CC’95, DM’00, DM’02, P: CC’25

  • Anna E. Brockway CC’92

  • Kelley Buechel Badishkanian CC’98, BUS’08, co-chair

  • Lydia C. Callaghan CC’92

  • Lisa L. Carnoy CC’89

  • Joyce Chang CC’86, P: CC’24

  • Leslie Chang CC’92, JRN’95

  • Yahphen Y. Chang CC’87, P: CC’24

  • Cynthia Chen CC’04, GSAS’14

  • Dehua Chen CC’92

  • Germaine Choe CC’95, co-chair

  • Claudia P. Choi CC’96, SIPA’98

  • Debra C. Chow CC’01

  • Jennifer C. Chung CC’98

  • Melissa de la Cruz CC'93

  • Mary Corley Dunn CC’98

  • Christine Cronin Hurst CC’84

  • Helena Daras CC'01

  • Alexandra S. Diamond CC’91

  • Elana Drell Szyfer CC’91, P: CC’25

  • Beatrice M. Edmonds CC’19

  • Abigail Elbaum CC’92, BUS’94

  • Michele A. Esposito CC’96

  • Michelle Estilo Kaiser CC’87, PH’92, VPS’97, P: CC’20, CC’25

  • Leslie N. Estrada CC’94

  • Stephanie Falcone Bernik CC’89, P: CC’24

  • Catherine A. Froman CC’88

  • Cornelia L. Gallo CC’88

  • Dorcas W. Gardner CC’90

  • Leslie Gittess Brodsky CC’88, P: CC’23, CC’25

  • Michelle J. Goldberg CC’91, P: CC’25

  • Suzanne Greenstein Vogel CC’99

  • Diana Greenwald CC’11, co-chair

  • Yael Halaas CC’92

  • Hilary R. Hatch CC’92

  • Joanna E. Herman CC’98

  • Maya Ho CC’18

  • Sandra H. Hoffen CC’87

  • Wanda M. Holland Greene CC’89, TC’91

  • Divonne M. Holmes à Court CC’87

  • Catherine Holst Grimm CC’96, LAW’02

  • Nina L. Hong CC’93, LAW’96

  • Jennifer S. Hsia CC’06

  • Emily N. Hu CC’95, VPS’00 vice chair

  • Alina R. Huo CC'96

  • Erin Z. Hussein CC'92, LAW'95

  • Daria Ibn-Tamas CC'96

  • Britta W. Jacobson CC’96

  • Gail A. Katz CC’97

  • Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman CC'88, P: CC'26

  • Alison P. Kay CC’06

  • Kristine Kennedy CC’91, LAW’94, P: CC’24, CC’25

  • Katrina M. Kerkering CC’93

  • Shaziya A. Keswani CC'04, OT'08

  • Mojdeh L. Khaghan CC’88, LAW’91, P: CC’17

  • Sungmee Kim CC’97

  • Mary A. Kuo CC’92, P: CC’20, CC’21, CC’25

  • Kara M. Kupferberg CC’18, SIPA’19

  • Begumhan Kurdoglu CC’20

  • Joanne Kwong CC'97

  • Christine W. Lai CC’95

  • Grace Lang CC’93

  • Amy H. Lee CC’94

  • Danielle Lee CC’97, BUS’04

  • Karen Lee CC’92

  • Sunhee Lee CC’90

  • Mary J. Leong CC’93

  • Jennifer M. Levine CC’91, P: CC’22

  • Pamela M. Levine CC’93

  • Julie A. Levy CC’91, P: CC’21, CC’25

  • Tina Lin CC’91, VPS’96

  • Donna H. MacPhee CC’89, P: CC’17

  • Karen A. Mahoney CC’88, P: CC’19

  • Jennifer Maxfield Ostfeld CC’99, JRN’00

  • Ritu Metzger CC'94, P: CC'26

  • Cindy Z. Michel CC’95

  • Emily Miles Terry CC’89

  • Meredith Milstein Polivy CC’09, BUS’17

  • Janice Mok Ince CC’01

  • Cassey Morales CC’96

  • Heather Moylan Meyerdirk CC’06

  • Juwa Nguy CC’95

  • Ana Genender O’Brien CC’93

  • Mary O'Donnell Hulme CC’92, SIPA’95

  • Kathryn O’Donnell Schlatter CC’93

  • Maya Pandit CC17, PH19

  • Caitlin Prendergast Brodie CC’06

  • Christina Pullo Daloia CC00

  • Caroline Puri Mitchell CC’02

  • Jenny Fan Raj CC'00

  • Sumana Rao CC’08

  • Maria A. Rodino CC’88, P: CC’18, CC’20, VPS’23

  • Emily Lavine Rosin CC’18

  • Olivia C. Santoro CC’13, BUS’20

  • Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend CC’87, BUS’92, P: CC’22

  • Amanda Schoenberg CC’92, VPS’97

  • Sarah Schrager Gitlin CC’13

  • Purvi Shah Goor CC'97

  • Tiffani L. Shin CC'95

  • Claire C. Shipman CC’86, SIPA’94

  • Esther R. Sholes CC’91

  • Beth E. Shubin Stein CC’91, VPS’96

  • Lara Stolman CC’91

  • Michelle Tan CC’16

  • JoBeth Tananbaum Abecassis CC’07

  • Claire E. Theobald CC’88

  • Kyra Tirana Barry CC’87, P: CC’17

  • Mila H. Tuttle CC’96, SIPA’05

  • Mary Vig CC’91

  • Shazi Visram CC’99, BUS’04

  • Cecilia C. Wang CC’09, LAW’12

  • Sandy Wang CC’92, P: CC’24

  • Ellen A. Weinstein CC’93

  • Elizabeth Weir Factor CC’91

  • S. Penny Windle Kline CC91, LAW97

  • Sherri P. Wolf CC’90, P: CC’21, CC’24

  • Maria Wong CC'03

  • Grace Wu SEAS’00

  • Michelle Yan CC’20

  • Sharon Yang CC’07

  • Christina Ying CC’89

  • Nina Zipser CC’94

  • Anonymous CC’86

  • Anonymous CC’89

  • Anonymous CC’90

  • Anonymous CC’94

  • Anonymous CC’98

  • Anonymous CC’04

  • Anonymous CC’04


Past Events