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Centennial Circle

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An exclusive leadership giving society that honors and celebrates 100 years of the Core Curriculum at Columbia College.

"For nearly 100 years, the Core has given College students more than an education –it has given them a foundation in ethics, morals, and citizenship. That has not, and will not, change.” - Dean James J. Valentini

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Introduction to Contemporary Civilization, the Columbia College Fund invites you to join the Centennial Circle, a new leadership giving society that directly supports the Core Curriculum.


Your support as a Centennial Circle member will ensure the Core Curriculum’s potency in the midst of societal change and strengthen Columbia College’s reputation as a leader in the liberal arts curriculum. The resources that you provide will bolster the College’s efforts to:

  • Retain senior tenured faculty in the Core Curriculum.

  • Bring keynote speakers to campus for engaging discussions and fund faculty training.

  • Fund out-of-classroom programming, travel and materials related to a student’s research on their senior thesis.

Membership Levels

Columbia College alumni, parents and friends may join the Centennial Circle with a gift in support of the Core Curriculum at the levels listed below.

  • A gift of $50,000 payable over a period of up to three years.
  • A leadership level gift of $100,000 payable over a period of up to four years.

Young Alumni (Classes of 2005 - 2019) may join the Centennial Circle with a gift in support of the Core Curriculum at the leadership level listed below.

  • A leadership level gift of $50,000 payable over a period of up to five years.

You may also choose to join Centennial Circle by including Columbia College in your estate plan. For more information, please contact Mara Henckler at or 212-851-7494.

Membership Benefits

  • A leadership level gift includes recognition on a donor wall in Hamilton Hall.

  • Recognition in the Columbia College Report and on the Centennial Circle website.

  • Invitations to exclusive Core-related events at the College throughout the Centennial year.


As of April 1, 2020

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Elizabeth Albert and Howard Kleinman CC’84, P: CC’18, CC’23
  • Francis Aquila CC'79
  • Frank Au CC'92
  • Adel Aslani-Far CC'90
  • Gabor Balassa CC'94, LAW'97
  • Nairi C. Balian CC'88, P: CC'16, CC'22, CC'23
  • Michael Behringer CC’89
  • Randy Berkowitz CC'04 and Nora MacDonald BC'09
  • Adam Beshara CC'96, BUS'04 and Caroline Portny BUS'03
  • Ganesh Betanabhatla CC'06
  • Jonathan Bram CC'87, P: CC'14, P: CC'17 and Susan Bram TC'87, P: CC'14, P: CC'17
  • Michael Brown CC'06
  • Stephen Buchman CC'59, LAW'62
  • Michael Camacho CC'91, P: CC'23 and Patricia Labrada CC'91, P: CC'23
  • Lisa Carnoy CC'89
  • Mathew J. Cestar CC'93
  • Raymond Chan CC’95 and Katherine Yang SEAS’96, BUS’01
  • Ted Chen and Tianyin Shi P: CC’21
  • Audra and Eric Cohen P: CC’18, CC’21
  • Usama Cortas CC’00
  • Carlos Cuevas CC’05, SIPA’12, PH’12
  • Daniela and Richard N. de los Reyes CC'97
  • James Dignan CC'91
  • Michael Dorenfeld CC'99, BUS'05
  • Michele Esposito CC’96
  • Robyn Field and Anthony O’Carroll P: CC’21, CC'23
  • Robert Friedman CC'64
  • Kevin Galligan CC'05
  • Sarah Gitlin CC’13 and Tao Tan CC’07, BUS’11
  • Thomas Glocer CC’81
  • Michelle Goldberg CC’91
  • Andrew Heinrich CC’13
  • Geoffrey Ho CC’83, P: CC’17
  • Paul Hong CC’91, LAW’95
  • Douglas Horowitz CC’97
  • Britta Jacobson CC’96
  • David Javdan CC’90
  • Sarkis Jebejian CC'91, LAW’94
  • Clifford Kern CC'67
  • Borah and Sang Kim CC’92
  • Paul Kim CC'87 and Estelle Choe P: CC'22
  • Sungmee Kim CC’97
  • Kyungoh Kook GS’94
  • Brian Krisberg, Esq. CC'81, LAW'84, P: CC'18, CC'22
  • Michael Kronstadt CC’68
  • Michael Lee CC’96
  • Leonard Levine CC’70
  • Victoria and James Maroulis CC’88, P: CC’21
  • Peter Meier CC’90
  • Adam Meshel CC’92, LAW’95 P: CC’18, CC’23 and Samara Meshel CC’92, P: CC18, CC’23
  • Marshall Meyer CC’64
  • Joshua Milstein CC’10
  • Vijay Mohan CC’01 and Audrey Chen Mohan CC01
  • Ashok Nayyar CC’85, P: CC’20
  • Ann and Francis Neczypor P: CC’08
  • Gregory Ostling, Esq. CC’91, TC’92, LAW’98
  • Luis Penalver CC89
  • William Peng CC'90, BU'96
  • Roy Pomerantz CC83
  • Manu Rana CC92
  • Richard Rapaport CC'69, P: CC'22
  • Yong-Kyoo Rim CC'00
  • Mark Rogers CC'64
  • Kurt Roeloffs, Jr. CC'84 and Shyanne Roeloffs
  • Andrew Schmeltz CC’93
  • Theodore Schweitzer CC'91, LAW'94
  • Jon Sobel CC'88
  • George Stephanopoulos CC'82
  • Paul Tietz CC'08
  • Michael Topol CC’10
  • Mila Tuttle CC’96, SIPA’05
  • Nilesh Undavia CC’88
  • John Vincenti CC’90
  • Cecilia C. Wang CC’09, LAW’12
  • Sandy Wang CC92 and Christopher McGowan CC92
  • Carlton Wessel CC’84
  • Alisa Wood CC’01, BUS’08 and Alastair Wood CC’01
  • Scott Yagoda CC’86, LAW’92, P: CC’20
  • Chiu Yam and Jack Zhai P: CC’21
  • Sharon Yang CC’07
  • Raymond Yu CC'89, SEAS'90, P: CC'21 and Amy Yu TC'07, TC'12, P: CC'21