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Columbia College Young Alumni

CCYA Happy Hour at Sky Room

Columbia College Young Alumni is an active community within the greater Columbia College Alumni Association for alumni who are graduates from the last 10 classes.

Alumni are automatically members until 10 years after graduation. CCYA has two goals:

  • Building a rich network of connections and advisers for young alumni
  • Providing interesting and dynamic opportunities so young alumni can engage with fellow alumni, lead and leave a mark on Columbia College, its students and/or the community at large

Both goals create fun ways not only to stay involved with close friends and classmates but also to help young alumni impact other Columbians, including current students and older alumni.

CCYA Leadership

  • Alex Rosen CC’11, President
  • Jocelyn Bohn CC’15, Vice President
    Adam Kuerbitz CC’12, Secretary-Treasurer
    Brian Chung CC’16, Career Co-Chair
    Carl Yin CC’17, Career Co-Chair
    Laura Vigilante CC’14, Social Co-Chair
    Maddy (Madeleine) Matthews CC’17, Social Co-Chair
    Caitlin de Lisser-Ellen CC’16, Social Co-Chair
    Aram Balian CC’16, Outreach Co-Chair
  • Alexander Birkel CC’18, Outreach Co-Chair

General Board Members

  • Zila Acosta CC’11
    Tala Akhavan CC’13
    Matthew Amsterdam CC’10
    Alejandra Castano CC’17
    Nicole Cata CC’11
    Lauren Dwyer CC’11
    Jason Feng CC’14
    Gairy Hall CC’11
    Ola Jacunski CC’11
    Simon Jerome CC’13
    Mable Jiang CC’15
    Gabriel Kerr CC’12
    Frankie Lam CC’15
    Isaac Lara CC’11
    Ivan Leniski CC’16
    Ashley Lherisson CC’12
    Wesley Morton CC’15
    Brittney Nagle CC’12
    Negin Navab CC’12
    Jared Odessky CC’15
    Mallika Patkar CC’17
    Andrew Wood CC’14
    Oskar Yao CC’14
    Makeda Yohannes CC’17
    Kevin Zhang CC’14
    Shelly Zhu CC’10
    Bing Zhu CC’16

Lion's Pride Logo

Lion's Pride

Lion's Pride recognizes the remarkable leaders and innovators within the Columbia College Young Alumni community. Do you know an alumnus or alumna making an impact on society? Nominate them for consideration! to Lion's Pride recognizes the remarkable leaders and innovators within the Columbia College Young Alumni community. Honorees will be announced in CCT's Winter 2018-19 issue.

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Photo of Gerald Sherwin CC'55

Gerald Sherwin Young Alumni Service Award

The Gerald Sherwin Young Alumni Service Award was established in 2013 to honor an individual or group of individuals who has demonstrated exceptional service to the Colleges young alumni. The award is named in honor of CCAA president emeritus Gerald Sherwin CC’55.

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Odyssey Teaser Image for CCAA Website

Odyssey Mentoring Program

Discover the power of your Columbia College network.

Students and alumni can use our new online program to develop long-term mentoring relationships or short and informal connections that can enhance their network and resources.

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