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Board of Directors

The Columbia College Alumni Association was founded in 1825 and has a rich history of engagement, leadership and influence at Columbia College.

The current Board of Directors advises the dean of the College, implements a variety of programs and initiatives and prioritizes the overarching activities of the CCAA to support the dean’s goal of 100 percent alumni engagement. Members are elected after showing a track record of volunteer activity and span decades, regions and interests. For more information on the CCAA board, contact us. You can also explore leadership roles with Columbia College Women (CCW) or Columbia College Young Alumni (CCYA).

Homecoming 2018

2018-19 CCAA Board Membership


  • Michael Behringer CC89
    Michael Behringer ’89, President
  • Jean-Marie Atamian
    Jean-Marie Atamian ’81, Co-Chair, Columbia College Fund (CCF)
  • David Chait CC07
    David Chait ’07, Assistant Secretary
  • Coleman, Steve.jpg
    Steve Coleman ’83, Vice President, Alumni Engagement
  • Chris Della Pietra CC89
    Chris Della Pietra ’89, Secretary; Co-Chair, Homecoming and Reunions Committee
  • Alan Freeman CC93
    Alan Freeman ’93, Co-Chair, Alumni Representative Committee (ARC)
  • Photo of Stefanie Katz-Rothman
    Stefanie Katz-Rothman ’88, Communications Advisor
  • Photo of Scott Koonin
    Scott Koonin ’02, Co-Chair, Mentoring Committee
  • Photo of Ira Malin
    Ira Malin ’75, Representative, Columbia Alumni Association (CAA)
  • Photo of Neba Navab
    Neda Navab ’08, President, Columbia College Women (CCW)
  • Photo of Francis Phillip
    Francis Phillip ’90, Co-Chair, Class Agents
  • Alex Rosen CC'11
    Alex Rosen ’11, President, Columbia College Young Alumni (CCYA)
  • Photo of Ted Schweitzer
    Ted Schweitzer ’91, Vice President, Development
  • Dan Tamkin CC81
    Dan Tamkin ’81, Interim Vice President, State of the College; Co-Chair, Student/Alumni Journey Committee
  • Raymond Yu
    Raymond Yu ’89, Co-Chair, Fund Development Committee (FDC)

Past Presidents

  • Photo of Kyra Tirana Barry
    Kyra Tirana Barry ’87*
  • Photo of Geoffrey Colvin
    Geoffrey Colvin ’74*
  • Brian Krisberg CC81 LAW84
    Brian Krisberg ’81*
  • Photo of Gerald Sherwin CC'55
    Gerald Sherwin ’55
  • Doug Wolf ’88*


  • Nairi Balian ’88
    Ganesh Betanabhatla ’06
    Craig Brod ’77
    Michael Brown, Jr. ’06
    Gerrard Bushell ’83
    Joan Campion ’92
    Wah Chen ’92
    Ben Cosgrove ’90
  • Alex Wallace Creed ’88
    Richard De Los Reyes ’97
    Jess Drabkin ’79
    Michele Esposito ’96
    David Filosa ’82
    Stephanie Foster ’12
    James Gerkis ’80
    Leslie Gittess ’88
    Matthew Grossman ’05
    Ellen Gustafson ’02
    Gairy Hall, Jr. ’11
    Eric Hopp ’98
    Jennifer Hsia ’06
    Justin Ifill ’06
    Stephen Jacobs ’75
    David Javdan ’90
    Ed Joyce ’83
    Michelle Kaiser ’87
    Arthur Kohn ’84
    Joanne Kwong ’97
    Jay Lefkowitz ’84
    Barry Levine ’65
    Charles Leykum ’99
    Laura Lopez ’92
    Cliff Massey ’10
    Laney Mcgahey ’17
    Meredith Milstein ’09
    Paul Neshamkin ’63
    Nathania Nisonson ’03
    Michael Oberman ’69
    Rita Pietropinto-Kitt ’93
    Roy Pomerantz ’83
    Jackie Quan ’93
    Yong-Kyoo Rim ’00
    John Rodin ’97
    Jen Ryan ’89
    Steven Schwartz ’70
    David Seidman ’06
    Judy Shampanier ’90
    Roxann Smithers ’99
    Jonathan Sobel ’88
    Emily Miles Terry ’89
    Genevieve Thornton ’02
    John Tsanas ’81
    Mila Tuttle ’96
    David Walker ’80
    Courtney Wilkins ’07
    Sherri Wolf ’90
    Anne-Marie Wright ’89
    Scott Yagoda ’86
    Carl Yin ’17


  • Jordan Cline ’19, Co-Chair, Columbia College Senior Fund
  • Chase Manze ’19, President, Columbia College Student Ambassadors (CCSA)
  • Yasna Vismale ’22, Alumni Affairs Representative, Columbia College Student Council (CCSC)


  • Olson Aguirre ’07, Representative, Latino Alumni Association of Columbia University (LAACU)
    Jessica Chi ’15, Co-Chair, Young Alumni Fund Advisory Board (YAFAB)
    Kevin Galligan ’05, Co-Chair, Young Leaders Council (YLC)
    Michelle Kaiser ’87, Representative, University Senate Alumni Relations
    Ira Malin ’75, Representative, Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) †
    Thomas Meister ’09, Co-Chair, Young Leaders Council (YLC)
    Neda Nevab ’08, President, Columbia College Women (CCW) †
    Blondel Pinnock ’90, Representative, Black Alumni Council (BAC)
    Alex Rosen ’11, President, Columbia College Young Alumni (CCYA)
    Jennifer Ryan ’89, Co-Chair, Class Agents †
    Andrew West ’13, Co-Chair, Young Alumni Fund Advisory Board (YAFAB)
    Doug Wolf ’88, Representative, Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee †
    Ying Yen ’95, Representative, Asian Columbia Alumni Association (ACAA)
    James J. Valentini, Dean of the College and Vice President for Undergraduate Education
    Corey Aronstam, Deputy Vice President for Development, Columbia College and Arts & Sciences; Associate Dean for Development, Columbia College *
    Katherine Day Benvenuto ’03, Senior Executive Director for Development, Columbia College, Arts & Sciences and Athletics *
    Mara Henckler, Executive Director, Columbia College Fund
    Eric Shea, Senior Director, Columbia College Alumni Relations
    Bernice Tsai ’96, Associate Dean for Alumni Relations and Communications

*Also members of the Executive Committee

† Ex-Officio members who are also general board members of the Columbia College Alumni Association.