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New Approved Courses

The following new courses have been approved for Summer Session 2017, and for the 2017-2018 academic year.  As new courses are added to the list frequently, please visit this site for updates.  Additional courses and major/concentration requirements may be found in the Columbia College Bulletin.  Last updated July 14, 2017.

Summer 2017

Department/ProgramCourse No. & DesignatorTitle
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS S3204Medieval Art and the City
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS S32190s and 1s: Digital and Computational Approaches to the Study of Medieval Art and Architecture
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS S3430From John Singleton Copley to Kehinde Wiley: The Construction of National Identity in American Portraiture
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS S3601Outliers: How the Frontier Shaped Early Chinese Art and Culture
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS OC3310Portraiture in Renaissance Venice
Center for Study of Ethnicity and RaceCSER S3928Colonization/Decolonization
Center for the Study of Human RightsHRTS S4270Social Media and Human Rights: Actors, Advocacy, and Analytics
Classics/Hellenic StudiesGRKM OC3930A History of the Greek Present
East Asian Languages and CulturesEAAS OC3432Media Practices in India and China
EconomicsECON S4465Public Economics
EconomicsECON S4625Economics of the Environment
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3261Chaucer's Sondry Folk: The Canterbury Tales
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3483Relationality and Contemporary Prose Narratives
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3848Modernism
FilmFILM S2295World Cinema: Mexico
FilmFILM S3833Lab Producing in Low Budget Film
FilmFILM S4138Auteur Study: Steven Speilberg
French and Romance PhilologyFREN OC2223

Intermediate French Culture and Conversation: Mapping Hidden Paris through Urban Diversity

French and Romance PhilologyFREN OC3817Black Paris
French and Romance PhilologyFREN OC3827Mosaic Paris: Community and Diversity in a “Global City” (19th-21st Centuries)
HistoryHIST S3684Crimes: Practices and Representations
Latin American Caribbean StudiesLCRS OC3501Latin American Cities: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Havana
MusicMUSI OC3184Venice and Its Musical Identity
Political SciencePOLS S3296Reforming American Elections
Political SciencePOLS S3625Rising Great Powers
Political SciencePOLS S3680Topics in International Security
Political SciencePOLS S3962

Seminar in International Politics Contemporary Diplomacy 

PsychologyPSYC S2650Introduction to Cultural Psychology
PsychologyPSYC S3610Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice
ReligionRELI S2305Islam
ReligionRELI S2308East Asian Buddhism
StatisticsSTAT S4261Statistical Methods for Finance
StatisticsSTAT S4241Statistical Machine Learning
StatisticsSTAT S4206Statistical Computing and Introdution to Data Analysis
WritingWRIT S4111Coming of Age in Latin American Literature and Film
WritingWRIT S4314Direct Encounters: The Japanese Poetic Tradition
WritingWRIT S4411Creative (Mis)Translation

Fall 2017

AnthropologyANTH UN2001Nationalism, Populism, Democracy
AnthropologyANTH UN2026On Precarity
AnthropologyANTH UN2031Corpse Life: Anthropological Histories of the Dead
AnthropologyANTH UN3151Living/Thinking/Doing with Animals: Human-Animal Relationships in the Past, Present, and Future
AnthropologyANTH UN3701Crime and Punishment
AnthropologyANTH UN3803Language Matters
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3432The Global Division of Documentary Labor
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3433Enlightenment and Archaeology
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3434Diplomacy by Ceramics: Introduction to the Soft Power of One Medium Across World Cultures
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3602Death and Afterlife in East Asian Buddhist Art
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3309Virtual Space: Renaissance Perspective (1400-1750)
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS GU4583The Craft of Ivory
Art History and ArchaeologyCLST GU4514Roman Coins and History: A Hands-On Seminar on an Unpublished Collection
Art History and ArchaeologyAHCL GU4541Post-War Critical Theory: Re-inventions
BiologyBIOL UN2700Past and Future of the Human Genome
Center for the Study of Human RightsHRTS GU4650Children's Rights and Advocacy
ClassicsCLCV UN3005Race and Ethnicity in the Greco-Roman World
ClassicsGRKM UN3935Hellenism and the Topographical Imagination (formerly The World Responds to the Greeks)
Earth InstituteSDEV UN3550Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development
East Asian Languages and CulturesASCE UN1367Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Vietnam
East Asian Languages and CulturesEAAS GU4244Chinese Internet Culture
East Asian Languages and CulturesEARL GU4010Buddhist Inspirations in 20th Century Japanese Thought
East Asian Languages and CulturesEAAS GU4553Survey of Tibetan Literature
East Asian Languages and CulturesHSEA GU4847Modern Japan
English and Comparative LiteratureCLEN UN3395Politics of Representation
English and Comparative LiteratureCLEN GU4201Poetry of the African Diaspora
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3203The Sonnet in English
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3305Gender and Sexuality in the Irish Novel
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3341Law and Disorder in Early Modern England
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3506Sexuality in America: Poetic Encounters
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3662African American Novelists and the Question of Justice
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3689The Logic of Secular Confession
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3726Virginia Woolf
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3727Animal Modernisms
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3744Edgar Allan Poe
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL OC3815London Theater from 1590 to 2017
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3852Temporal Relocations: Narrations of Time and Body in Early American Literature
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3853Narratives of Contagion
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3948Modern African Drama
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3984Politics and American Film
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3991Romantic Margins
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3992Call to Adventure: The Lure of Romance from Camelot to Star Wars
English and Comparative LiteratureENTA UN3338Shakespeare and Film
English and Comparative LiteratureENTA UN3948African Drama
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4091Introduction to Old English Language and Literature (formerly Anglo-Saxon Language and Literature)
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4512Eliot, Dickens, Thackeray
French and Romance PhilologyFREN UN3242French Language, Culture, and Society through the Discovery of Paris
French and Romance PhilologyCLFR UN3617Writing Women in Medieval France and England
French and Romance PhilologyFREN UN3817Contemporary French Literature
French and Romance PhilologyFREN GU4625The 68 Effect in French Theory
Global ThoughtCGTH UN3401Seminar in Global Thought: Inquiries into an Interconnected World
HistoryHIST UN2026Roman Social History
HistoryHIST UN2133Britain and the World Since World War II
HistoryHIST UN2215Modern Russian History (Since 1800)
HistoryHIST UN2447

America, 1918- 1945: Prosperity, Depression, and War

HistoryHIST UN2488Warfare in the Modern World
HistoryHIST UN2533US Lesbian and Gay History
HistoryHIST UN2580The History of United States Relations with East Asia
HistoryHIST UN2948Capitalism in Crisis: A Global History of the Great Recession
HistoryHIST UN3061Islam and Europe in the Middle Ages
HistoryHIST UN3111The Environmental History of the Ancient Mediterranean, 800 BC to 700 AD
HistoryHIST UN3233From Liberalism to Illiberalism? Economic Ideas & Institutions in Central & Eastern Europe
HistoryHIST UN3401Does American Poverty have a History?
HistoryHIST UN3410Food and Inequality in the Twentieth-Century U.S.
HistoryHIST UN3500John Jay and the American Revolution
HistoryHIST UN3513U.S. Labor History
HistoryHIST UN3766African Futures
HistoryHIST UN3796Global Health in Africa
HistoryHIST UN3807Walking In and Out of the Archive
HistoryHIST GU4217Women as Cold War Weapons
HistoryHIST GU4233Reforming Communism- Crafting Capitalism: History of Collectivist Economic Thought and Practice in Eastern Europe and China
HistoryHIST GU4756Istanbul: Places, People, and Everyday Life
HistoryHIST GU4904Writing Lives: A Survey of Historical Approaches and Techniques
HistoryHIST GU4969Secrecy, Privacy, and Surveillance
History and African-American StudiesHSAF UN3504Columbia 1968
Institute for Comparative Literature and SocietyCPLS UN3915Reading the Multilingual City: New York, Urban Landscapes & Urban Multilingualism
Institute for Comparative Literature and SocietyCPLS UN3959Pan-Africanism and Postcolonialism
Institute for Comparative Literature and SocietyCPLS GU4220Psychoanalysis and Writing (Freud, Schreber, Lacan)
ItalianITAL UN3645Grand Tour in Italy
ItalianITAL GU4022The Qur'an in Europe
ItalianITAL GU4043Italian Renaissance Literature and Culture
ItalianITAL GU4185The Making of Italy: The Risorgimento in Global Context
Latin American and Iberian CulturesSPAN UN2103Health Related Topics in the Spanish-Speaking World
Latin American and Iberian CulturesCPLS UN3454Staging the Early Modern Mediterranean [in English]
Latin American and Iberian CulturesPORT UN3327Visual Cultures and Ethnicities of Latin America
Latin American and Iberian CulturesSPAN UN3362What is Ideology?
Latin American and Iberian CulturesSPAN UN3368The Spanish Inquisition
Latin American and Iberian CulturesSPAN UN3731Environment and Citizenship: Cultures of Nature in the Iberian Peninsula
Latin American and Iberian CulturesSPAN UN3391, Section 001Senior Seminar: Iberian Globalization
LinguisticsLING GU4172The Structure of Cambodian
MathematicsMATH UN1205Acceleratated Multivariable Calculus
MESAASHSME UN2915Africa Before Colonialism: From Prehistory to the Birth of the Atlantic World
MESAASHSME UN3044From Colonial to Global Health
MESAASCLME UN3221Arabic Literature as World Literature
MESAASCLME UN3953Sufism: Primary Texts and Contexts
MESAASMDES GU4631Cinema and Colonialism
MusicMUSI UN3182Divas, Monster, and Material Girls: Women in Music Video
MusicMUSI UN3183Film Music: The History and Aesthetics of the Hollywood Film Score
MusicMUSI GU4468Transpacific Musicology: Monsters, Princesses, and Bombs at Sea
PhilosophyPHIL UN3856Political Realism and Social Injustice
PhilosophyPHIL UN3867Philosophy and Literature: Jane Austen and Moral Philosophy
Political SciencePOLS UN3648Governing the Global Economy
Political SciencePOLS GU4835Formal and Informal Terrorist Actors
PsychologyPSYC UN1490/1491Experimental Psychology: Thinking and Decision Making - Lecture and Lab
PsychologyPSYC UN3445The Brain and Memory
PsychologyPSYC UN3655Field Experimentation Methods for Social Psychology
PsychologyPSYC GU4682FAQs about Life: Applications of Psychological Research to Everyday Experiences
ReligionRELI UN3204Foucault on Christianity
ReligionRELI UN3406Space, Narrative, and Religion in India
ReligionRELI GU4202Time, Modernity, Death
ReligionRELI GU4220Political Theology
SociologySOCI UN3982Social and Political Development in Contemporary China
SociologySOCI GU4800Proseminar in Sociology
StatisticsSTAT GU4500Advanced Machine Learning
Theatre (Barnard)THTR UN3406Media Production and Design
Women’s and Gender StudiesWMST UN3125Introduction to Sexuality Studies
Women’s and Gender StudiesWMST UN3785Narrating Rape: Literature, Gender, and Violence
WritingWRIT UN3124The Competitive Body: Literary Portrayals of Sports and Athleticism
WritingWRIT UN3317Trauma and Its Aftermath: Poetry, Memory, Hybridity
WritingWRIT GU4014Through a Glass Darkly: German Romantic Tales of Wonder and Horror