Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

Faculty and researchers throughout the University are keen to include undergraduates in their research, where feasible, and to support students in their application for fellowship opportunities. In these pages you can find information about funded and non-funded research and fellowship opportunities available to Columbia College students.

If your field of interest is not listed in these pages, additional resources for you to explore opportunities include:

  1. The Director of Undergraduate Studies in a relevant academic department or program of study – many departments have research fellowships specifically for their majors. You can also check here for a list of resources that is arranged by department.
  2. Undergraduate Research & Fellowships – you will find information and guidance on a range of fellowships and research opportunities available to Columbia and non-Columbia students on our website.
  3. The Columbia College Bulletin - here you will find more information about department-specific and Columbia College-specific opportunities.

In addition, you may direct questions you may have about securing a research or fellowship opportunities to Ariella LangAssociate Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.