Around the Quads

Maryam Hassan ’20

Maryam Hassan '20
Meet women’s track and field team captain Maryam Hassan ’20, a Middle Eastern studies major (with a concentration in anthropology) from Cresskill, N.J.

Branching Out

“I’m taking a class right now that I definitely wouldn’t have thought about taking when I was a freshman: ‘Reincarnation and Technology,’ with Professor David Kittay [GSAS’11]. The first class on the syllabus was titled ‘Disorientation,’ and I’ve been utterly disoriented since — in a good way.”

The Prime View

“I’m a big fan of the Milstein Center and those green comfy chairs that look out over Broadway — I’ve finished multiple papers there.”

“While I grew up in New Jersey, my family is originally Egyptian.
This is a huge part of my identity.”

Alumni Encounters

“I don’t think you can go to school anywhere else and walk down the street and someone who ran track in 2006 can see your backpack and go, ‘Oh my God, are you on the track team?’ That’s not going to happen at any other school.”

A Good Sport

“As an athlete, I think I’m obliged to like Dodge but also obliged to not like Dodge!”

“Outside of class, I’m an athlete — I’m a triple jumper
on the track team — and I’m the co-chair for the
Arab/Middle Eastern family tree in the Columbia
Mentoring Initiative. I also really, really love photography —
I’ve been doing it since I was in high school.”

A Speech in Praise of Love

“My favorite Core reading, collectively, is Symposium — and not just because it’s short and sweet. You read a lot of serious texts in Lit Hum; I think being able to laugh through Symposium was a nice break.”

Side Hustle

“When I got here I started shooting photos for fun and then I got a job working for Athletics. I’ve been covering home games since my sophomore year!”