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Class of 2021 Memories

...enjoy sitting on Low steps with my friends, taking walks around campus, and picking up my favorite pastries from Hungarian.

Aneesah Ayub

Homecoming 2017!! - when we won the game, and all rushed to the field & sang and danced to Sinatra's New York

Madeleine Mateli

JJ's tendies with bbq sauce, washed down with a choccie milk

Jackson Nichols

"Was kind of hoping that Buell Hall was haunted--not the most exciting way to spend 30 minutes at night."

Ivy Allotey

Playlist for 2021

And now... the 21 for CC'21 Playlist, curated by you and your fellow graduates.

Jam out to your favorite tunes as you don your finest Pantone 292 regalia and turn your tassels from left to right!


1. Welcome to New York — Taylor Swift

2. Empire State of Mind Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys

3. Mr. Brightside The Killers

4. High Hopes Panic! at the Disco

5. Shake It Off Taylor Swift

6. Campus Vampire Weekend

7. City of Dreams (Radio Edit) Dirty South, Alesso, Ruben Haze

8. Closer The Chainsmokers

9. Shake It Out Florence and the Machine

10. Clearest Blue CHVRCHES

11. You Only Live Once The Strokes

12. I'll Take You On Brockhampton

13. One More Weekend Maude Latour

14. Dreamin' Vinni

15. Good Days (clean version) SZA

16. 2021 Vampire Weekend

17. Under Pressure David Bowie and Queen (collaboration)

18. Harmony Hall Vampire Weekend

19. Friends Delicate Steve

20. Don't Stop Me Now Queen

21. Theme from New York, New York Frank Sinatra


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