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The Core Curriculum

Frontiers of Science



Frontiers of Science is a one-semester course that integrates modern science into the Core Curriculum to challenge students to think about the world around them and the different ways in which science can help us answer questions about nature and ourselves. The course's focus is the commonalities of the scientific approach to inquiry, as expressed in four active areas of research and discovery. On Mondays throughout the semester, leading scientists present up to three lectures in each of the four modules. During the rest of the week, senior faculty and Columbia science fellows (PhD research scientists selected for their teaching abilities) lead seminars to discuss the lecture and associated readings, to undertake in-class activities, and to debate the implications of the most recent scientific discoveries. Together with two additional science courses in any natural science department, Frontiers of Science satisfies the science requirement for Columbia College.


Ivana Nikolic Hughes, Ph.D.
Director, Frontiers of Science
Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Chemistry
618 Pupin


Prof. David Helfand
Chair, Frontiers of Science
Professor of Astronomy
1014 Pupin


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