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The Core Curriculum

Science Requirement

General Information: 

Office of Academic Affairs, 202 Hamilton; (212) 851-9814;

Science Requirement Bulletin

The objective of the science component of Columbia College’s Core Curriculum is identical to that of its humanities and social science counterparts, namely to help students “to understand the civilization of their own day and to participate effectively in it.” The science component is intended specifically to provide students with the opportunity to learn what kinds of questions are asked about nature, how hypotheses are tested against experimental or observational evidence, how results of tests are evaluated, and what knowledge has been accumulated about the workings of the natural world.

Three courses bearing at least 3 points each (for a total of at least 10 points) must be completed to meet this portion of the Core Curriculum. 

Students normally take SCNC CC1000 Frontiers of science in their first-year in the term in which they are not taking ENGL CC1010 University writing.

For the remainder of the requirement students may choose any two courses from the list of approved courses to be found in the bulletin.