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"Judicious ladies, there are those who have said, after reading these tales, that I am all together too fond of you, that it is unseemly for me to take so much delight in entertaining and consoling you, and, what is apparently worse, in singing your praises as I do" (Boccaccio, Decameron, Introduction to the Fourth Day, p. 284).

The Decameron



1313 CE – 1375 CE
Dates are approximate

Giovanni Boccaccio, poet, writer, erstwhile banker and lawyer, was a born an illegitimate child to a prominent merchant family in about 1313.  The date of his birth is an approximation, and it remains disputed whether he was born in Florence or Certaldo, a nearby Tuscan town.  He was finally recognized by his father shortly before 1320, and was given a good Latin education before being sent to Naples to apprentice at the prominent Bardi banking house at the age of 13.


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