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Shakespeare's Globe Theater, London, designed by Theo Crosby with John Orrell, 1997

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Shakespeare's Globe Theater, London, United Kingdom, designed by Theo Crosby with John Orrell, 1997.

This modern reconstruction of the Globe Theater, Shakespeare's home venue, was completed in 1997, near to but not exactly on the site of the original theater. The first Globe Theater was constructed in 1599 to house Shakespeare's company, The Lord Chamberlin's Men, but burned down in 1613; it was immediately reconstructed, but closed by the Puritans in 1642. Several aspects of note can be seen in this fisheye photograph: for one, the theatre is not terribly large. An actor could see any given person in the audience quite easily. The lowermost tier has no seats; the audience here would have stood through the three and four-hour performances. The upper tiers offered significantly more expensive--and more comfortable--seating.

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