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The Core Curriculum

Explore the Frontiers

Frontiers of Science (FoS) is designed to introduce students to different topics in four scientific disciplines and to instill skills – scientific habits of mind – most generally characteristic of scientific inquiry. The scientific topics presented in the course serve as a rich context for teaching you how to think scientifically. In turn, the acquired scientific habits of mind will help you to understand how we know what we know, and why we still have some important open questions in science and what they are.

Four units

Topics covered as part of the four units of the course – mind and brain, physics, biodiversity, and Earth science – have been chosen to ignite the students' interest in science. As we explore the frontiers of these four scientific fields, we consider the question of reality through the lens of neuroscience and physics, and the processes that underlie the development of life on the planet through the lens of biodiversity and Earth science. All four units provide opportunities to consider the role science plays in society and to put the question of who we are as humans, individually and collectively in a scientific context.


Mind and Brain



Earth Science