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Core Faculty Committee

The mission of the Core Faculty Committee is to provide a forum for faculty to discuss and develop the intellectual content and pedagogical practices of the Core.


Core Faculty Committee—Membership for year 2022-2023

Elected Members:

Bruno Bosteels (LAIC)

Nicholas Dames (English)

Marwa Elshakry (History)

Eleanor Johnson (English)

Roosevelt Montas (American Studies)

Molly Murray (English)

Camille Robcis (French and History)

Gareth Williams (Classics)

Ex Officio members:

Literature Humanities

Kathy Eden (English and Classics) (past chair)

Joe Howley (Classics) (current chair)

Contemporary Civilization

Emmanuelle Saada (French) (past chair)

Carol Rovane (Philosophy) (current chair)

Music Humanities

Benjamin Steege (current chair)

Elaine Sisman (Music) (past chair)

Giuseppe Gerbino (Music) (past chair)

Art Humanities

Noam Elcott (Art history and Archeology) (past chair)

Zoë Strother (Art History and Archeology) (current chair)

Global Core

Patricia Grieve (LAIC) (Past and current chair)

University Writing

Nicole Wallack (English) (Past and current Director)

Frontiers of Science

David Helfand (Astronomy and Astrophysics) (Past and current chair)

Ivana Nikolic Hughes (Chemistry) (Director)

Columbia College

Lisa Hollibaugh (Dean of Academic Affairs)

Larry Jackson (Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of the Center for

the Core Curriculum)

School of General Studies

Caroline Marvin (Dean of Academic Affairs)