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The Core Curriculum

Preceptor Teaching Awards

The Core Curriculum is committed to excellent teaching, based on the recognition that the power of the Core to transform our students into critical and empowered citizens depends fundamentally on their personal experience in the classroom. Our graduate student Preceptors are among the most dedicated and gifted teachers in the Core. We are recognizing these outstanding young teachers, as a way of encouraging them in their commitment to teaching, and of acknowledging the centrality of their contribution to the Core.

We have established an award for excellence in teaching that honors, each year, graduate student instructors in Core courses including Contemporary Civilization, Literature Humanities, Art Humanities, and Music Humanities. The award is presented at the end-of-year faculty reception. 


  • Caroline Smith, Art Humanities
  • Zehra Mehdi, Contemporary Civilization
  • Thomas Preston, Literature Humanities
  • Gareth Cordery, Music Humanities


  • Alex Zivkovic, Art Humanities
  • David Ragazzoni, Contemporary Civilization
  • Catherine Bloomer, Literature Humanities
  • Anya Wilkening, Music Humanities


  • Rachel Lee Hutcheson, Art Humanities
  • Conor Cullen, Contemporary Civilization
  • Timothy Lundy, Literature Humanities
  • Umberto Mazzei, Literature Humanities
  • Gabrielle Elaine Ferrari, Music Humanities


  • Susannah Blair, Art Humanities
  • Zachary Levine, Contemporary Civilization
  • Zachary Domach, Literature Humanities
  • Sean Colonna, Music Humanities
  • Sonja Wermager, Music Humanities


  • Monica Kathleen Bulger, Art Humanities
  • Lars Thimo Immanuel Heisenberg, Contemporary Civilization
  • Nassime Chida, Literature Humanities
  • Ashkan Behzadi, Music Humanities


  • Tiffany Floyd, Art Humanities
  • Nicole Gervasio, Literature Humanities
  • Daniel Ralston, Art Humanities
  • Jason Resnikoff, Contemporary Civilization
  • Thomas Smith, Music Humanities


  • Nicole Gervasio, Literature Humanities
  • Russell O'Rourke, Music Humanities
  • Jason Resnikoff, Contemporary Civilization
  • Joseph Woldman, Art Humanities


  • Margot Bernstein, Art Humanities
  • Nicole Callahan, Contemporary Civilization
  • Paula Harper, Music Humanities
  • Sahar Ishtiaque Ullah, Literature Humanities


  • Carrie Cushman, Art Humanities
  • Jennifer Rhodes, Literature Humanities
  • Yohann Ripert, Contemporary Civilization
  • Lucie Vágnerová, Music Humanities


  • Michael Fowler, Art Humanities
  • Aaron Johnson, Music Humanities
  • Greta Matzner-Gore, Literature Humanities
  • Owen Miller, Contemporary Civilization


  • Nicholas Chong, Music Humanities
  • Stefanie Dwyer, Contemporary Civilization
  • Nicholas Frobes-Cross, Art Humanities
  • Arthur Salvo, Literature Humanities


  • Eliza Butler, Art Humanities
  • James Chappel, Contemporary Civilization
  • Anjuli Raza Kolb, Literature Humanities
  • Ashley Nail, Music Humanities


  • Jessamyn Conrad, Literature Humanities
  • SeungJung Kim, Art Humanities
  • Martha Newland, Music Humanities
  • Irene Sanpietro, Contemporary Civilization


  • Marijeta Bozovic, Literature Humanities
  • Michael Brent, Contemporary Civilization
  • Jessamyn Conrad, Art Humanities
  • Brahim Kerkour, Music Humanities