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The Undergraduate Writing Program

Undergraduate Writing Program Staff

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Wallack, Nicole B.
Director, Undergraduate Writing Program
M 11-12; R 3-4
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Mendelsohn, Sue
Associate Director, UWP; Director, Writing Center
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Ritzenberg, Aaron
Associate Director, First-Year Writing
212-854-8459; 212-854-3886
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Gordon, Glenn Michael
Assistant Director, Technology and Pedagogical Resources
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Ueda, Jason
Associate Director, Writing Center
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Stobo, John R.
Administrative Assistant
acd2156's picture
Durgin, Allen
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Gender and Sexuality
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Guida, Vanessa
Course Co-Director: University Writing for International Students
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Jacobs, Valerie
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Law & Justice
slp2152's picture
Porzak, Simon
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Data Sciences; Readings in Performance Arts
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Tadmor, Avia
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Medical Humanities
rjw2148's picture
Wisor, Rebecca
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Human Rights
Baker, Brianne
Gruska, Laura
Mardirossian, Taleen
Styles-Swaim, Emma
Belafi, Veronica
Horst, Lauren
McCausland, Christina
Waller, Anna
Bumekpor, Antoinette
Howe Haralambrous, Chloe
Michalowicz, Naomi
Wanner, Buck
Cienfuegos, Lindsey
Hunt Kivel, Emily
Moran, Patrick
Weitzman, Emily
Dwivedi, Sumati
Kauders, Hannah
Nehring, Abbie
Williams, Brianna
Dyroff, Charlee
Lin, Theresa
Palanti, Alessia
Wood, Frances
Grabiner, Samuel
Mantele, Austin
Potter, Anne
Yoon, Ami