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Final Grade Submission

It is very important that final grades be submitted in a timely fashion.

  • Students often need to know a grade in a particular class as soon as possible in order to plan for taking more advanced courses.
  • Students who are applying for internships, fellowships, scholarships, study abroad, summer programs, graduate and professional schools, or employment opportunities may be compromised in their efforts to pursue such opportunities if their transcripts are not up-to-date with all grades reported.
  • Class advisers routinely review student records at the end of each term to determine the academic status of students with regard to whether they should be put on academic probation or carefully monitored on their academic performance. Incomplete student records significantly impede this review process.

Please be sure to submit grades no later than two weeks after the final exam is given or two weeks after the last day of class for courses that do not include a final exam.