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Class of 1939 Scholarship Symposium: Monday, February 21

Friday, February 18, 2011

We are pleased to invite you to the Class of 1939 Symposium that will take place in the Faculty Room of Low Library at 2:00pm on Monday, February 21st .   This is the first time that we have held this event.  Each Class of 1939 Scholarship recipient will give a brief 5-7 minute presentation about the research they pursued with their faculty mentors last summer.  Their talks will be followed by a brief question and answer period.  Afterwards, there will be a light reception to celebrate these scholars’ accomplishments.    The students to speak are as follows:

1)      Emmanuel Arnaud, CC’13 – History of Heroin Addiction Policy in NYC (New York)

2)      Zach Brill, CC’12 – Resveratrol Molecules (New York)

3)      Sumedha Chablani, CC’11 – Vedantic Studies compared to Western Philosophy (India)

4)      Hannah Kligman, CC’11 – Landscape and Spirituality (Taos)

5)      Sonal Noticewala, CC’11 – Brain Tumor Migration (New York)

6)      Lizzie Shen, CC’11 – The Land of Economic Olympics: Shanghai 2010 (China)

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