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Benjamin Church

My primary research interests are in astrophysics and cosmology especially particle cosmology and dark matter physics. Currently, I am working with Professor Jeremiah P. Ostriker on calculating analytically the substructure dynamics of dark matter halos comprised of non-interacting ultralight scalar bosons. This work compares the predictions of "fuzzy" and "cold" dark matter models on sub-galactic scales. I have a background in statistics from my work in the systems and computational biology department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine studying skewness in gene expression and its relationship to DNA methylation. I program in C, Python, Java, and R and I have some experience writing physical simulations from an independent project which simulated Bloch oscillations of charged particles in a 1D periodic potential under applied electromagnetic fields by numerically integrating the Pauli equation. I am also interested in pursuing research in pure mathematics primarily, number theory.
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