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Applying as an International Student

Fellowships are designed to support an individual’s academic and professional development, and can provide funding for a number of different intellectually enriching opportunities. From independent research to study abroad to graduate study, each fellowship is designed to enable you to produce knowledge and gain a better understanding of yourself, your field of study, and the world around you. In turn, the recipient, through the community created by each fellowship, becomes part of a lasting network of likeminded people.

As an international student, the process for finding available scholarships can take time and wherewithal. Many of the fellowships listed on this website are limited to students with American citizenship. For you, as an international student, the best source for fellowships may very well be through your own national government or through private philanthropies. We encourage you to check for fellowships through your home country’s consulate here in New York or embassy in Washington, D.C., as well as through other private groups, especially ones interested in promoting international educational exchange. At the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement​, we will assist you in finding these types of opportunities.

Every fellowship application requires hard work and a time investment. Whether you are a first-year or a graduating senior, we encourage you to contact our Office. Often preliminary work on an application is extensive, and it can include making contact with possible research affiliates and developing relationships with possible recommenders; however, as an international student, most of your preliminary work revolves around finding privately funded fellowships. The Fellowships office is dedicated to assisting international students through every step of this process from seeking out appropriate fellowships to approaching private philanthropies to completing the final application.