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College Faculty Committees

The Columbia College curriculum and its academic policies are determined by the following faculty committees:

Committee on Instruction

The Committee on Instruction (COI) is responsible for approving proposals for new majors and other academic programs, new courses, and policy changes. The COI also provides leadership on a range of academic matters, consulting with a broad range of faculty, students, and administrators where relevant. The COI is a joint Columbia College and School of General Studies committee. Questions? Contact

Committee on Instruction Members: 2018-2019

  • Co-Chair: Dean James J. Valentini, Dean of Columbia College
  • Co-Chair: Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch, Dean of the School of General Studies
  • Professor Yinon Cohen, Department of Sociology
  • Professor Michael Como, Department of Religion
  • Professor Zoë Crossland, Department of Anthropology
  • Professor Steve Goldstein, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Professor Saskia Hamilton, Barnard College
  • Professor Robert Hymes, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Associate Professor Kimuli Kasara, Department of Political Science
  • Professor Laura Kaufman, Department of Chemistry
  • Professor Elisabeth Ladenson, Department of French and Romance Philology
  • Associate Professor Dorothea Lasky, School of the Arts
  • Professor Szabolcs Marka, Department of Physics
  • Professor Barclay Morrison, Department of Biomedical Engineering; Vice Dean of Undergraduate Programs, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Professor Dustin Rubenstein, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
  • Professor Mark Van De Mieroop, Department of History
  • Professor Katja Vogt, Department of Philosophy
Student Representatives:
  • Nicole Leon Elvir CC'20
  • Neel Puri CC'20
  • Alexander Chang GS'19
  • Anne Whitney GS'19
  • Lisa Hollibaugh, Dean of Academic Affairs, Columbia College
  • Ivonne Rojas, Acting Dean of Studies, School of General Studies
  • Andrew Plaa, Dean of Advising for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering
  • Victoria Rosner, Dean of Academic Affairs, School of General Studies

New Approved Courses

The following new courses have been approved for Summer 2019 and the Fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. As new courses are added to the list frequently, please visit this site for updates. Additional courses and major/concentration requirements may be found in the Columbia College Bulletin.

Last updated July 30, 2019.

Summer 2019

AnthropologyANTH S3724QHuman Planet: The Anthropology of Climate Change
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS S2445QWhat is Performance Art?
Art History and ArchaeologyAHUM S2901DMasterpieces of Indian Art and Architecture
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3690QThe poetics of the Warrior
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3829DYA Fiction
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3851DParadise Lost, Frankenstein
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3910DGrief and the Literature of Empire
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3940DContemporary Fiction and the Critical Act
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL S3267D The American Sublime from Emerson to Dylan
FilmFILM S4215D Contemporary Global Documentary
HistoryHIST S4250QGender and Women in Islam: South Asia and Middle East
HistoryHIST S3237DQuestioning Modernity in South Asia and the Middle East
Human RightsHRTS S4250QUS Immigration: Rights, Framing and Advocacy
Human RightsHRTS S4330QHuman Rights in Practice
JournalismJOUR S3015DIntroduction to Audio Journalism
JournalismJOUR S3019DWar Reporting: The Coverage of Armed Conflicts
ReligionRELI S4325D Sufism

Fall 2019

African American and African Diaspora StudiesAFAS UN1002Major Debates in African American Studies
African American and African Diaspora StudiesAFAS UN3943Senior Pro Seminar
AnthropologyANTH GU4142Language, Culture, Power
AnthropologyANTH UN3662Principles of Art in Archaeological Practice
AnthropologyANTH UN3663The Ancient Table: Archaeology of Cooking and Cuisine
AnthropologyANTH UN3724Anthropological Approaches to American Studies
AnthropologyANTH UN3763AIDS, The Arts, Body Cultures
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN2105Greek Myths Seen Through Ancient Greek and Roman Art
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN2427Twentieth-Century Architecture
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3100Hellenistic Sculpture: Intellectuals, Gods, Kings & Fishermen
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3314Inganno and Engaño: Art and the Rhetoric of Deceit between Spain and Italy
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3450Art and Empire
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS UN3611Korean Art in the Age of Global Encounters
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS GU4150Tourism, Nature, and the North American Landscape
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS GU4748A History of Architectural Theory
Art History and ArchaeologyAHIS GU4749Bauhaus and Architecture
Center for the Study of Ethnicity and RaceCSER UN3932US Latinx History
ClassicsCLCV GU4106Religions of the Roman World
ClassicsCLST UN3104The Early Silk Road and World of the Indian Ocean (2500 BCE–1000 CE)
Committee on Global ThoughtCGTH GU4100Diaspora and Transnationalism: Critical Reflections on the Politics of Homeland
East Asian Languages and CulturesVIET UN3101Third Year Vietnamese I
East Asian Languages and CulturesEAAS UN3124The Supernatural and Boundaries in East Asian Literature and Performance
East Asian Languages and CulturesJPNS UN3601Tokyo Olympics Japanese - N2 Level Proficiency
East Asian Languages and CulturesJPNS GU4012Fourth Year Business Japanese I
East Asian Languages and CulturesEAAS GU4123Japanese Documentary Films
East Asian Languages and CulturesHSEA GU4222China’s Global Histories: People, Space, and Power
East Asian Languages and CulturesJPNS GU4610Tokyo Olympics Japanese - N1 Level Proficiency
East Asian Languages and CulturesEAAS GU4810Women and Literary Culture in Japan
East Asian Languages and CulturesHSEA GU4814Space and Place in Urbanizing Tibet: Indigenous Experiences in China
East Asian Languages and CulturesHSEA GU4815Faith and Empire: Art and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism
Ecology, Evolution, Environmental BiologyEEEB UN3023Scientific Analysis and Presentation
Ecology, Evolution, Environmental BiologyEEEB GU4005Conservation Policy
Ecology, Evolution, Environmental BiologyEEEB GU4129Zoo Conservation
English and Comparative LiteratureENTA GU4725Technologies of Modern Drama
English and Comparative LiteratureENTA UN3340Environmental crisis on the Shakespearean Stage
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3398Odd Women in Victorian England
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3579Castaways and Containers: Modernity at Sea
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3629American Nature Poetry: Whitman, Dickinson, Stevens, Frost, Moore
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3637Poetry and Catastrophe
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3722Hollywood’s Countercultural Cinema: Movies of the 1970’s
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL UN3791True Crime: Fact and Feeling, 1927-Present
English and Comparative LiteratureENTA UN3942Drama and the American Dream
English and Comparative LiteratureCLEN GU4015Vernacular Paleography
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4213Staging Early Modern London
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4391Nineteenth Century Thrillers
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4400Romanticism
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4506Post-War American Literature: 1945-
English and Comparative LiteratureCLEN GU4567Du Bois, Gramsci, Ambedkar: Three Men on Emancipation
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4637Literature and Health Humanities
English and Comparative LiteratureCLEN GU472318th C Comparative Novel
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4794Heroes, Loves, and Visionaries: English Literature to 1500
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4636Science Fiction
English and Comparative LiteratureCLEN GU4771The Literary History of Atrocity
English and Comparative LiteratureENGL GU4913The Novel Now: Contemporary Fiction in English
FilmFILM UN2296Arab and African Filmmaking
FilmFILM UN3931French Queer Cinema
FilmFILM GU4952Film TV and Internet in Brazilian Re-democtratization
French and Romance PhilologyFREN UN3883French Civilization through Graphic Novels and Cinema
French and Romance PhilologyFREN UN3920"Blanchite" Thinking Whiteness in French
French and Romance PhilologyFREN GU4716Francophone Romance, Love, Sex, Intimacy in the French Colonial World
French and Romance PhilologyFREN GU4627Communism or Democracy? A French Debate at the end of the 20th Century


HIST UN1786History of the City in Latin America
HistoryHIST UN2051Europe in the Age of Total War- 1900-1950
HistoryHIST UN3019Rivers, Politics, and Power in the United States
HistoryHIST UN3069History of the American Middle Class
HistoryHIST UN3087Madness to Prozac: The Sciences of the Self in the Modern Era
HistoryHIST UN3099Socialist Stuff: Material Culture of the USSR and Post-Soviet Space, 1917-Present
HistoryHIST UN3298Popular Culture in Modern African History
HistoryHIST UN3562The Seven Years’ War (1754-1763), Global Perspective: Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas
HistoryHIST UN3815Populism in Contemporary Latin America
HistoryHIST UN3897From Mussolini to Bolsonaro: The Latin American Right in a Transnational Perspective
HistoryHIST GU4085Slavery in the Roman World
HistoryHIST GU4121Margins of Historiography
HistoryHIST GU4562Black Britain, 1919-2019
Inst. for Israel and Jewish StudiesJWST GU4510Rules and Reasons: Israeli Law vs. Jewish Law
ItalianITAL UN3341Art Itineraries: Italian through Art
ItalianITAL UN3660Terrorism in Literature and Film: Cultural Reflections between Italian Red Brigades & 9/11
ItalianITAL GU4065Introduction to Fashion
ItalianITAL GU4068Out of Italy: The Italian Language Across Europe and the Mediterranean (1200-1700)
LinguisticsLING UN3102Endangered Languages in the Global City: Lang, Culture, and Migration in Contemporary NYC
MESAASMDES UN3046Religion in Modern South Asia: Concepts and Histories
MESAASMDES UN3263Cannabis and Culture: Hashish, Law and Social History in Egypt
MESAASMDES GU4238THEMES IN MODERN THEOLOGY Modern Questions, Classical Engagements
MESAASMDES GU4259Arabic War Narrative
MESAASMDES GU4640Advanced Urdu
MESAASMDES GU4712Reading and Grammar Review in Persian
MusicMUSI UN3343Shades of Brown: Music in the South Asian Diaspora
MusicMUSI UN3344Curating Popular Music: From Song Pluggers to Spotify
MusicMUSI GU4801Music and the Electrical Imaginary
MusicMUSI GU4802Sound, Music, and Death
MusicMUSI GU4810Sound: Foundations
PhilosophyPHIL UN3756Critical Philosophy of Race: What is Race?
Physical EducationPHED UN1111Cardio Fitness - Hybrid
Physical EducationPHED UN1112Mindful Walking
Physical EducationPHED UN1113Yoga and Meditation
Physical EducationPHED UN1114The Mindful Student
Political SciencePOLS UN3768Experimental Research
Political SciencePOLS GU4403The Political Economy of China
PsychologyPSYC UN3621Creativity and the Good Life
PsychologyPSYC UN3624Adolescent Mental Health: Causes, Correlates, Consequences
PsychologyPSYC GU4242Seminar on the evolution of language
PsychologyPSYC GU4281The Psychology of Curiosity
PsychologyPSYC GU4627Seminar in Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Related Disorders
ReligionRELI UN3309Modern Islamic Thought
ReligionRELI GU4206History, Time, and Tradition
ReligionRELI GU4311Fanon: Religion, Race, Philosophy in Africa and beyond
ReligionRELI GU4613Silence
ReligionRELI GU4617Image Theories in Chinese Religions
Slavic LanguagesCLRS UN3310Crime, Punishment and Redemption: Russian Literature on Trial
Slavic LanguagesUKRN GU4006Advanced Ukrainian Through Literature, Media, and Politics
SociologySOCI UN1203The Social Animal in the Digital Age
SociologySOCI UN2235Sexuality in Social Context
SociologySOCI UN3937Sociology of Human Rights
SociologySOCI GU4411Politics and Society in Central Eastern Europe
SociologySOCI GU4982Risk and Intimacy
StatisticsSTAT UN1010Statistics for Activists
Sustainable DevelopmentSDEV GU4101Qualitative Research Methods for Sustainable Development
Visual ArtsVIAR UN3133Color: Theory and Practice
Women’s and Gender StudiesWMST GU4350Performing Feminist Activisms in Contemporary Latin America

Committee on the Core

The Committee on the Core (COC) is responsible for all matters regarding the Core Curriculum. Questions? Contact Toni Gunthrope-Hardee:

Committee on the Core Members: 2018-2019

  • James J. Valentini, Dean of Columbia College
  • Professor Giuseppe Gerbino, Department of Music, Chair of Music Humanities
  • Professor Patricia Grieve, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Chair of the Committee on the Global Core
  • Professor David Helfand, Department Astronomy, Chair of Frontiers of Science
  • Professor Noam Elcott, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Chair of Art Humanities
  • Professor Emmanuelle Saada, Departments of French and History, Chair of Contemporary Civilization
  • Professor Joanna Stalnaker, Department of French, Chair of Literature Humanities
  • Professor Nicole Wallack, Department of English and Comparative Literature, Director of the Undergraduate Writing Program
Student Representatives:
  • Brigid Connelly GS'20
  • Alice Hu CC'19
  • Zachary Marcone CC'19
  • Mohamad Ali Saadeddine CC'20
  • Lisa Rosen-Metsch, Dean of The School of General Studies
  • Lisa Hollibaugh, Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Ivana N. Hughes, Director, Frontiers of Science
  • Victoria P. Rosner, Dean of Academic Affairs, School of General Studies
  • Toni Gunthrope-Hardee, Associate Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum

Committee on Science Instruction

The Committee on Science Instruction (COSI) is responsible for all matters relating to the science requirement and providing leadership on matters related to undergraduate science education. Questions? Contact Amy Kohn:

Committee on Science Instruction Members: 2018-2019

  • Professor Tulle Hazelrigg, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Professor David Helfand, Department of Astronomy
  • Professor Jae Woo Lee, Department of Computer Science
  • Professor Shaw-Hwa Lo, Department of Statistics
  • Professor Jerry McManus, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Professor Caroline Marvin, Department of Psychology
  • Professor John Parsons, Department of Physics
  • Professor Mary Putman, Department of Astronomy
  • Professor David Reichman, Department of Chemistry
  • Professor Ovidiu Savin, Department of Mathematics
  • Professor Shahid Naeem, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Student Representatives:
  • Noah Goss CC'19
  • Thomas Li CC'20
  • Yvette Schutt GS'19
  • James J. Valentini, Dean of Columbia College
  • Lisa Rosen-Metsch, Dean of The School of General Studies
  • Lisa Hollibaugh, Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Ivana Hughes, Department of Chemistry, Director of Frontiers of Science
  • Victoria Rosner, Dean of Academic Affairs, School of General Studies
  • Amy Kohn, Associate Director of Academic Affairs

Committee on the Global Core

The Committee on the Global Core (CGC) is responsible for all matters relating to the Global Core requirement, including determining the list of courses approved for the requirement. Questions? Contact

Faculty interested in proposing new courses for the Global Core requirement can view information regarding the process.

Committee on Global Core Members: 2018-2019

  • Chair: Professor Patricia Grieve, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures
  • Professor Courtney Bender, Department of Religion
  • Professor Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Department of French and Romance Philology
  • Professor Madeleine Dobie, Department of French and Romance Philology
  • Professor David Lurie, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Professor Avinoam Shalem, Department of Art History and Archaeology
Student Representative:
  • James J. Valentini, Dean of Columbia College
  • Lisa Rosen-Metsch, Dean of The School of General Studies
  • Victoria P. Rosner, Dean of Academic Affairs, School of General Studies
  • Lisa Hollibaugh, Dean of Academic Affairs, Columbia College
  • Shannon Marquez, Dean of Undergraduate Global Engagement
  • Larry Jackson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs