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Triling and Van Doren Awards

The winners of the Lionel Trilling Book Award and Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching are selected by the Academic Awards Committee of the Columbia College Student Council.

The Lionel Trilling Book Award

The Lionel Trilling Book Award is given to a member of Columbia’s faculty whose book was published in the previous year and upholds a level of excellence commensurate with the work of Lionel Trilling CC’25, GSAS’38. The award was established in 1976 in honor of Professor Trilling, a gifted and dedicated teacher who was deeply committed to undergraduate education, as well as a public intellectual known nationally for his scholarship and literary criticism, which appealed to a wide-audience.

2017 Winner: Elizabeth Povinelli, the Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology, for her book Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism. Read More

Past Winners of the Lionel Trilling Book Awards

1976 - Edward W. Said (English and Comparative Lit.), Beginnings
1977 - Fritz Stern (History), Gold and Iron: Bismark, Bleichroder, and the Building of the German Empire
1978 - Morton Smith (History), Jesus the Magician
1980 - Istvan Deak (History), The Lawful Revolution: Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians, 1848-1849
1981 - Peter Pouncey (Classics), Necessities of War: A Study of Thucydides’ Pessimism 
1982 - Arthur C. Danto (Philosophy), The Transfiguration of the Commonplace
1983 - Wm. Theodore deBary (EALAC), Neo-Confucian Orthodoxy and the Learning of the Mind-and-Heart
1984 - W.T.H. Jackson (German, posthumous), The Hero and the King: An Epic Theme
1987 - Carol Gluck (History), Japan’s Modern Myths
1988 - Robert Murphy (Anthropology), The Body Silent
1989 - Eric Foner (History), Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution 1863-1877
1990 - Andrew Delbanco (English and Comparative Lit.), The Puritan Ordeal
1991 - David Cannadine (History), The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy
1992 - Caroline Walker Bynum (History), Fragmentation and Redemption: Essays on Gender and the Human Body in Medieval Religion
1993 - Karl Kroeber (English and Comparative Lit.), Retelling: Rereading the Fate of Storytelling in Modern Times
1994 - Edward W. Said (English and Comparative Lit.), Culture and Imperialism
         - Diana Trilling (special award), The Beginning of the Journey; The Marriage of Lionel and Diana Trilling
1995 - Robert Pollack (Biology), Signs of Life: The Language and Meanings of DNA
1996 - Ann Douglas (English and Comparative Lit.), Terrible Honesty: The Mongrelization of Manhattan in the 20s
         - Simon Schama (History), Landscape and Memory
1997 - Ira Katznelson (History), Working Class Formation
1998 - Robert Jervis (Political Science), System Effects: Complexity in Political and Social Life
1999 - Robert Lieberman (Political Science), Shifting the Color Line: Race and the American Welfare State
2000 - Hamid Dabashi (MEALAC), Truth and Narrative.  The Untimely Thoughts of 'Ayn al-Qudat al Hamadhan.
          - Brian Greene (Mathematics), The Elegant Universe
2001 – Jonathan Crary (Art History), Suspension or Perception: Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture
2002 – Nicholas B Dirks (Anthropology) Castes of Mind: Colonialism and the Making of Modern India
2003 – William V. Harris (History) Restraining Rage: The Ideology of Anger Control in Classical Antiquity
2004 – Philip Kitcher (Philosophy) In Mendel's Mirror: Philosophical Reflections on Biology
2005 – Alan D.E. Cameron (Classics) Greek Mythography in the Roman World
2006 – Andrew Delbanco (English) Melville: His World and Work
2007 – Sheldon Pollock (MEALAC) The Language of the Gods in the World of Men: Sanskrit, Culture and Power in Premodern India
2008 – Joseph Massad (MEALAC) Desiring Arabs
2009 – Mark Mazower (History) Hitler’s Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe
2010 – Katharina Volk (Classics) Manilius and His Intellectual Background.
2011 – James Shapiro (English & Comparative Literature) Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?
2012 - David Lurie (EALAC) Realms of Literacy: Early Japan and the History of Writing
2013 - Boris Gasparov (Slavic Languages) Beyond Pure Reason: Ferdinand de Saussure’s Philosophy of Language and Its Early Romantic Antecedents
2014 - Rashid Khalidi (History) Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. has Undermined Peace in the Middle East 
2015 -  Zainab Bahrani (Art History and Archaeology) The Infinite Image: Art, Time and the Aesthetic Dimension in Antiquity
2016 - Susan Pedersen (History) The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of the Empire

The Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching

The Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching has been awarded each year since 1962 in recognition of a faculty member’s humanity, devotion to truth and inspiring leadership. The award was established in honor of Mark Van Doren GSAS’21, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, novelist, playwright, critic, editor and biographer, as well as a renowned scholar and legendary teacher who inspired generations of Columbia students.

2017 Winner: Caterina Luigia Pizzigoni, associate professor of history for “Humanity, Devotion to Truth and Inspiring Leadership.” Read More

Past Winners of the Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching

1962 – Frank Tannenbaum1982 – Charles Hamilton2002 – Caroline Bynum
1963 – George Nobbe1983 – Carol Gluck2003 – Robert O'Meally
1964 – Moses Hadas1984 – J. W. Smit2004 – Gareth Williams
1965 – Dwight C. Miner1985 – Ainslie T. Embree2005 – Andreas Huyssen
1966 – Lionel Trilling1986 – Edward Tayler2006 – Elizabeth Blackmar
1967 – Frederick W. Dupee1987 – Carl F. Hovde2007 – Samuel Moyn
1968 – Howard M. Davis1988 – Wm. Theodore deBary2008 – Andrew Nathan
1969 – Ronald D. Breslow1989 – Kenneth Jackson2009 – James Leighton
1970 – Charles Frankel1990 – Walter P. Metzger2010 – Jenny Davidson
1971 – James P. Shenton1991 – Joseph Rothschild2011 – Holger Klein
1972 – Alan F. Westin1992 – Richard F. Kuhus2012 – Christia Mercer
1973 – George Flynn1993 – Donald Hood2013– Nicholas Dames
1974 – Karl-Ludwig Selig1994 – Michael Rosenthal2014 - Robert Friedman 
1975 – Wallace Gray1995 – James Mirollo2015 - Austin E. Quigley
1976 – Joseph P. Bauke1996 – Fritz Stern2016 - Liza Knapp
1977 – Robert F. Murphy1997 – Steven Marcus 
1978 – Charles R. Dawson1998 – Sidney Morgenbesser 
1979 – C. Lowell Harriss1999 – Henry Pinkham 
1980 – Robert L. Belknap2000 – Michael Stanislawski 
1981 – Henry F. Graff2001 – Kathy Eden 

Academic Awards Committee 2016-2017

Adam J. Elkhadem CC’18 | Internal Communications Chair
Alexander J. Saltiel CC’18 | External Communications Chair 
Rebecca Teich CC’18 | Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching Chair
David Yang CC’17 | Lionel Trilling Book Award Chair
Alex Braslavsky CC17
Veronica Brusilovski CC19
Ann Bryan CC18
Matthew Buck CC17
Anvita Budhraja CC18
Caroline Chen CC17
Zoey Chopra CC18
Zaid Ali Kajani CC18
Jillian Knoll CC17
Emma C. O'Hanlon CC17
John Park CC19
Ashley Sun CC19
Andy Xie CC19
Julian Alva Wang Yano CC18
Karen Yuan CC17
Andrew Zola CC17