Columbia College

New Approved Courses

The following new courses have been approved for Summer Session 2017, and for the 2017-2018 academic year.  As new courses are added to the list frequently, please visit this site for updates.  Additional courses and major/concentration requirements may be found in the Columbia College Bulletin.  Last updated February 10, 2017.

Summer 2017

Department/Program Course No. & Designator Title
Art History and Archaeology AHIS S3204 Medieval Art and the City
Art History and Archaeology AHIS S3430 From John Singleton Copley to Kehinde Wiley: The Construction of National Identity in American Portraiture
Art History and Archaeology AHIS S3601 Outliers: How the Frontier Shaped Early Chinese Art and Culture
Center for Study of Ethnicity and Race CSER S3928 Colonization/Decolonization
Economics ECON S4465 Public Economics
Economics ECON S4625 Economics of the Environment
Film FILM S3833 Lab Producing in Low Budget Film
History HIST S3684 Crimes: Practices and Representations
Religion RELI S2305 Islam
Religion RELI S2308 East Asian Buddhism
Statistics STAT S4261 Statistical Methods for Finance
Statistics STAT S4241 Statistical Machine Learning
Statistics STAT S4206 Statistical Computing and Introdution to Data Analysis
Writing WRIT S4111 Coming of Age in Latin American Literature and Film
Writing WRIT S4314 Direct Encounters: The Japanese Poetic Tradition
Writing WRIT S4411 Creative (Mis)Translation

Fall 2017

History HIST UN3766 African Futures
History HIST GU4969 Secrecy, Privacy, and Surveillance
Mathematics MATH UN1205 Acceleratated Multivariable Calculus
MESAAS CLME 3953 Sufism: Primary Texts and Contexts
Statistics STAT GU4500 Advanced Maching Learnning