Awards and Honors

At the end of every academic year, Columbia College acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its students through several different award categories.

Academic Prizes

Prizes in the Core Curriculum

Wallace A. Gray Prize in Literature Humanities

Established in 2004 in memory of Professor Wallace A. Gray GSAS’58, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College student who is judged by the faculty to have written the best essay in Literature Humanities.

  • Su Jean Loh CC’25

Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize in the Humanities

Established in 1943 by a committee of the Class of 1943 in memory of Dean Herbert E. Hawkes, this prize is awarded to members of the junior class who are judged to be the most deserving on the basis of work in the humanities.

  • William Hammond CC’23

Jonathan Throne Kopit Prize in Logic and Rhetoric

Established in 1997 by Ina Cohen W: ’68, LAW’71 in memory of her husband, Jonathan Throne Kopit ’68, LAW’71, this prize is awarded to a student who has exhibited excellence in University Writing.

  • Jocelyn Hung CC’26

James P. Shenton Prize in Contemporary Civilization

Established in 2004 by the Committee on the Core and the Office of the Dean of the College in memory of Professor James P. Shenton ’49, GSAS’54, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College students who are deemed by the faculty to have written the best essays in Contemporary Civilization.

  • Natalie Sandoval CC’24

Joshua A. Feigenbaum Prize in Literature Humanities

Established in 2004 by Joshua Feigenbaum and awarded to a student who is judged by the faculty to have exhibited excellence in Literature Humanities.

  • Titilope Akinade CC’25

Prizes in Science and Mathematics

Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize

Established in 1926 by Jeannette Michaelis in memory of her son, Alfred Moritz Michaelis 1920, this prize is awarded to the graduating student who has completed most proficiently the sequence of physics courses corresponding to the sequence given by Professor George Vincent Wendell.

  • Arjun Kudinoor CC’23

Professor Van Amringe Mathematical Prize

Established in 1910 by George G. Dewitt 1867, this prize is awarded annually to Columbia College students who are deemed most proficient in designated mathematic subjects.

  • Rafay Abbas Ashary CC’24
  • Noah Bergam CC’25
  • Hao Cui CC’26
  • Zheheng Xiao CC’25

John Dash Van Buren Jr. Prize in Mathematics

Established in 1906 by Mrs. Louis T. Hoyt in memory of her nephew, John Dash Van Buren 1905, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College seniors with the top examination scores in subjects prescribed by the Mathematics Department.

  • Arjun Kudinoor CC23
  • Erdem Baha Topbas CC’23

Richard Bersohn Prize

Established by Professor Louis Brus, who was a student of Professor Bersohn, this prize may be awarded to the Columbia College, General Studies, or SEAS student majoring in the chemical sciences who is deemed by the faculty to have demonstrated outstanding achievement as a scholar and as a researcher.

  • Ethan Feng CC'23

Computer Science Scholarship Award

Awarded to a degree candidate for scholastic achievements as a computer science major and as acknowledgment of his or her contributions to the Department of Computer Science and to the University as a whole.​

  • Scott Kun Geng CC'23
  • William Hammond CC'23

Thomas J. Katz Prize

Established by friends and colleagues of Professor Katz, this prize may be awarded to the Columbia College, General Studies, or SEAS student majoring in the chemical sciences who is deemed by the faculty to have demonstrated outstanding achievement as a scholar and as a researcher.

  • Sarah Xi CC'23

Russell C. Mills Award

Established in memory of Russell C. Mills, a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science who exemplified academic excellence and intellectual curiosity, and presented annually to the senior in Computer Science whose course work and projects stand out as the best in the class.

  • Nicholas Reilly Greenspan CC'23
  • Oliver Li CC'23

Jonathan L. Gross Award for Academic Excellence

Established in 2017 in honor of Jonathan Gross, professor emeritus who taught within the Department of Computer Science from its establishment.

  • Anthony Ozerov CC'23

Andrew P. Kosoresow Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service

Awarded to both graduate and undergraduate students for outstanding contributions to teaching in the Department of Computer Science, and exemplary service to the Department and its mission.

  • Kyle Alford CC'23
  • Dawson Franz CC'23
  • Eumin Hong CC'23
  • Mateo Maturana CC'23
  • Franck Mugisho CC'23

Bridges and Sturtevant Prize in Biological Sciences

Established in 2011, this prize is awarded to one or more graduating seniors whose experimental or computational research is deemed too have been both highly original and fruitful by a committee of faculty to be selected by the Chair of Biological Sciences.

  • Andrew Chang CC'23
  • Aida Razavilar CC'23
  • Arooba Ahmed CC'23

Prizes in Social Sciences

Charles A. Beard Prize in History

Established by the History Department for a senior thesis of superior distinction in any historical field and period.

  • Elia Zhang CC’23

Charles A. Beard Prize in Political Science

Established in 1963 by Albert Levitt 1913, this prize is awarded annually to the student who writes the best paper in political science.

  • Oliver Hyman-Metzger CC’23

Carl B. Boyer Memorial Prize in the History of Science

Awarded annually to the best essay on any topic in the history of science or mathematics as judged by a faculty committee

  • Karuna Vikram CC’23

Phyllis Stevens Sharp Fellowship in American Politics​

Provides stipends each year during either academic semester or the summer for one or more Columbia College or School of General Studies students majoring or concentrating in political science to support research in American politics or policy-making or otherwise uncompensated internships in a government office, agency or other organization serving the public.

  • Isabel Coberly CC’24
  • Alannis Jaquez CC’25
  • Marie Miller CC’25
  • Kathan Reddy CC’24
  • Matthew Ruppert CC’24
  • Chelsea Tabachnik CC’25

Chanler Historical Prize

Established in 1877 through a bequest from the estate of J. Winthrop Chanler 1847, this prize is awarded to a senior who submits the best essay on a topic that addresses the history of civil government in America.

  • Zirui Chen CC’23
  • Philip Shen CC’23

Taraknath Das Foundation Award

Awarded annually to a student in Columbia College, the School of General Studies, or Barnard College for excellence in Asian studies, particularly in the history and culture of India.

  • Karuna Vikram CC'23

Albert Marion Elsberg Prize

Established in 1912 by Mrs. Albert Elsberg in memory of her son, Albert Marion Elsberg, this prize is awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence in modern history.

  • Elizabeth Concepcion CC’23
  • Alexandra Kirk CC’23

Alan J. Willen Memorial Prize

Established in 1967 in memory of Alan J. Willen ’64, GSAS’66, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student who wrote the best seminar paper on a contemporary American political problem. The selection is made jointly by faculty representatives in the history and political science departments.

  • Cole Cahill CC’23
  • David Shen CC’23

Myra Kraft Prize for Exceptional Practical Experience in Human Rights Advocacy

Established in 2013 to honor the memory of Myra Kraft, beloved wide of Robert Kraft, CC’63 and Trustee Emeritus, this prize is awarded to the rising Columbia College senior majoring in Human Rights who submits the best proposal for a human rights internship, and is intended to be used to help defray the expenses of the internship.

  • Megan Lunny CC'24
  • Daya Benami Narasimhan CC'24

Myra Kraft Prize for Superior Academic Achievement in the Study of Human Rights

Established in 2013 in memory of Myra Kraft P: ’94, wife of Robert K. Kraft ’63, P: ’94, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student majoring in human rights who has the highest grade point average and a superior record of academic achievement in human rights.

  • Victoria Mueller CC'23
  • Alexandra Kirk CC'23

Shanley & Chamberlain Prize

Awarded in the memory of US Marine Captain James Shanley and Professor Lawrence Chamberlain, the Shanley & Chamberlain Prize is awarded to the best undergraduate essay in the areas of the American presidency, Congress or public policy.

  • Jennifer Zhang CC'23
  • Olivia Choi CC'23

Romine Prize

Established by John Romine in honor of his brother, David Estabrook Romine. Awarded to two undergraduate students who have done exemplary work in the field of economics.

  • Jacob Kim-Sherman CC'23

Caroline Phelps Stokes Prize

Established at the bequest of Caroline Phelps Stokes, is awarded to a student who has been a degree candidate at Columbia College or Barnard College for at least one academic year, and who has written the best essay in course or seminar work on the general subject of the rights of man.

  • David Jung CC’23

Sanford S. Parker Prize

Awarded to a graduating Columbia College student who majored, joint majored or concentrated in economics that is planning on attending graduate school in economics.

  • Clemente Antuna CC'23
  • Max Mongkalakorn CC'23

Parker Fellowship for Summer Research

Awarded to undergraduates of Columbia College who are pursuing summer internships that focus on economics research. ​

  • Isaac Loomis CC'24
  • Laura Messner CC'24
  • Pablo Torres Rey CC'25
  • Matthew Xu CC'24

CSER Award for Academic Excellence

  • Grace Fox CC’23

CSER Award for Outstanding Thesis

  • Nikita Leus-Oliva CC’23
  • Benjamine Mo CC’23

Ella Baker Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Awarded annually to an undergraduate who has demonstrated academic excellence, intellectual commitment to the field of African American Studies and who has written a thesis that advances our understanding of the African American experience.

  • Jasmine Matina Flowers CC’23

Ralph Johnson Bunche Award for Leadership and Service

Recognizes an undergraduate who has demonstrated a tremendous capacity for leadership and provided distinguished service to the Institute for Research in African American Studies.

  • Colby King CC’22

Feminist to the Core Essay Prize

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student who is judged to have written the best essay on any topic related to Feminist or Queer Studies in one of the following Core courses: Literature Humanities; Contemporary Civilization; Art Humanities; or Music Humanities.

  • Ari Yao CC'26
  • Daniel Schneider CC'26

Prizes in the Humanities

Bunner Prize

Established in 1896 in honor of Henry Cuyler Bunner, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student who submits the best essay on a topic dealing with American literature.

  • Charlotte Atkins CC'23
  • Ralph Johnston CC'23

Douglas Gardner Caverly Prize

Established in 1994 in memory of Douglas Gardner Caverly ’68, GSAS’79, this prize is awarded to a senior for outstanding performance in classics.

  • Ruoyang Zheng CC’23

Ernest Stadler Prize for Excellence in the Study of Classical Antiquity

Established in 2006 by Richard A. Brooks ’53, GSAS’59 and Eva Stadler Brooks GSAS’67 in memory of Eva’s father, Ernest Stadler, who had a lifelong commitment to the study of classical antiquity, this prize is awarded annually to Columbia College seniors judged by the faculty to have demonstrated academic excellence through coursework and the writing of a senior essay on some aspect of the history or culture of the classical world.

  • Ian Springer CC'23
  • Timothy Kinnamon CC'23

Deutscher Verein Prize in German

Established in 1917 in memory of Mortimer Lamson Earle 1886, a lecturer and professor in the classics department, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College junior or senior who submits the winning essay on a prescribed topic in German literature.

  • Rebecca Collins-Pfeiffer CC’23

James Gutmann Prize in Philosophy

Established in 1987 in honor of James Gutmann, CC'18 and Professor of Philosophy, by his family and friends on the occasion of his 90th birthday. It may be awarded each year to a graduating Columbia College senior in Philosophy who plans to pursue graduate work in the field.

  • Jonathan Tanaka CC'23

Adam Leroy Jones Prize in Logic

Awarded to a student in the College for the best essay on any topic in the philosophy of science or in the foundation of logic. It may be either a topic connected with seminar work in the Department of Philosophy or one approved by the Jones Prize Committee. Established by Mrs. Adam Leroy Jones in memory of her husband, who was Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of University Admissions, 1909–1934.

  • Jonathan Tanaka CC'23

John Vincent Hickey Prize

Established by Dr. Helene J.F. de Aguilar in honor of her brother, John Vincent Hickey. Awarded annually to the Columbia College undergraduate who is judged by the Department of English and Comparative Literature to have submitted the best essay on Irish, English, or American poetry.

  • Leif Wood CC’23

Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize

Awarded by the Academy to the poet who has written the best poem or group of poems submitted during the academic year. Manuscripts should normally be submitted to the Department of English and Comparative Literature before April 1.

  • Anne-Marie Dillon CC’23

Arthur E. Ford Poetry Prize

Established by Mrs. Doris Ford in memory of Arthur E. Ford. Awarded annually to the senior who submits the best collection of poems.

  • Joshua Fagan CC’23

Susan Huntington Vernon Prize

Established by a member of the noted family of Hispanophiles to encourage young women in humanistic pursuits at the college level. Currently offered by the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures and the Hispanic Institute of Columbia University to the Columbia College senior who has most demonstrated excellence in the study of Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures.

  • Gabriella Montes-Roman CC’23

Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Memorial Prize

  • Eliza Rudalevige CC'23

Senior French Prize

  • Lillian Rountree CC'23
  • Mckenzy Metter CC'23
  • Rosa McCann CC'23

Senior Thesis Prize in Art History and Archaeology

  • Yuxin Chen CC'23

Prizes in the Creative and Performing Arts

Seymour Brick Memorial Prize

Established in 1969 by Sylvia Brick W: ’34, P: SOA’71 and her son, Richard Ashur Brick SOA’71, P: ’03, in memory of her husband and his father, Seymour Brick ’34, P: SOA’71, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student who submits the best one-act or full-length play as judged by the Department of English and Comparative Literature.

  • Donna Sanders CC’23

Karen Osney Brownstein Writing Prize

Established in 1991 by Neill H. Brownstein ’66, P: ’13 in memory of Karen Osney Brownstein, this prize is awarded to seniors who have written a single piece or a body of work distinguished in its originality of concept and excellence of execution.

  • Gretta Kissell CC'23
  • Sasha Starovoitov CC'23

George William Curtis Prize

Established by Samuel Putnam Avery 1896 in honor of George William Curtis, who was involved in and committed to civil service reform, this prize is awarded to Columbia College students for excellence in the public delivery of English orations.

  • Alan Chen CC’25
  • Oscar Lucket CC’25

Philolexian Prize Fund

Established in 1904 by the Philolexian Society, this prize is awarded for excellence in debating, essays, short stories and poetry.

  • Jing Yan Ye CC'23
  • Martin (Sang Yun) Jee CC'24

Austin E. Quigley Prize

Established by Richard Axel ’67, P: SOA’11 in honor of Austin E. Quigley, dean of the College 1995–2009, this prize is awarded to Columbia College seniors majoring in drama and theatre arts for outstanding artistic and intellectual achievement.

  • Aleah Shockley CC'23
  • Emily Martin CC'23

The Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts

Awarded annually to a senior who, in the opinion of the Faculty, has demonstrated excellence of the highest standards of proficiency in performance or execution or in the field of composition in one of the following general areas of performing and creative arts: music, theatre, painting, sculpture, design, architecture, dance or film.

  • Seiji Murakami CC'23
  • Isaac Parlin CC'23
  • Sophia Zhang CC'23

The Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer Prize

Given to the candidate for a degree in Columbia University who is the author of the best example of English lyric verse. Material must be submitted to the Department of English and Comparative Literature by April 1. Gift of Maximilian Foster.

  • Judy Xie CC'24

Goldsby Fund Prize

Awarded annually to Columbia College students who demonstrate excellent in the dramatic arts

  • Sophie Craig CC'23
  • Shayan Hooshmand CC'23

Ellis Avery Prize for Creative Writing

  • Dante Silva CC'23

Class Day Awards

Albert Asher Green Memorial Award

This prize is given to the Columbia College senior who has been a student in good standing in the College for at least three years and who has made the best record of scholarship. It was established in 1913 by Mr. and Mrs. Asher Green in memory of their son, Albert Asher Green, Class of 1914.

  • Clemente Antuna CC’23

Alumni Association Achievement Award

This prize is awarded annually to the member of the Columbia College senior class who is judged to be most outstanding for qualities of mind, character, and service to the College.

  • Aaron Ouyang CC’23

Alumni Prize

This prize is awarded by the Columbia College Alumni Association to the Columbia College senior judged by classmates to be the most faithful and deserving.

  • Sumya Rashid CC’23

David B. Truman Alumni Award

This award is presented to the Columbia College student who has made the most distinguished contribution to the academic affairs of the College. It was established in 1970 in honor of David B. Truman, former dean of the College.

  • Olivia Choi CC’23

Charles M. Rolker Prize

This prize is awarded to the member of the Columbia College graduating class who is judged by classmates to be most worthy of special distinction because of scholarship, participation in student activities, or any combination thereof.

  • Jae Joon Lee CC'23

James J. Valentini Prize

This prize is awarded to the Columbia College senior who, through participation and leadership in College student activities, has demonstrated the qualities and competencies of Beginner's Mind: an openness and willingness to hear different perspectives and a curiosity and desire to learn. It was established in 2022 in honor of James J. Valentini, former Dean of the College.

  • Charlie Wallace CC’23

Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Prize

This prize is awarded annually by the Columbia College Alumni Association to the Columbia College senior who, demonstrating admirable academic achievement along with other outstanding achievements at the College, best exemplifies the ideals that Robert Lincoln Carey sought to engender in the students of Columbia College.

  • Bryan Uceda-Alvarez CC'23


  • Anthony Ozerov CC’23


  • Yousef Abou Areda CC’23

Departmental Honors

Departmental honors may be established and awarded by any Columbia College department or academic program, and is recorded on a student’s final transcript. Students should consult with their director of undergraduate studies no later than the beginning of the first term of their senior year if they wish to be considered for departmental honors. Students who are awarded departmental honors are notified by their department in mid-May. Not all departments and programs offer departmental honors.

College guidelines for departmental honors include the following four criteria:

Departmental honors are awarded to no more than 10%, or, in small departments, one member, of the graduating majors (including all October, February, and May degrees);

A grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.6 in major courses is expected for a student to be considered for departmental honors;

An honors thesis or equivalent project of high quality should be required by each department or academic program in order to receive departmental honors;

Academic departments and programs consider both academic standing and disciplinary standing within the College when awarding departmental honors.

African American Studies

  • Jasmine Matina Flowers CC'23

American Studies

  • Carolina Cannon CC'23
  • Amber Magnuson CC'23
  • Christine Piazza CC'23


  • Craig Sophie CC'23
  • Correia Borba CC'23


  • Ryan Newberger CC'23

Art History​

  • Yuxin Chen CC'23
  • Olivia Doyle CC'23
  • Arrietty Ji CC'23


  • Wenqi Zhao CC'23
  • Doran Sekaran CC'23
  • Collin Else CC'23
  • Anna Kopyra CC'23
  • Aaron Ouyang CC'23
  • Victoria Comunale CC'23
  • Hunter King CC'23
  • Vincenzo Di Natale CC'23
  • Sophie Lopez CC'23
  • Aida Razavilar CC'23
  • Richard He CC'23
  • Zion Walker CC'23
  • Alexander Ahn CC'23
  • Lydia Wu CC'23
  • Julia Soares CC'23
  • Karina Leung CC'23


  • Gabriel Chan CC'23
  • Ethan Feng CC'23
  • Daniel Vaz CC'23
  • Sarah Xi CC'23


  • Margot Kleinman CC'23
  • Ian Springer CC'23

Cognitive Science

  • Sam Hutchinson CC'23

Comparative Literature and Society

  • Rebecca Collins-Pfeiffer CC'23
  • Tianyi Ding CC'23
  • Jai Qureshi CC'23
  • Katy Brennan CC'23
  • Eris Sker CC'23

Creative Writing

  • Habiba Mbugua CC'23
  • Olivia Namkoong CC'23
  • Katelin Haden CC'23

Drama and Theatre Arts

  • Aleah Shockley CC'23

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

  • Meghan Forcellati CC'23
  • Jennifer Beardsly CC'23

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Emma Layton CC'23

East Asian Languages and Cultures

  • Mercy Campbell CC'23
  • Lucas Aramburu CC'23


  • Clemente Antuna CC'23
  • Jacob Kim-Sherman CC'23
  • Max Mongkalakorn CC'23
  • Yue Zuo CC'23

English and Comparative Literature

  • Eliza Rudalevige CC'23
  • Rosa McCann CC'23
  • Charlotte Atkins CC'23
  • Sydney Contreras CC'23
  • Leif Wood CC'23
  • Dominy Gallo CC'23
  • Ralph Johnston CC'23
  • Sasha Starovoitov CC'23
  • Euni Lee CC'23

Ethnicity and Race

  • Ezequiel Baiza CC'23
  • Sarah Boyd CC'23
  • Grace Fox CC'23
  • Sofia Grosso CC'23
  • Benjamine Mo CC'23
  • Kianna Pete CC'23
  • Mya Reyes-Rios CC'23
  • Rae Stokes CC'23
  • Nathalia Tavares CC'23

Film and Media Studies

  • Elsa Chung CC'23
  • Avalyn Wu CC'23


  • Lillian Rountree CC'23
  • Mckenzy Metter CC'23


  • Devin Friedrich CC'23


  • Victoria Borlando CC'23
  • Jack Hietpas CC'23
  • Clara Kraebber CC'23
  • Samuel Levine CC'23
  • Sophia Macomber CC'23
  • Caitlin Mulvihill CC'23
  • Karuna Vikram CC'23
  • Luna Wang CC'23
  • Annarosa Zampaglione CC'23
  • Mizia Wessel CC'23
  • Lorenzo Garcia CC'23
  • Pablo Drake CC'23
  • Samuel Yelnosky CC'23
  • Andi Honeycutt CC'23

Human Rights

  • Haley Michelle Chung CC'23

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

  • Astrid Liden CC'23

Latin American and Iberian Cultures

  • Vincenzo Di Natale CC'23


  • Arjun Kudinoor CC'23
  • Erdem Topbas CC'23
  • Erica Zhang CC'23

Medical Humanities

  • Ruby Mendelsund CC'23
  • Liana Dawson CC'23

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

  • Elisabeth Jahn-Morrissey CC'23


  • Audrey Nicholson CC'23
  • James Pecore CC'23
  • Gabriel Herrera CC'23

Neuroscience and Behavior

  • Grant Gonsalves CC'23
  • Nina Harano CC'23
  • Alexis Marshall CC'23
  • Wadzanayi Mayiseni CC'23
  • Bryan Uceda-Alvarez CC'23


  • Edie Conekin-Tooze CC'23
  • Jonathan Tanaka CC'23
  • Nicolas Turrill CC'23
  • Karolina Nixon CC'23


  • Vivian Cribb CC'23
  • Stan DeLaurentiis CC'23
  • Brian Jiang CC'23
  • Aya Tazi CC'23

Political Science

  • Olivia Choi CC'23
  • Kiran Mirchandani Dzur CC'23
  • Kateline Stephanie Haden CC'23
  • Oliver Hyman-Metzger CC'23
  • David Jung CC'23
  • Timothy Kinnamon CC'23
  • Virginia Lo CC'23
  • Joy Bria Mobley CC'23
  • Selma Nouri CC'23
  • Juliet Alice Paiva CC'23
  • Ryan Wassim Safiry CC'23
  • David William Shen CC'23
  • Lenna Yumeen CC'23


  • Yousef Abou Areda CC'23
  • Gloria Charite CC'23
  • Karina Feng CC'23
  • Zoe Gupta CC'23
  • Allie Yuxin Lin CC'23
  • Ope Lekan CC'23
  • Cheng Io Lo CC'23
  • Camila V Vicioso CC'23


  • Alethea Harnish CC'23


  • Mason Smith CC'23


  • Olivia Tutuska CC'23
  • Hannah Lederman CC'23


  • Clemente Antuna CC'23
  • Anthony Ozerov CC'23
  • Yuhang Wu CC'23
  • Yundi Zhang CC'23

Sustainable Development

  • Divya Agarwala CC'23
  • Clio Dakolias CC'23
  • Heidi Lichtl CC'23
  • Kiara Ordonez Olazabal CC'23

Urban Studies

  • Clay Anderson CC'23
  • Luke Bennett CC'23
  • Nina Halberstadter CC'23
  • Oliver Niu CC'23

Visual Arts

  • Bietu Seah CC'23
  • Cathleen Luo CC'23


Harry J. Carman Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded to no more than two graduating Columbia College seniors each year to defray the costs of graduate study for any degree, in any field, in any location. The fellowship was established by friends of former Dean Carman in 1949.

  • Camila V Vicioso CC’23

Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship

The Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship supports purposeful travel in the year after graduation for new alumni to pursue imaginative non-coursework projects beyond New York City.

  • Andrew Thomas CC'23
  • (Alexandra) Sasha Starovoitov CC'23
  • Habiba Odogba CC'23

Holthusen-Schindler Scholarships

The Holthusen-Schindler Scholarships provide financial support to current Columbia College seniors and alumni of the College with financial need who are continuing their education at Columbia Law School.

  • Allyson Chavez CC'19
  • Na Hye Kim CC'22
  • Katie Mimini CC'19
  • Myrna Santos CC'20
  • Destiny Spruill CC'20
  • Mia Xing CC'23

Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship

Awarded annually since 1932, provides Columbia College graduating seniors with funding for one or two years of study in any field at either Cambridge or Oxford. The proposed course of study can be either a one-year, two-year, or two related one-year degrees. Your undergraduate program must provide a solid foundation for your proposed course of study.

  • Sarah Xi CC'23
  • Charlote Atkins CC'23
  • Dominy Gallo CC'23

Leadership and Excellence Awards

The following awards are presented across eight categories to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Columbia community. Learn more about the Leadership and Excellence Awards recipients

Civic Responsibility

Honorees in this category best promote civic engagement, responsible citizenship and global citizenship. This includes both on-campus and off- campus activities, initiatives, and service.

  • Claire Choi CC’23
  • Crystal Foretia CC’23
  • Nicolas Lama CC’24
  • Astrid Liden CC’23
  • Wadzanayi Mayiseni CC’23
  • Priya Sagar CC’23
  • Marilyn Santo CC’23
  • Jennifer Zhang CC’23

Columbia Spirit

Recipients of this award capture and display the best of Columbia spirit. This includes the essence of school spirit and pride as a dedicated member of our community as well as leaders and groups that contribute to local, regional, and national recognition for sports, performance, cultural and arts activities, and academic competition.

  • Gabriel Herrera CC’23
  • Emily Kohn CC’23
  • Zaid Rami Sahawneh CC’25
  • Olivia Sieler CC’24
  • Thomas Thibault CC’23
  • Charlie Wallace CC’23

Community Building

Recipients of this award have worked to create, establish or strengthen a particular community at Columbia University. This could be accomplished through, but not limited to, relationship building, programming, shared goals or purpose, or creating a vision for the future.

  • Sina Ahdoot CC’23
  • Erik Larsson CC’23
  • Jae Joon Lee CC’23
  • Aiman Walid Najah SEAS’23
  • Sophia Naqvi CC’23
  • Athena Pagon SEAS’23
  • Alex Seo CC’25
  • Malcolm Toleno CC’23
  • Bryan Uceda-Alvarez CC’23
  • Camila V Vicioso CC’23

Health & Wellness

Recipients of this award best exemplify the spirit of caring for and about the members of our vast and diverse community. A special focus is placed on the individual’s ability to establish an example for a healthy balance of responsibilities, duties and activities through their own leadership.

  • Sarah Boyd CC’23
  • Levin Guerra CC’23
  • Sophie Aminololama López CC’23
  • Katherinne Rabanal CC’23
  • Alyssa Cassandra Navarro Sales CC’23
  • Anne Marie Walsh CC’24

Inclusion & Advocacy

This award recognizes students who have promoted social justice and/or fostered understanding between diverse constituencies through valuing diversity and appreciating multiple identities.

  • Elliot Blake CC’23
  • Olivia Choi CC’23
  • Karina Feng CC’23
  • Daniel Juarez CC’24
  • Euni Elisabeth Lee CC’23
  • Benjamine Mo CC’23
  • Chiamaka Okonkwo CC’23
  • Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa CC’24

Indelible Mark

This award recognizes the accomplishments of students and groups in implementing sustainable change for the benefit of our community and/or in leaving a lasting impression on the campus community.

  • Juan Jose Amaya Amador CC’23
  • Hannah Jimenez CC’24
  • Al Qaim Lalani CC’23
  • Christopher Byungchul Lee CC’23
  • Yunzhe (Matthew) Nie CC’23
  • Aida Razavilar CC’23
  • Vidhima Shetty CC’23

Innovation & Enhancement

Honorees in this category have created, improved or enhanced a service, program or process, thus contributing positively to the Columbia campus and its diverse stakeholders.

  • Micaela Cacho-Negrete CC’23
  • Kailin Huang CC’23
  • Rachel Marsh CC’23
  • Marcus Ortiz CC’23
  • Aaron Ouyang CC’23
  • Emily Sun CC’23
  • Sajjad Zafar CC’23

Principled Action

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated ethical decision- making and sound moral judgment, as well as fostering and encouraging similar actions from others.

  • Mommina Ashaque CC’23
  • Kwamena Tosan Awotwi CC’23
  • Cody Ares Baynori CC’23
  • Teddy Brodsky CC’23
  • Christopher "Liam" Brown CC’23
  • Kath Carraway CC’23
  • Katy Haden CC’23
  • Rachel Noelle Ramenda CC’23

Latin Honors

The Bachelor of Arts degree will be awarded with honors in three categories (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) to the top 25 percent of the graduating class. Honors are determined by an undergraduate student's cumulative GPA for all work at Columbia, with the top 5 percent of the graduating class being awarded summa cum laude, the next 10 percent being awarded magna cum laude, and the remaining 10 percent awarded cum laude.

College honors are the highest academic recognition awarded by the College. There is no separate consideration of honors for October or February graduates. The honor is officially noted on the diploma and transcript of students who have graduated. October and February graduates may ask the Registrar to add an honors notation to an already issued diploma.

Both academic standing and disciplinary standing are taken into consideration when awarding College honors.

Summa Cum Laude

  • Yousef Abou Areda CC’23
  • Clemente Antuna CC’23
  • Elliot Blake CC’23
  • Sophie Blanche Basarrate CC’23
  • Luke Bennett CC’23
  • David Chen CC’23
  • Nathan Chong CC’23
  • Mason Coburn-Weigand CC’23
  • Rebecca Collins-Pfeiffer CC’23
  • Victoria Comunale CC’23
  • Edie Elizabeth Conekin-Tooze CC’23
  • Sophie Craig CC’23
  • Vivian Cribb CC’23
  • Ella Epstein CC’23
  • Berkley Fang CC’23
  • Crystal Foretia CC’23
  • Dominy Gallo CC’23
  • Scott Geng CC’23
  • Evan Glick CC’23
  • Sophie Grant CC’23
  • Nicholas Greenspan CC’23
  • Nina Halberstadter CC’23
  • Will Hammond CC’23
  • Richard He CC’23
  • Zoe Heller CC’23
  • Eumin Hong CC’23
  • Shayan Hooshmand CC’23
  • Bobby Hua CC’23
  • Jeffrey Huang CC’23
  • Sam Hyman CC’23
  • Timothy Kinnamon CC’23
  • Gretta Kissell CC’23
  • Clara Kraebber CC’23
  • Oliver Li CC’23
  • Yulong Li CC’23
  • Ariana Christina Linara CC’23
  • Anthony Ma CC’23
  • Habiba Mbugua CC’23
  • Rosa McCann CC’23
  • Daniel Meadvin CC’23
  • Mckenzy Metter CC’23
  • Benjamine Mo CC’23
  • Ursula Murray-Bozeman CC’23
  • Anthony Ozerov CC’23
  • Christine Piazza CC’23
  • Alyssa Sales CC’23
  • Doran Sekaran CC’23
  • Luke Seminara CC’23
  • Boaz Shaham CC’23
  • Raphael Simonson CC’23
  • Eve Strickberger CC’23
  • Aryana Swanson CC’23
  • Jonathan Tanaka CC’23
  • Panagiotis Tsimpos CC’23
  • Daniel Vaz CC’23
  • Olivia Vella CC’23
  • Silvia Venturelli CC’23
  • Yuhang Wu CC’23
  • Katherine Ying CC’23
  • Erica Zhang CC’23
  • Jennifer K. Zhang CC’23

Magna Cum Laude

  • Grace Adee CC’23
  • Alexander Ahn CC’23
  • Umar Ali CC’23
  • Charlotte Atkins CC’23
  • Andre Balian CC’23
  • Correia Borba CC’23
  • Samantha Breslauer CC’23
  • Mae Butler CC’23
  • Maya Castronovo CC’23
  • Gabriel Chan CC’23
  • Gloria Charite CC’23
  • Eric Che CC’23
  • Yuxin Chen CC’23
  • Bryan Chen CC’23
  • Jonathan Chen CC’23
  • Zirui Chen CC’23
  • Olivia Choi CC’23
  • Hyun Joon Choi CC’23
  • Haley Chung CC’23
  • Elizabeth Concepcion CC’23
  • Sydney Contreras CC’23
  • Sofia Cordoba CC’23
  • Stanislav DeLaurentiis CC’23
  • Gabriel Ignacio Garrovillo Dimalanta CC’23
  • Brenna Dugel CC’23
  • Kiran Dzur CC’23
  • Adiba Ejaz CC’23
  • Claire Ellis CC’23
  • Joshua Fagan CC’23
  • Karina Feng CC’23
  • Robyn Fohouo CC’23
  • Meghan Forcellati CC’23
  • Frederique Fyhr CC’23
  • Pranav Garimidi CC’23
  • Audrey Gee CC’23
  • Natalie Ginsberg CC’23
  • Russell Graviet CC’23
  • Lauren Grela CC’23
  • Andersen Gu CC’23
  • Levin Guerra CC’23
  • Katelin Haden CC’23
  • Rebecca Hale CC’23
  • Natalie Hissong CC’23
  • Samuel Hutchinson CC’23
  • Israt Islam CC’23
  • Behshad Jahan Pour CC’23
  • Brian Jiang CC’23
  • Ralph Johnston CC’23
  • Daniel Joo CC’23
  • David Jung CC’23
  • Sonia Kahn CC’23
  • William Kanellopoulos CC’23
  • Madeline Kim CC’23
  • Julie Kim CC’23
  • Alexandra Kirk CC’23
  • Max Knight CC’23
  • Winston Kot CC’23
  • Arjun Kudinoor CC’23
  • Diego Largacha Urrutia CC’23
  • Teresa Lawlor CC’23
  • Euni Elisabeth Lee CC’23
  • Camden Lee CC’23
  • Elaine Lee CC’23
  • Susan Li CC’23
  • Kunyu Li CC’23
  • Astrid Liden CC’23
  • Hannah Lin CC’23
  • Amber Magnuson CC’23
  • Ethan Malzberg CC’23
  • Jane McBride CC’23
  • Zoe Meshel CC’23
  • Naira Mirza CC’23
  • Maya Mitrasinovic CC’23
  • Thalia von Moltke-Simms CC’23
  • Max Mongkalakorn CC’23
  • Gabriella Montes-Roman CC’23
  • Victoria Mueller CC’23
  • Caitlin Mulvihill CC’23
  • Olivia Namkoong CC’23
  • Oliver Niu CC’23
  • Leonidas Pappajohn CC’23
  • Sophie Paquette CC’23
  • Chaewon Park CC’23
  • Emma Peasley CC’23
  • Olganydia Plata Aguilera CC’23
  • River Prud'homme CC’23
  • Emmanuel Ramirez Ruiz CC’23
  • Harrison Rovner CC’23
  • Eliza Rudalevige CC’23
  • Noah Sadik CC’23
  • Dima Sami CC’23
  • Asa Saperstein CC’23
  • Roshan Setlur CC’23
  • Alexandra Shanabrook CC’23
  • David Shen CC’23
  • Aleah Shockley CC’23
  • Jessica Sidrak CC’23
  • Dante Silva CC’23
  • Andrew Sirenko CC’23
  • Charles Smith CC’23
  • Ian Springer CC’23
  • Sasha Starovoitov CC’23
  • Kat Shumin St Martin-Norburg CC’23
  • Rachel Suleymanov CC’23
  • Alison Tatsuoka CC’23
  • Andrew Thomas CC’23
  • Min Tsou CC’23
  • Nicolas Turrill CC’23
  • Joshua Uhlfelder CC’23
  • Karuna Vikram CC’23
  • Jeren Wei CC’23
  • Philippe Wu CC’23
  • Mia Xing CC’23
  • Ziyi Yang CC’23
  • Hanyi Yu CC’23
  • Leena Yumeen CC’23
  • Masih Zakavi CC’23
  • Hengzhi Zhang CC’23
  • Isabella Zhou CC’23
  • Yue Zuo CC’23

Cum Laude

  • Lindsay Alvarez CC’23
  • Lucas Aramburu CC’23
  • Jenn Beardsley CC’23
  • Jordan Beverina CC’23
  • Samantha Camacho CC’23
  • Mercy Campbell CC’23
  • Carolina Cannon CC’23
  • Yiting Chai CC’23
  • Alicia Chang CC’23
  • Karen Cheng CC’23
  • Jack Chivers CC’23
  • Reyna Yerim Choi CC’23
  • Kaylene Chong CC’23
  • Stephanie Chow CC’23
  • Sofia Cicchine CC’23
  • Elizabeth Clark CC’23
  • Joao Costa CC’23
  • Felicity Diamond CC’23
  • Tianyi Ding CC’23
  • Olivia Doyle CC’23
  • Jonathan Duke CC’23
  • Caroline Durham CC’23
  • Collin Else CC’23
  • Amelia Fay CC’23
  • Ethan Feng CC’23
  • Hannah Fenlon CC’23
  • Grace Fox CC’23
  • Chloe Frajmund CC’23
  • Devin Friedrich CC’23
  • Sybil Fu CC’23
  • Lorenzo Garcia CC’23
  • Mansi Garneni CC’23
  • Alexander Glasberg CC’23
  • Radhika Goyal CC’23
  • Vasco Graca CC’23
  • Wickliffe Hallos CC’23
  • Grace Haven CC’23
  • Jack Hietpas CC’23
  • Andi June Honeycutt-Robinson CC’23
  • Andrea Huang CC’23
  • Cyrus Illick CC’23
  • Elisabeth Jahn-Morrissey CC’23
  • Sanchita Jalan CC’23
  • Inesse Jibre CC’23
  • Andrew Kim CC’23
  • Ashley Jiao CC’23
  • Matt Jinho Kim CC’23
  • Jacob Kim-Sherman CC’23
  • Hunter King CC’23
  • Emily Kohn CC’23
  • Anya Kopyra CC’23
  • Toby Kreiman CC’23
  • Bertina Kudrin CC’23
  • Sofia Kwon CC’23
  • Yoohyun Kwon CC’23
  • Jackson Law CC’23
  • Hannah Lederman CC’23
  • Lauren Lee CC’23
  • Kyri LePree CC’23
  • Karina Leung CC’23
  • Yunpeng Liu CC’23
  • Virginia Lo CC’23
  • Cheng Io Lo CC’23
  • Emelia Lovko CC’23
  • Chloe Lowell CC’23
  • Sophia Macomber CC’23
  • Andie Madsen CC’23
  • Meredith Marden CC’23
  • Cyrus Marenzi CC’23
  • Emily Martin CC’23
  • Nilay McLaren CC’23
  • Elisabeth McLaughlin CC’23
  • Mason McQuillan Smith CC’23
  • Zoe Metalios CC’23
  • Blake Mills CC’23
  • Anna Mishchenko CC’23
  • Clara Ence Morse CC’23
  • Audrey Nicholson CC’23
  • Aaron Ouyang CC’23
  • Juliet Paiva CC’23
  • Nichi Rai Pandey CC’23
  • Brian Perlstein CC’23
  • Sebastian Preising CC’23
  • Lauren Qiu CC’23
  • Jai Qureshi CC’23
  • Schuyler Rabbin-Birnbaum CC’23
  • Andrew Ramirez CC’23
  • Donna Sanders CC’23
  • Lindsay Schuster CC’23
  • Isabelle Seckler CC’23
  • Varun Seetamraju CC’23
  • Camille Sensiba CC’23
  • Noah Sheidlower CC’23
  • Philip Shen CC’23
  • Vidhima Shetty CC’23
  • Harry Shi CC’23
  • Joshua Siracusa CC’23
  • Eris Sker CC’23
  • Noah Slager CC’23
  • Elise Smith CC’23
  • Yiran Sun CC’23
  • Annie Tan CC’23
  • Sedona Thomas CC’23
  • Brian Timoney CC’23
  • Nino Triandafilidis CC’23
  • Imanol Uribe Echevarria CC’23
  • Nicole Wasomi CC’23
  • Avalyn Baisen Wu CC’23
  • Sarah Xi CC’23
  • Michelle Xu CC’23
  • Vivek Yanamadula CC’23
  • Samuel Yelnosky CC’23
  • Eunice Yip CC’23
  • Sajjad Zafar CC’23
  • Sophia Zhang CC’23
  • Jen Zhao CC’23
  • Beiren Zhu CC’23
  • Elen Zhu CC’23

Multicultural Affairs Graduation Cords

  • The Multicultural Graduation Cords are given to graduating seniors in Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, and the School of General Studies who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism through Multicultural Affairs, campus leadership, community involvement, academic endeavors, and/or personal dedication.

  • Mohammed Abusway CC'23
  • Sophia Adeghe CC'23
  • Sina Ahdoot CC'23
  • Alaa Elhafiz Ali CC'23
  • Monserrat Ambrosio CC'23
  • Paulyn Annor CC'23
  • Scarlet M. S. Au CC'23
  • Nicolette Auld-Griffith CC'23
  • Kwamena Tosan Awotwi CC'23
  • Tasnim Azman CC'23
  • Tiffany Bautista CC'23
  • Cody Ares Baynori CC'23
  • Jenn Shanorig Beardsley CC'23
  • Sarah Boyd CC'23
  • Katy Brennan CC'23
  • Natalie Brokish CC'23
  • Mantjita Camara CC'23
  • Mercy Campbell CC'23
  • Miriam Cepeda CC'23
  • Claire Choi CC'23
  • Erin Choi CC'23
  • Chris Berniel Cobashatse CC'23
  • Marsha Darbouze CC'23
  • Sonali Samudrala Dasari CC'23
  • Genesis De Los Santos CC'23
  • Annie Delgadillo CC'23
  • Malia Dills CC'23
  • Vielka Rosario Ebadan CC'23
  • Claire Marie Ellis CC'23
  • Kimberly Espinoza CC'23
  • Karina Feng CC'23
  • Crystal Foretia CC'23
  • Grace Fox CC'23
  • Michael Nate Garcia CC'23
  • Grant Gonsalves CC'23
  • Levin Guerra CC'23
  • Soleil Nicole Guevara CC'23
  • Lisbel Guzman CC'23
  • Quiya Harris CC'23
  • Malakai Zion Hart CC'23
  • Abdullah Hasan CC'23
  • Elliot Blake CC'23
  • Vivian Miyu Jackson CC'23
  • Wyatt Jewett CC'23
  • Inesse Jibre CC'23
  • Julia Jordahl-Henry CC'23
  • David Mirae Jung CC'23
  • Chrystal Kusi CC'23
  • Hugo Lai CC'23
  • Al Qaim Lalani CC'23
  • Diego Largacha Urrutia CC'23
  • Emma Layton CC'23
  • Hannah Lederman CC'23
  • Euni Elisabeth Lee CC'23
  • Jae Joon Lee CC'23
  • Surreal Lewis CC'23
  • Astrid Mercedes Liden CC'23
  • Xena Maayah CC'23
  • Elvis Maliza CC'23
  • Rachel Marsh CC'23
  • Emily Morgan Martin CC'23
  • Carolyn Martinez Jorge CC'23
  • Wadzanayi Mayiseni CC'23
  • Habiba Mbugua CC'23
  • Lisa Miller CC'23
  • Benjamine Mo CC'23
  • Joy Bria Mobley CC'23
  • Ammran H Mohame CC'23
  • Franck Mugisho CC'23
  • Margaret Mushi CC'23
  • Sophia Naqvi CC'23
  • Habiba Odogba CC'23
  • Chiamaka Okonkwo CC'23
  • Lilian Kennedy CC'23
  • Samuel Opuni CC'23
  • Kianna R Pete CC'23
  • Emma Mackenzie Potts CC'23
  • Katherinne Rabanal CC'23
  • John Matthew Ramos CC'23
  • Parina Kothari CC'23
  • Andrea Salamanca Berrios CC'23
  • Christhian Salazar CC'23
  • Djenebou Semega Diani CC'23
  • Vidhima Shetty CC'23
  • Logan Elias Shorthair CC'23
  • Eve Leah Miller Strickberger CC'23
  • Aryana Swanson CC'23
  • Katriel Tolin CC'23
  • Shiloh Tracey CC'23
  • Avanti Tulpule CC'23
  • Adrys Turbi Hidalgo CC'23
  • Olivia Tutuska CC'23
  • Bryan Uceda-Alvarez CC'23
  • Lorenza Wolska de la Torre CC'23
  • Easten Young CC'23
  • Sophia Yusuf CC'23
  • Jennifer Zhang CC'23
  • Yue Zuo CC'23

Named Awards

Campbell Award

This award, named for Bill Campbell CC’62, who was Chair Emeritus of the University’s Board of Trustees, celebrates a student leader at each school who exemplifies exceptional leadership and builds Columbia spirit.

  • Lilian Kennedy CC’23

Charles H. Bjorkwall Prize

This prize is awarded annually to a member of the Columbia College graduating class for unselfish service to the College community. The prize was established by Ottle Emma Bjorkwall in memory of her brother, Dr. Charles H. Bjorkwall.

  • Alqaim Lalani CC’23

Edward S. Brainard Memorial Prize

This prize is awarded to the member of the Columbia College graduating class who is judged by classmates to be most worthy of distinction for qualities of mind and character.

  • Benjamine Mo CC’23

Richard H. Fox Memorial Prize

Awarded to the Columbia College senior who has demonstrated leadership through positive team contributions, dependable action and consistent hard work, leaving a lasting impact on the College. The student must have participated in co-curricular programs and must be one who combines intelligence with the desire to assist their fellow students.

  • Euni Elisabeth Lee CC’23

Robert Shellow Gerdy Prize

Awarded to that member of the Columbia College graduating class who, throughout the undergraduate years, has made a significant contribution as a member of the staff of one or more College student publications.

  • Olivia Choi CC’23

Robert Harron Award

Awarded to a member of the junior class who has demonstrated qualities of compassion, generosity and dignity while serving to celebrate and enhance life at Columbia. Established by his friends in memory of Robert Harron, who, in the course of his 30 years of service at Columbia, served as assistant to the president and director of University Public Relations.

  • Anne Marie Walsh CC'24

Andrew C. Heinrich Prize

This prize is awarded to a member of the CC senior class who has spent at least two years serving the local community through volunteering at a local, national, or international organization.

  • Karina Feng CC'23

Milch Prize

Awarded annually to the member of the CC junior class who in demonstrating ethical and principled leadership in co-curricular as well as scholastic activities has done the most to enhance the reputation and prominence of Columbia College. The prize was established by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Milch.

  • Carlos Mendonca CC'24

Leonard A. Pullman Memorial Prize

Awarded to a Columbia College senior who displays those qualities of outstanding scholarship and significant service to the College exemplified in the life of Leonard Pullman, Class of 1962. The recipient must occupy a position of responsibility in a non-athletic Columbia College activity.

  • Katy Haden CC'23

Scholar Athlete Award

This award is presented by the offices of the deans for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering to a graduating student who has distinguished himself or herself as a varsity athlete and scholar.

  • Noelle Foster CC'23

Van Am Prize

Awarded to select members of the sophomore class who are most distinguished for public service, ethical decision making, and/or actively building positive relationships within the Columbia community. A cash award is presented to the student activity of each winner’s choice. Established by the Class of 1898 on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary.

  • Alex Seo CC'25
  • Kenny Zhu CC'25
  • Maia Castro-Santos CC'25

Phi Beta Kappa

Junior Phi Betta Kappa (Fall 2022)

  • Yousef Abou Areda CC'23
  • Clemente Antuna CC'23
  • Sophia Basarrate CC'23
  • David Chen CC'23
  • Olivia Choi CC'23
  • Mason Coburn-Weigand CC'23
  • Rebecca Collins-Pfeiffer CC'23
  • Victoria Comunale CC'23
  • Edith Conekin-Tooze CC'23
  • Sophie Craig CC'23
  • Dominy Gallo CC'23
  • Scott Geng CC'23
  • Nina Halberstadter CC'23
  • William Hammond CC'23
  • Samuel Hyman CC'23
  • Gretta Kissell CC'23
  • Daniel Meadvin CC'23
  • Suwijak Mongkalakorn CC'23
  • Ursula Murray-Bozeman CC'23
  • Anthony Ozerov CC'23
  • Christine Piazza CC'23
  • Doran Sekaran CC'23
  • Raphael Simonson CC'23
  • Jonathan Tanaka CC'23
  • Panagiotis Tsimpos CC'23
  • Yuhang Wu CC'23

Phi Beta Kappa (Spring 2023)

  • Alexander Ahn CC'23
  • Umar Ali CC'23
  • Charlotte Atkins CC'23
  • Luke Bennett CC'23
  • Correia Borba CC'23
  • Samantha Breslauer CC'23
  • Julia Butler CC'23
  • Gabriel Chan CC'23
  • Gloria Charite CC'23
  • Eric Che CC'23
  • Zirui Chen CC'23
  • Yuxin Chen CC'23
  • Bryan Chen CC'23
  • Nathan Chong CC'23
  • Elsa Chung CC'23
  • Sydney Contreras CC'23
  • Vivian Cribb CC'23
  • Stanislav DeLaurentiis CC'23
  • Steven DiSilvio CC'23
  • Adiba Ejaz CC'23
  • Ella Epstein CC'23
  • Joshua Fagan CC'23
  • Berkley Fang CC'23
  • Ethan Feng CC'23
  • Meghan Forcellati CC'23
  • Crystal Foretia CC'23
  • Frederique Fyhr CC'23
  • Evan Glick CC'23
  • Sophie Grant CC'23
  • Nicholas Greenspan CC'23
  • Andersen Gu CC'23
  • Levin Guerra CC'23
  • Zoe Juhi Gupta CC'23
  • Rebecca Hale CC'23
  • Richard He CC'23
  • Zoe Heller CC'23
  • Natalie Hissong CC'23
  • Eumin Hong CC'23
  • Shayan Hooshmand CC'23
  • Yilun Hua CC'23
  • Jeffrey Huang CC'23
  • Elliot Blake CC'23
  • Elisabeth Jahn-Morrissey CC'23
  • Brian Jiang CC'23
  • Ralph Johnston CC'23
  • Sonia Kahn CC'23
  • William Kanellopoulos CC'23
  • Madeline Kim CC'23
  • Timothy Kinnamon CC'23
  • Alexandra Kirk CC'23
  • Max Knight CC'23
  • Emily Kohn CC'23
  • Clara Kraebber CC'23
  • Arjun Kudinoor CC'23
  • Camden Lee CC'23
  • Yulong Li CC'23
  • Aochong Li CC'23
  • Kunyu Li CC'23
  • Astrid Liden CC'23
  • Ariana Christin Linara CC'23
  • Anthony Ma CC'23
  • Amber Magnuson CC'23
  • Habiba Mbugua CC'23
  • Jane McBride CC'23
  • Rosa McCann CC'23
  • Zoe Meshel CC'23
  • Mckenzy Metter CC'23
  • Maya Mitrasinovic CC'23
  • Benjamine Mo CC'23
  • Victoria Mueller CC'23
  • Caitlin Mulvihill CC'23
  • Leonidas Pappajohn CC'23
  • Olganydia Plata Aguilera CC'23
  • Sophia Prud'homme CC'23
  • Emmanuel Ramirez Ruiz CC'23
  • Harrison Rovner CC'23
  • Alyssa Cassandr Sales CC'23
  • Asa Saperstein CC'23
  • Francis Seminara CC'23
  • Boaz Shaham CC'23
  • Aleah Shockley CC'23
  • Jessica Sidrak CC'23
  • Dante Silva CC'23
  • Charles Smith CC'23
  • Alexandra Starovoitov CC'23
  • Eve Strickberger CC'23
  • Aryana Swanson CC'23
  • Nicolas Turrill CC'23
  • Joshua Uhlfelder CC'23
  • Daniel Vaz CC'23
  • Olivia Vella CC'23
  • Silvia Venturelli CC'23
  • Karuna Vikram CC'23
  • Philippe Wu CC'23
  • Sarah Xi CC'23
  • Chen Xing CC'23
  • Ziyi Yang CC'23
  • Katherine Ying CC'23
  • Hanyi Yu CC'23
  • Yundi Zhang CC'23
  • Jennifer Zhang CC'23
  • Sophia Zhang CC'23
  • Yue Zuo CC'23

Senior Marshals

  • Sina Ahdoot CC’23
  • Kwamena Tosan Awotwi CC’23
  • Elliot Blake CC’23
  • Olivia Choi CC’23
  • Claire Choi CC’23
  • Karina Feng CC’23
  • Crystal Foretia CC’23
  • Katy Haden CC’23
  • Yilun Hua CC’23
  • Al Qaim Lalani CC’23
  • Christopher Byungchul Lee CC’23
  • Jae Joon Lee CC’23
  • Natalie Minarik CC’23
  • Benjamine Mo CC’23
  • Joy Mobley CC’23
  • Sophia Naqvi CC’23
  • Aida Razavilar CC’23
  • Jonathan Michael Tanaka CC’23
  • Adrys Turbi Hidalgo CC’23
  • Camila V Vicioso CC’23
  • Charlie Wallace CC’23
  • Jane Walsh CC’23
  • Tasnima Zaman CC’23
  • Jennifer Zhang CC’23

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