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College Honors 65 Students at Awards and Prizes Ceremony
By Timothy P. Cross

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College Honors 65 Students at Awards and Prizes Ceremony
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On May 20, approximately 200 students, parents, family members and faculty gathered in Low Rotunda for the College’s third annual Academic Awards and Prizes Ceremony. Hosted by Dean of Academic Affairs Kathryn Yatrakis, the ceremony recognized 65 students for their scholarly and intellectual achievements.

Before the award presentations, Dean Austin Quigley praised the awardees, noting that “it is a great honor for them to earn these awards in this enormously challenging and competitive context.” Before presenting the prizes for special achievement, Yatrakis remarked that early in the 20th century, University President Nicholas Murray Butler complained that undergraduate school was a refuge for “idlers and dawdlers.” These prizes, she said, prove “there are no idlers and dawdlers in this class.”

Yatrakis presented the awards for special achievement, including the Albert Asher Green Memorial Award to the senior with the highest grade point average, Katie Melissa Baker ’02.

Then Professor of Mathematics Patrick Gallagher, Professor of English and Comparative Literature Edward Mendelsohn and Professor of Political Science David Johnston presented awards in the sciences and mathematics, the humanities, and the social sciences, respectively.


Harry J. Carman Fellowship
Bethany Anne Pappalardo ’02

Contemporary Civilization Essay Award
Ivan Maximovich Khotulev ’03
Eric Michael Hagemann ’03 (Honorable Mention)
Noah B. Strote ’02 (Honorable Mention)

Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship
Karen Austrian ’02
Jesse Moss Shapins ’03

Solomon and Seymour Fisher Civil Liberties Fellowship
Alexandria Armida Amezcua ’03

Albert Asher Green Memorial Award
Katie Melissa Baker ’02

Euretta J. Kellett Fellowships
Toby Kim Lee ’02
David Kagan ’02

Richard Lewis Kohn Traveling Fellowship
Vignesh Mohan Aier ’04

Richard & Brooke Rapaport Summer Music Fellowship
Martha Drake Reeves ’05
Alicia Nah-Kyung Lee ’04
Michael S. Landau ’04
Anna Katherine Ellis Bulbrook ’04
Daniel Issac Tannenbaum ’05

Arthur Rose Teaching Assistantship
Howard Leo Morrow Nye ’03

The Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts
Marisa Abby Escolar ’02

David B. Truman Award
Charles Everett Donohoe ’02


Computer Science Department Award
Ricky Kin-Wai Chin ’02

Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize
David Kagan ’02

Russell C. Mills Award
Jason Evan Schleifer ’02

I. I. Rabi & V. Kann-Rasmussen Prize in Mathematics
Ronald Charles Babich ’03
Eric Michael Patterson ’03

Professor Van Amringe Mathematics Prize
Kiril R. Datchev ’05

John Dash Van Buren Jr. Prize in Mathematics
Alexander Ivanov Sotirov ’02


Academy of American Poets Prize
Justin George Jamail ’02

Senior Thesis Prize in Art History and Archaeology
Imo Nse Imeh ’02

Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Memorial Prize
Jesse Moss Shapins ’03

Dino Bigongiari Prize
Scott Andrew Hartman ’05

B’nai Zion Foundation Award
Kayla Miriam Birns ’02

Seymour Brick Memorial Prize
Reina Marlene Hardy ’03

Karen Osney Brownstein Writing Prize
Michael Laurence Weiss ’02

Douglas Gardner Caverly Prize
Leonard M. Braman ’02

George William Curtis Prize
Catherine Mary Walsh ’02 (First Place, Informative)
Jesse Warren Folit Golomb ’02 (First Place, Persuasive)
Alec Reuven Borenstein ’02 (Second Place, Informative)
Charles Mikel Katz-Leavy ’02 (Second Place, Persuasive)

Earle Prize in Classics
Leonard M. Braman ’02

Arthur E. Ford Poetry Prize
Michael Scott Paulson ’04
Lara Weibgen ’02 (Honorable Mention)

Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize in the Humanities
Stefanie Hava Weisman ’03 (First Place)
Jenica Nicholls Upshaw ’03 (Second Place)
Jonah Richard Lehrer ’03 (Second Place)

Adam Leroy Jones Prize
Jonathan Aaron Simon ’02

Jonathan Throne Kopit Memorial Prize
Martina Frank Brendel ’05

Helen & Howard Marraro Prize
Marisa Abby Escolar ’02

Philolexian Prize Fund
Paul Benjamin Kiel ’02

Peter M. Riccio Prize
Elizabeth Claire Saylor ’05

Benjamin F. Romaine Prize
Dana Fields ’02 Barnard

Van Rensselaer Prize
Ian David Volner ’04

Deutscher Verein Prize in German
Amanda Lenore Brown ’02

Susan Huntington Vernon Prize
Marie Elizabeth Holmes ’02

Richmond B. Williams Traveling Fellowship
Melanie Andrea Micir ’03


Charles A. Beard Prize
David Barry Chubak ’02

Chanler Historical Prize
Daniel Sepinuck Immerwahr ’02

Albert Marion Elsberg Prize
Peter Bret Lamphere ’02

The Lily Prize in History
Peter Bret Lamphere ’02

Sanford S. Parker Prize
Kareen Rozen ’02

Edwin Robbins Summer Research Fellowship in History
Julia Rose Kraut ’03
Robert Edward Lee ’03

Edwin Robbins Summer Research Fellowship in Political Science
Katherine Suzanne Thursby ’03
Puay Lim Yeo ’03

Romine Prize
Howard Leo Morrow Nye ’03 (Best Seminar Paper)
David Allan Biegel ’02 (Best Honors Thesis)

Caroline Phelps Stokes Prize
Karen Lynn Corrie ’02

Alan J. Willen Memorial Prize
Robert Harvey Polsky ’02

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