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SOCIAL CRITIC: Andrew Delbanco, Julian Clarence Levi Professor in the Humanities, was named "America's Best Social Critic" by Time in its September 17 issue. Time's John Cloud wrote, "Delbanco's contribution … comes with every student he inspires. His model would appear to be Emerson, who, 'like every great teacher,' as Delbanco once wrote, was in the business of trying to 'get the soul out of bed, out of her deep habitual sleep.' Delbanco is doing his part to jostle her awake, too." Cloud added, "Delbanco reads America and its literature so closely and so well, finding so much meaning in our great books, even for 2001 — especially for 2001 — that he stands worthy of recognition."

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Delbanco's work encompasses American history, literature and religion. His books include Required Reading: Why Our American Classics Matter Now (1997, Farrar, Straus & Giroux), The Death of Satan: How Americans Have Lost the Sense of Evil (1995, Farrar, Straus & Giroux), The Real American Dream (1999, Harvard) and The Puritan Ordeal (1989, Harvard), which won a Lionel Trilling Award. He writes frequently on literary and cultural topics for The New York Review of Books.

Delbanco also is a trustee of the PEN American Center, the National Humanities Center and the Library of America. Elected to the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences earlier this year, Delbanco currently is working on Melville's World, which explores why the work of author Herman Melville was dismissed in his
day but is celebrated now.

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