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Congrats, Class of 2020!


We asked the Class of 2020 what it means to be graduating at this unprecedented moment; and though each answer was unique, several themes emerged. Though you miss being on campus, you have a deeper appreciation for all the experiences that came before. You’re ready to make a difference in the world. You’re proud of yourselves and each other. You can’t wait to be together again.

We can’t wait, either. Until then, we hope this collage — including this video message from your classmates and this performance from Notes and Keys— can do its part to celebrate your College journey. Roar, Lions, Roar!

Student Reflections

Click on the below images to read reflections from the Class of 2020.

Caroline Lee Jeong

Awards and Honors

At the end of every academic year, Columbia College acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its students through several different award categories.

Congratulations to all graduating seniors!

The Class of 2020 submitted the songs that made up the “Soundtrack for Senior Year,” then voted on the submitted songs to compile a final 20 for 2020 Playlist.