University Writing

Director of the Undergraduate Writing Program: Dr. Nicole B. Wallack
Undergraduate Writing Program Office: 310 Philosophy; (212) 854-3886;
University Writing Bulletin

University Writing facilitates students’ entry into the intellectual life of the university by helping them become more capable and independent academic writers and readers. In small seminars, students develop the skills necessary to their success as academic writers: analysis, revision, research, and argumentation. Students read and discuss texts from a number of fields while they complete a series of writing exercises and write several longer essays. Because many of these readings and discussions revolve around issues such as the meaning of liberal education, student life and academic disciplines and curricula, the course also helps first-year students frame their specific Core Curriculum experiences within the broader university context through their writing.

Students should direct questions about University Writing directly to the Undergraduate Writing Program:
Undergraduate Writing Program
310 Philosophy, MC 4995
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
Phone: (212) 854-3886

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