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Columbia College celebrates Dean’s Scholarship Reception

Monday, February 29, 2016

Columbia College celebrated its more than 1,500 scholarship recipients and the donors who make financial aid possible at the annual Dean’s Scholarship Reception, held on on February 9 in Roone Arledge Auditorium. Nearly 450 named scholarship donors, alumni and student recipients attended the event.

The reception gives students who receive named scholarships and the donors of those scholarships the opportunity to meet and share their College experiences.

Dean James J. Valentini spoke about the history of financial aid, including the growth of the concept of endowed scholarships, the first of which was created at Harvard in 1643 by Lady Ann Ratcliffe Molson.

“The aid that is provided, the support that is provided, through the endeavors, through the contributions, through the generosity of the people in this room is really about supporting students,” said Valentini. “And the important part of the event tonight is that it brings together our donors and our student recipients to talk with one another and understand their relationship.”

Catherine M.W. Jenkinson CC’16, co-vice-chair of the Columbia College Senior Fund Executive Committee and the recipient of the Angelo Tarallo Memorial Scholarship since 2014, spoke about her time at the College, which, she said, has been made possible by financial aid. She said she has taken courses across a variety of disciplines from “excellent and famed” professors, and met students “who hail from far and wide, with interests and talents that span from writing to film production to scientific research.”

“My time at Columbia has been even greater than I ever imagined,” she said. “Every CC student that I’ve met during my four years here has said the same, and shares a similar gratitude for the Columbia experience.”

Attendees also heard from University Trustee Emeritus Philip L. Milstein CC’71, whose scholarship with his wife, Cheryl G. Milstein BC’82, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, as well as from one of the recipients of the Philip and Cheryl Milstein Scholarship, Francois L. Anderson CC’12.

“Whether it comes in the form of money or mentoring, information or affirmation, we may never fully understand or predict the impact that our kindness will have on someone else’s life,” Anderson said. “We have to remember that there will always be young dreamers that come after us who could use our kindness in helping them realize their dreams. To Philip and Cheryl and to all donors of named scholarships, on behalf of past and present students who have benefited from your kindness, I truly thank you.”

The Milsteins have made a difference in the lives of more than 100 students through the Philip and Cheryl Milstein Scholarship, as well as two newer scholarships, the Seymour Milstein Scholarship and the 9/11 Memorial Fund.

“Now to these special students, many of them athletes, Rabi scholars, volunteers at Community Impact, research assistants to professors, members of political clubs and leaders of student activities,” Milstein said. ““They are the best and brightest students scholars that America has and we are so proud to honor you tonight.”

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