Hoop Star Jaida Patrick CC’23 Basks in the CU Lions Sisterhood

Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Jaida Patrick ’23 on the basketball court

Courtesy of CU Athletics

Meet Jaida Patrick CC’23 (she/her), a starting guard for CU Lions Women’s Basketball. The two-time Ivy League Player of the Week — who also holds the record for most steals in a game! — is from West Haverstraw, N.Y., and majors in sociology. Be sure to catch a game as the team wraps up its 2022–23 season during the next few weeks!

What is your favorite part about being involved in Lions basketball?

We have such a great community. We are an extended family; the team is an incredible sisterhood, and we support each other. We all have fun together — my teammates and the coaching staff! My experience has been great — I transferred from Duke and I’m getting to play on a team that is changing the history of Columbia women’s basketball.

What is your top memory from your Columbia basketball experience?
It was a post-season tournament game against Boston College [March 24, 2022]; after we won, the whole crowd of Columbia fans stormed the court to celebrate. We had come back from being down 17 points, and there was just a huge energy that night.

What’s been your favorite class, and why?
Because I transferred, I had to take a lot of the Core Curriculum courses to catch up, but my favorite class in my major was “Crime and Policing” from last semester. It was really interesting and the professor [Gerard Torrats-Espinosa] was great and so personable.

What do you like to do outside of class?
I love a good self-care day! Doing my hair, my nails, getting a facial — just anything where I can relax and get away from having to be in such an intense mental space. Playing basketball and being a student-athlete is very stressful and you have a packed schedule, so whenever I can just put time into myself mentally and physically it’s great.

How do you like to take advantage of being in New York City?
I love going on TikTok to find new food and dessert spots! Or going to museums or parks for picnics — there is so much to do in New York City; I just like to explore the cool things the city has to offer.

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