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Seniors Inducted Into Phi Beta Kappa

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Columbia College initiated 87 seniors into Phi Beta Kappa, the national honor society, on Tuesday, May 15. The students were chosen by a faculty selection committee of Phi Beta Kappa members based on the breadth, depth and rigor of their academic programs, as well as recommendations from faculty members who have worked closely them and know their commitment to scholarly endeavor. Each year, 10 percent of the Columbia College graduating class is elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. Two percent (Junior Phi Beta Kappa) is elected in November. See for details on the Junior Phi Beta Kappa inductees.

The students and their guests were welcomed by Hazel May, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Dean of Columbia College James J. Valentini spoke, congratulating the students.

Phi Beta Kappa celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. Members receive a distinctive gold key, which symbolizes the core principles of Phi Beta Kappa – freedom of inquiry and liberty of thought and expression.

The Class of 2012 Phi Beta Kappa members are:

Shreya Agarwal
Yusuf Ahmad
Lauren Alpert
Audrey Baker
Katherine Balkoski
Noelle Bodick
Ashley Chin
Dane Cook
Jackson Cooper
Jacob Coppola
Philip Crandall
Joseph Daly
Samuel Draxler
Katherine Duh
Max Ehrman
Daniel Flicker
Elizabeth Foydel
Anne Gabriel
Priya Gandhi
Emma Gebert
Jou Glasheen
Erin Glennon
Sophie Gloeckler
Elyssa Goldberg
Felipe Goncalves
Perry Hampilos
Mark Hay
Benjamin Henderson
Victoria Jackson-Hanen
Alejandro Jinich
Madeleine Joseph
Colin Kinniburgh
Samuel Klug
Komal Kothari
Dylan Kotliar
Rafael Krichevsky
Rebecca Kutzer-Rice
Jacob Lasser
Cindy Law
Jiwoo Lee
William Leonard
Daniel Leong
Scott Levin
Emelyn Lih
Soo Youn Lim
Jodie Liu
Jordan Lord
Alexandra Lotero
Yin Yin Lu
Emma Manson
Katherine Marshall
Keith Miao
Laura Mills
Emilia Monell
Siddharth Nair
Michael Newman
Chimno Nnadi
Kelly O'Reilly
Sofia Pacheco-Fores
Vir Patel
Milesh Patel
Bartlomiej Piela
Lea Pollack
Samuel Preston
Jacob Rice
Julian Richers
Isabel Ricker
Kimberly Rubin
Usha Sahay
Sara Salzbank
John Sarlitto
Ian Scheffler
Amanda Schiff
Samuel Schube
Adria Schulman-Eyink
Ruijie Song
Erin Stahmer
Kevin Sun
Waradon Sungnak
Natasha Terhorst
Daniel Valella
Laura Waelbroeck
Yinou Wang
Elaine Wang
Erica Weaver
Fan Wu
Katherine Zee