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Applying as Recent Alumni

Fellowships offer many unique opportunities for alumni of Columbia College. As alumni of Columbia College, you have access to numerous resources that will help you as you explore fellowships. As you browse the website or use the fellowships search engine, the first things to identify and consider are your motivation and goals in applying for a fellowship. Are you interested in language immersion for a year before you apply to graduate school or accept a job? After graduating have you become interested in continuing the research that you began during your senior thesis? Has your current job sparked a new research focus that you would like to explore in greater depth? Are you interested in attending graduate school abroad? Do you want to meet other individuals dedicated to promoting international and cultural understanding? By identifying your aim, you narrow your search as well as position yourself to complete the most competitive application. At the Office of Global Programs and Fellowships, we provide the resources available for considering these different opportunities and identifying your unique needs.

You are welcome to visit us and to use the resources available through this website. We also work via email and phone with many alumni who are living out of state or overseas. If you have decided upon a fellowship for application, please contact our office as soon as possible. Some fellowships require university endorsement even for applicants who have already graduated, and the college has set some internal deadlines for specific fellowships up to 6 months prior to the national deadline. Additionally, because of the hard work and time that necessarily go into completing a competitive application, we encourage all alumni entertaining the idea of submission to get in touch with the Office of Global Programs and Fellowships. Often applications processes involve numerous tasks leading up to submitting the final application. This may include making contact with possible research affiliates, renewing relationships with possible recommenders, and developing your aims as an applicant, and our Office is dedicated to assisting you as you navigate all of these different aspects of fellowship application from initial interest to final submission!