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Columbia College Today September 2004
Cover Story


 Campus Without
 So Near and Yet
    So Far
 Students Give,
    Get Much in Return
 Our Changing


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Cover Story Cover Story

Columbia in Asia

Dean Austin Quigley leads a delegation to raise the College’s profile in East Asia, meeting with alumni, current and prospective students, parents and government officials.
By Derek Wittner '65 [more]


The Recentering of the College

Amringe & Quigley

This excerpt from Stand, Columbia highlights the changes the College underwent in the 1990s as the administration focused on making it the center of the University’s academic arena.
By Robert McCaughey [more]


Campus Without Boundaries

Egypt Dig

More students are opting for study-abroad experiences in less-traveled parts of the world.
By Tami Luhby ’92 [more]


So Near and Yet So Far

Jim Lima '85

Jim Lima ’85 is in charge of making Governors Island a must-see destination for New Yorkers and visitors alike.
By Charles Butler ’85


Students Give, Get Much in Return

Kraft Clothing Pantry

The Kraft Clothing Pantry serves Columbia’s neighbors while teaching its volunteers valuable lessons.
By Sarah Lorge Butler ’95 [more]


Our Changing Neighborhood

Morton Williams

A look at some Morningside Heights businesses — some old, some new and a couple you won’t find anymore. [more]


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