Staff and Administration

The Center for the Core Curriculum

The Center for the Core Curriculum supports Columbia faculty, lecturers, postdoctoral fellows and preceptors, representing over twenty-five departments, who teach in the Core. This support includes weekly faculty meetings and pedagogical seminars, as well as annual conferences, course-wide lectures, and other special events. The Center also oversees—and continuously develops—teaching resources for Core faculty that are available online and in its faculty library. The intellectual leadership for each course is the responsibility of its Chair, a faculty member with extensive Core teaching experience, serving a three-year term. In close collaboration with the faculty and partners around and off campus, the Center administers Core programming, a robust schedule of extra-curricular activities that enhance the curriculum with the bustling cultural life of New York City. The Center also provides opportunities for continued engagement for alumni all over the United States and the world. Core staff work closely with the offices of Academic Affairs and the Berick Center for Student Advising to resolve student issues that are particular to the Core experience.


Office of the Core Curriculum

Columbia University

202 Hamilton Hall - MC 2811

1130 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY 10027

(212) 854-2453


Larry Jackson

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs,

Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum

Christine Butcher

Associate Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum

Ashley Nail

Assistant Dean of Academic Programming, Center for the Core Curriculum

Scott Harris

Assistant Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum

Anna Reinhard

Academic Affairs Coordinator