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The Columbia College Report 2017-2018

Friday, January 11, 2019

Columbia College invites you on a journey — the Columbia College Report 2017–2018to celebrate another remarkable and exciting year of exceptional education, complete with the development of

Michael Edmsonson CC’20

our Core Competencies to mirror our renowned Core Curriculum; the robust, incomparable opportunities we offer students to explore new territories and vast inner worlds; and our fierce commitment to challenge, support and inspire thousands of students every year so they can be difference makers in their communities and beyond.

To learn more about My Columbia College Journey, a holistic framework guiding our outstanding students throughout their academic years, please visit the report, where you will also find information on the vital addition of Live Well | Learn Well, a centralized digital hub for every available well-being resource on campus; on The Eric H. Holder Jr. Initiative for Civil and Political Rights and its critical fostering of scholarly inquiry and public engagement vis-à-vis key principles of the Core; and on the dynamic alumni partnerships available through the Odyssey Mentoring Program.

Celebrate our exceptional students, faculty, alumni, and the many generous donors and volunteers contributing to the success of the College as “the greatest college in the greatest university in the greatest city in the world.”