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Students Honored with 2014 King’s Crown Leadership Excellence Awards

Friday, April 18, 2014


On April 17, students were honored for their leadership and involvement on campus at the 2014 King’s Crown Leadership Excellence Awards Ceremony in Roone Arledge Auditorium.

The annual awards, sponsored by Columbia Student Affairs, recognize the significant contributions of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students to the Columbia community. Awards are presented to individuals in eight categories: community building, innovation and enhancement, Columbia spirit, inclusion and advocacy, principled action, health and wellness, and indelible mark. Certificates of Distinctions for Leadership Excellence are awarded to up to 10 individuals per category.  

Select honorees also received the Dean's Award for Leadership Excellence in their category, indicated by an asterisk beside their names below.

The 2014 Columbia College honorees are:  

Principled Action

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated ethical decision-making and sound moral judgment, as well as fostering and encouraging similar actions from others. 

Liam Bland CC ’15   Mariam Maki CC ’14
Kareem Carryl CC ’15   Shawn Patel CC ’15
Darializa Chevalier CC ’16   Sejal Singh* CC ’15
Jessica Chi CC ’15   Trinidad Reyes* CC ’15
Elliot Kwon CC ’15   Adam Wilson* CC 16


Civic Responsibility

Recipients of this award best promote civic engagement, responsible citizenship, and global citizenship. This includes both on-campus and off-campus activities, initiatives, and service.

Jane Brennan CC ’14   Wes Rodriguez CC ’14
Aurora Gilbert CC ’14   Sammy Roth CC ’14
Chris Godshall CC ’15   Mandeep Singh* CC ’15
Kate Offerdahl CC ’14   Shondrea Thornton CC ’15
Shamm Petros* CC ’14    


Inclusion & Advocacy

This award recognizes students who have promoted social justice and/or fostered understanding between diverse constituencies through valuing diversity and appreciating multiple identities. 
Tia Aga CC ’15   Caitlin Lowell* CC ’15
Kyla Cheung CC ’14   Andrew Morrow* CC ’14
Xavier Jarrett CC ’15   Briana Rice CC ’14
Lena Jorde CC ’14   Christopher Zombik CC ’14
Lucero Jorge CC ’16    


Columbia Spirit

Recipients of this award capture and display the best of Columbia spirit. This includes the essence of 'school spirit' and pride as a dedicated member of our community as well as leaders and groups that contribute to local, regional, and national recognition for sports, performance, cultural and arts activities, and academic competition.

Daniela Quintanilla CC ’14   Zach Vargas Sullivan CC ’14
Ayushi Roy CC ’14   Ana Vinueza CC ’14
Charles Sanky CC ’16   Kalena Zimmerman CC ’14
Jourdan Sayers CC ’15   Sarah Yee CC ’16


Health & Wellness

Recipients of this award best exemplify the spirit of caring for and about the members of our vast and diverse community. A special focus is placed on the individual/group’s ability to establish an example for a healthy balance of responsibilities, duties, and activities through their own leadership.

Haylin Belay CC ’15   Brianna Olamiju CC ’15
Dennis Dacarett-Galeano CC ’15   Christine Wang* CC ’15
Kebe Kebe* CC ’14    


Indelible Mark

This award recognizes the accomplishments of students and groups in implementing sustainable change for the benefit of our community and/or in leaving a lasting impression on the campus community.

Hahn Chang CC ’15   Milo Inglehart CC ’14
Onella Coorary CC ’14   Julian Noisecat CC ’15
Alex Donnelly CC ’14   Laura Quintela CC ’14
Ben Harris* CC ’14   Gerardo Romo CC ’14


Innovation and Enhancement

Recipients of this award have created, improved, or enhanced a service, program, or process thus contributing positively to the Columbia campus and its diverse stakeholders.

Sara Chase CC ’14   Tony Lee* CC ’15
Lorenzo Gibson* CC ’16   Michael Li CC ’15
Nora Habboosh CC ’14   Lucelys Popoter CC ’14
Nikhil Krishnan CC ’14   Kevin Zhang* CC ’14


Community Building

Recipients of this award have worked to create, establish or strengthen a particular community at Columbia University. This could be accomplished through, but not limited to, relationship building, programming, shared goals or purpose, or creating a vision for the future.

Nelson Castano CC ’14   Jackson Tse CC ’15
Sarah Fakhry* CC ’14   Andrew Wright CC ’14
Terranisha Hiley CC ’15   Ben Xue CC ’14

Named Awards

Presented at the King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards Ceremony

Select honorees within the categories listed above may also receive one of the following Named Awards


James Christopher Caraley Memorial Prize: Ryan Elivo CC ’15

Stanley I. Fishel / Zeta Beta Tau Prize: Wes Rodriguez CC ’14

Richard H. Fox Memorial Prize: Milo Ingelhart CC ’15

Robert Harron Award: Jourdan Sayers CC ’15

Milch Prize: Julian Noisecat CC ’14

Leonard A. Pullman Memorial Prize: Walter Jean-Jacques CC ’14

Robert Shellow Gerdy Prize: Daniela Quintanilla CC ’14

Van Am Prize: Lucero Jorge CC'16 and Charles Sanky CC ’16

Click here for more information on the awards.


Class Day Awards

There are a number of awards bestowed upon graduating seniors at the Columbia College Class Day Ceremony in May. Click here for more information about the awards presented at Class Day.


Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize: Victoria Robson CC ’14

Alumni Association Achievement Award: Samantha Goldfarb CC ’14

Alumni Prize: Conan Cassidy CC ’14

Charles H. Bjorkwall Prize: Jane Brennan CC ’14

Charles M. Rolker Prize: Nora Habboosh CC ’14

David B. Truman Alumni Award: Nora Habboosh CC ’14

Edward S. Brainard Prize: Ayushi Roy CC ’14

Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Prize: Jordan Lebovic CC ’14

Scholar Athlete Award: Marvellous Iheukwemere CC ’14


Senior Marshals

Class of 2014 Columbia College Senior Marshals

Senior Marshal is an honor bestowed upon members of the graduating class who have demonstrated achievement in their academics and extracurricular activities as a student at Columbia University.  Senior Marshals are worthy of recognition for their personal achievements and for demonstrating what it means to “be a Columbian.”
Senior Marshals are distinguished at Class Day and University Commencement by the gold aiguillettes that adorn their graduation gowns.
Mario Alvarez   Marilyn He Katie Peyser
Michael Cadiz Shaynah D. Jones My Seppo
Daphne Chen Joanna Kelly Alexander Smyk
Yilin Tim Chen Hamza Ali Khan Sruti Smyk
Bintu Conteh Luisa Lizoain Amanda Suarez
Kristom Emodi Roniquee Marksman Zach Vargas Sullivan
Samuel Engel William Maxfield Scarlett Tohme
Aurora Gilbert Bruno Rigonatti Mendes Christina Vlahos
Abdul Rafay Hanif Samuel Mickel Benjamin Xue
Lucy He Evan Munro Kalena Zimmerman


Click here to see a full list of honorees. 

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