GPA Calculator

While SSOL calculates both a semester and cumulative GPA, you can use this form to calculate your major GPA or the GPA for any given set of classes.

To calculate a GPA, total the number of points among the relevant set of classes for which you have earned a given grade (e.g. 12 points of A, 6 points of B) and enter the totals in the boxes below. The form will automatically calculate the GPA of the points entered. To calculate your major GPA include only those classes that will be counted toward the major.

The grades of P and W are not factored into a GPA.

Grade Number of Credits Value
Credits of A+ × 4.33
Credits of A × 4.00
Credits of A- × 3.67
Credits of B+ × 3.33
Credits of B × 3.00
Credits of B- × 2.67
Credits of C+ × 2.33
Credits of C × 2.00
Credits of C- × 1.67
Credits of D × 1.00
Credits of F × 0.00
Total Credits: