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Ninety-seven seniors to be initiated into Phi Beta Kappa

Monday, April 29, 2019

Columbia College has announced the names of 97 seniors who will be initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, the national honor society, on Tuesday, May 21 at 5:00 p.m. in Faculty House. The students were chosen by a faculty selection committee of Phi Beta Kappa members based on the breadth, depth and rigor of their academic programs, as well as recommendations from faculty members who have worked closely them.

Each year, 10 percent of the Columbia College graduating class is elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. Two percent (Junior Phi Beta Kappa) is elected in the fall and the remaining eight percent is elected in the spring.

Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 for the pursuit of “friendship, morality, and literature.” It was the first student group to adopt Greek letters, standing for the Greek words philosophies bios kubernetes, or “love of wisdom, the guide of life.” Today, this honor society celebrates and promotes excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. To be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa is one of the highest academic honors for undergraduate students and recognizes their exceptional scholarship.

The Class of 2019’s newest Phi Beta Kappa members are:

Abhineet Agarwal
Anthony Albright
Nicholas Andes
Cameron Averill

Hannah Barbosa Cesnik
Nayla Basma
Clara Beccaro
Jasmine Bissete
Justin Bollag
Matthew Bombassei
Celine Chen
Dakshina Chetti
Hyunsoo Chung
Luke Cregan
Sylvia Davidovicz Smith
Samuel Deng
Juliana DeVaan
Benjamin Foutty
Alexander Garnick
Karinya Ghiara

Sandra Goldstein Lehnert
Anya Gourley
Elise Gout
Jessica Grubesic
Jennifer Gu
Andrew Haas
Yoojin Hahn
Gidon Halbfinger
Avidan Halivni
Andrew Hauser
Anna Hennigan

Naomi Hollard
Eliza Hripcsak
Nikita Israni
Tyler Italiano
Clare Jamieson
Daniel Jaroslawicz
Chelsea Jean-Michel
Ryan Joel
Ralitsa-Kona Kalfas
Alexandra Kilroy
John Kim
Shimin Kuang
Zoe Kurland
Sean Kwon
Chris Lee
Aaron Liberman
Crystal Lua
Marchelle Lundquist
Zachary Marcone
Elif Memet
Sias Merkling
Byung Ju Min
Brent Morden
Kurt Moskovitz
Gayathri Muthukumar
Hamed Nilforoshan
Spencer Papay
Andrew Park
Saskia Pedersen
Manuel Perez Archila
Vu Anh Phung
Aunoy Poddar
Pierce Pomykal

Enshan Qu
Alexander Rabinowitz
Ojaswee Rajbhandary
Maureen Rakovec
Daniela Rodriguez
Dylan Russian
Sam Safari
Lindsay Saligman
Sophia Salingaros
Kara Schechtman
Joshua Schenk
Andrew Shaver
Tessa Silverman
Jordan Singer
Jasmine Sligar
Adam Snyder
Tyler Soares
Claire Spaulding
Sarah Rebecca Stephen
Emily Sun
Alejandra Uria
Trung Vu
John Wheatley
Justin Whitehouse
Alex Whitman
Benjamin Wilken
Yang Xu
Gregory Yap
Yilun Ying
Bruce Young
Albert Zhang
Matthew Zipf

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