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January/February 2007
Cover: Living Facades Cover Story

Living Façades

Adam Van Doren ’84 sees old buildings through an architect’s and artist’s eyes and translates them into watercolor masterpieces.
By Rose Kernochan ’82 Barnard [more]


Rescue on Top of the World

Rescue on Top of the World

Myles Osborne ’03 gave up his dream of summiting Mount Everest to save a fellow climber
By Joshua Robinson ’08 [more]



Women’s Soccer Rules!

Women’s Soccer

Coach Kevin McCarthy ’85 and the women’s soccer team bring home the 2006 Ivy League championship.
By Joshua Robinson ’08 [more]



Lt. Josh Arthur ’04

Lt. Josh Arthur ’04

Back in his Columbia days, Josh Arthur ’04 was a founding member of the Hamilton Society, a student group for ROTC cadets and Marine officer candidates. Now he’s a lieutenant stationed in Baghdad, typing out e-mails to his friends and family in between patrols. As an ongoing feature, CCT will be posting Arthur’s vivid dispatches about snipers, IED attacks and a soldier’s life in today’s Army.



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