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Columbia College Today March 2003
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My Columbia Connection and Amit
Roar, Lion, Roar
Hitting the
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Double Discovery
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The Richard Rodgers Reader
The Richard Rogers ['23] Reader by Geoffrey Block

The Richard Rodgers [‘23] Reader

by Geoffrey Block. This biographical piece on the prolific composer details his working relationships with Lorenz Hart ’17 and Oscar Hammerstein ’16 and offers Rodgers’ personal writings and previously unpublished interviews (Oxford University Press, $32.50).

The Thomas Merton [‘38] Encyclopedia

by William H. Shannon, Christine M. Bochen and Patrick F. O’Connell. A comprehensive reference guide to the influential spiritual and literary figure that includes 350 entries on the people of his life, the themes in his writings and the places he lived (Orbis Books, $50).

The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia
The Thomas Merton ['38] Encyclopedia by William H. Shannon, Christine M. Bochen and Patrick F. O’Connell

How to Succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber Music

by Abram Loft ’42. The former member of the renowned Fine Arts Quartet imparts musical wisdom in his candid telling of a storied career along with straightforward advice on how to create an ensemble and perform effectively (Amadeus Press, $24.95).

Perfect Planet, Clever Species: How Unique Are We?

by William Burger ’53. Are we alone in the universe? The curator emeritus of Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History calls on his extensive knowledge of anthropology, botany, geology and zoology to argue that the development of intelligent life on Earth is unique (Prometheus Books, $29).

How to Succeed in an Ensemble
How to Succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber Music by Abram Loft '42

Classical Liberalism & the Jewish Tradition

by Edward Alexander ’57. This diverse collection of essays, which takes an assertive Jewish point of view on the antagonism between liberalism and Judaism, ranges from the start of the conflict with John Stuart Mill to the “anti-Zionism” of University Professor Edward Said (Transaction Publishers, $34.95).

Taming the Bureaucrat

by Gerald W. Grumet M.D. ’59. What begins as a physician’s suspicions about the bureaucratization of medicine becomes the author’s realization of the “wide shadow” of the bureaucracy juggernaut that must be controlled (Xlibris, $26.99).

Radio’s Captain Midnight

by Stephen A. Kallis Jr. ’59. Based on the popular radio show, this fictional biography details the adventures of aviator Charles Albright, whose wartime exploits earn him the nickname “Captain Midnight” (McFarland & Co., Inc., $28.50).

North of Quabbin Revisited

by Allen Young ’62. A guide to nine Massachusetts towns north of the Quabbin Reservoir, this book shows deep appreciation for the rich, diverse nature of the historical and cultural characteristics of each town (Haley’s, $22.95).

Successful Restaurant Design, Second Edition

by Regina S. Baraban and Joseph F. Durocher Ph.D. ’70. This latest edition begins with the basics of restaurant design, explores interdependent systems and ways in which operations can be optimized, and gives in-depth case studies of successful and innovative restaurants (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., $70).

The Evening Sun
The Evening Sun: A Journal in Poetry by David Lehman '70

The Evening Sun: A Journal in Poetry

by David Lehman ’70. Expressing the personal journal in poetic form, this follow-up to the successful The Daily Mirror features 150 poems of everyday thoughts and observations written between 1999 and 2000 (Simon & Schuster, $16).

The Best American Poetry 2002

Edited by David Lehman ’70 and Robert Creeley. The latest volume in the acclaimed series has a foreword by the Columbia alumnus, who contemplates the effect of September 11 on history and poetry (Simon & Schuster, $30).

Securing Our Children’s Future: New Approaches to Juvenile Justice and Youth Violence

edited by Gary S. Katzmann ’73. In coordinating youth anti-violence strategies, this collaborative effort of professionals and scholars urges greater community participation in the development of institutional change in the juvenile justice system (Brookings Institution Press and The Governance Institute, $22.95).

The Power of Corporate Communication

by Paul A. Argenti ’75 and Janis Forman. A comprehensive outline for properly conducting corporate communications, from reaching out to the community and government to keeping in touch with all forms of media and establishing a firm corporate reputation (McGraw-Hill, $34.95).

Feng Shui Chic: Change Your Life With Spirit and Style

by Carole Swann Meltzer and David Andrusia ’77. A renowned feng shui master and a former Revlon executive collaborate on a new feng shui philosophy that focuses on the right balance of the individual’s energy, body and fashion sense as keys to success (Simon & Schuster, $12).

Travel by Train
Travel by Train: The American Railroad Poster, 1870 - 1950 by Michael E. Zega '77 and John E. Gruber

Travel by Train: The American Railroad Poster, 1870–1950

by Michael E. Zega ’77 and John E. Gruber. Two notable railroad historians demonstrate the evolutionary nature of railroad poster advertising, from posters that boast clean-burning anthracite coal in 1902 to those that introduce escapes to ski slopes during the Great Depression (Indiana University Press, $49.95).

Forgotten Readers: Recovering the Lost History of African American Literary Societies

by Elizabeth McHenry ’87. This book examines the much-ignored literary history of African-Americans and details the developments of literary societies from the book clubs of freed blacks in antebellum north to the “safe havens” that encouraged sharing of opinions and ideas after the Civil War (Duke University Press, $18.95).

West of Emerson: The Design of Manifest Destiny

by Kris Fresonke ’91. Defying traditional notions of regional literary development in America, this book focuses on the impact that exploration writing from the American West had on the writings of major figures of New England Romanticism (University of California Press, $19.95).

Race in Mind: Race, IQ and Other Racisms

by Alexander Alland Jr. The former chair of Columbia’s anthropology department argues against the notion that racism and intelligence are related. Explaining the basis of evolutionary genetics and critiquing biological determinism, this book attacks racism from an anthropological viewpoint (Palgrave Macmillan, $26.95).

Culture & Equality

by Brian Barry, Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of Political Science. A critical look at existing policies on multiculturalism, this egalitarian liberal view poses serious questions to defenders of multiculturalism on issues such as special rights claims and exemptions for cultural minorities (Harvard University Press, $37.50).

Motivational Science: Social and Personality Perspectives

edited by E. Tory Higgins, professor of psychology. This reader, which focuses on the motivational aspect of psychology, explores the motivational and cognitive relationship through an introduction to social-personality and its contribution to motivational science (Psychology Press, $80).

Mill on Democracy: From the Athenian Polis to Representative Government

by Nadia Urbinati, associate professor of political science. This critique of the long-held beliefs about the political philosophy of John Stuart Mill reconstructs his contribution to democracy through close readings of his writings on ancient Greece, particularly the political fermentation in Athens (University of Chicago Press, $37.50).

L.B., P.K.


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